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Naturally Blended

Essentials Video: Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer

Just because summer’s right around the corner, doesn’t mean we don’t still need protection from illnesses that might be going around. This quick DIY helps do just that! It starts with the light, moisturizing benefits of Aloe Jelly. But don’t worry, it absorbs quickly without a sticky residue. It also combines Lemon, Lavender and Frankincense Carteri essential to create this Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer that will help keep illnesses at bay.

Essentials Video: Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer

Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Pour Aloe Vera Jelly into a flip top bottle. Add essential oils to the bottle. Shake well to mix oils. Use a dime-size squirt of gel as needed on your hands and rub in.

75 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Fresh & Natural Hand Sanitizer”

  1. Definitely going to try this! I normally make hand sanitizer with aloe jelly and colloidal silver, but this looks very interesting. I think my Frankincense is Serata, not Carteri, so I will have to check on that. Thank for the info PT!

  2. I usually just add a great smelling EO to some dollar store hand sanitizer….happy to have a recipe to make my own!

  3. If using an aloe jelly that has a preservative in it, how long would this last, ball park guess? (Length of shelf life of the jelly?)

    1. The shelf life of our Aloe Jellies is about 6 months to a year. But you can prolong it by storing it in the fridge!

  4. I really want to DIY a hand sanitizer with essentials, but I am not fond of lavender at ALL and am wondering if this sanitizer would be effective at disinfecting without it, or if there is a replacement oil that would be as effective. I look forward to trying this recipe as I have never made one before! I’m new to oils.
    Also, what are the specific reasons each oil has been added to this recipe? I assume the lavender lemon are for disinfecting and scent, but are there any other reasons for those 2? And the frankincense carteri is just good for skin?

    1. Hi Belinda! If you’re just starting out, and hate Lavender (I do! No judgment!) Try making this hand sanitizer with our germ destroyer or germ fighter blends. I hope that helps!

  5. Excited to make this! The frankincense was just ordered last week and I have all the other ingredients.

  6. I’ve been looking for some alternatives to the Germ Fighter hand sanitizer I usually make– I look forward to trying this recipe.

  7. I’ve hear a lot about DIY hand sanitizers but didn’t know where to start. Thank you for the video. It looks easy enough. I can’t wait to try it.

  8. This is great, I for some reason cannot use commercial hand sanitizers and started making my own and it is very similar to this. I add FCO to mine for moistening benefits. I think other carrier oils would work for those who have nut allergies.

  9. Love this DIY! I’m a nurse in the pediatric ICU and despite being well out of “cold and flu” season we are still admitting quite a few sick littles with various respiratory viruses! I’m excited to try this new recipe.

  10. I cant wait to try this one! And perfect timing as my daughter starts kindergarten in the fall. Im going to make a few and send one to school with her to use and hopefully cut back on the sickness in our house this year 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to try this! I have eczema on my hands and have to use hand sanitizer regularly between seeing patients (in home physical therapy). I am hoping this will help to prevent flare ups that I frequently have from the drying effects of typical hand sanitizers!

        1. Whoops! It looks like there was a bit of a mixup. Our Aloe Jelly has all the necessary preservatives and emulsifiers, so this recipe does not require any added preservatives.

  12. I made a similar hand sanitizer recipe and the aloe was a little sticky. It’s not my favorite. Is there something I could add to this to decrease the aloe stickiness? TIA!

  13. I am excited to try this! So easy. It will be a great to have on hand for hiking and camping, not to mention traveling.

  14. So easy! Thank you for sharing such a useful recipe. With kids we do utilize hand sanitizer enough that making it will be much simpler to keep it on hand.

  15. I make this recipe and it works great! Love that you can make this and be sure it’s safe for the family!

  16. I am excited about finding a recipe for natural hand sanitizer. I am relatively me to the oil scene so I was wondering which of these oils kill germs? Are antibacterial? I usually hear about tea tree, cinnamon etc

  17. Thank you so much for this kid-safe hand sanitizer recipe. My daughter is obsessed with hand sanitizer, and I’d much rather make my own with safe ingredients. And I love that this uses moisturizing aloe as the base!

  18. I absolutely love pt aloe jelly! It doesn’t leave the residue feeling that most gels do. It thoroughly absorbs into skin. Fantastic simple recipe! Good job once again

  19. It’s great to make your own hand sanitizer. I have made a bottle using germ fighter essential oil. It smells great.

  20. I love this video. I have always wanted to make hand sanitizer and this video has given me the perfect instructions on how to do this. Thank you.

  21. I always see the hand sanitizer using Germ Fighter (or its MLM equivalent) so I’m really excited to see one with all of these oils. I love to see any Frank in a recipe!

  22. I am super excited to try this. I have started making my own DIY foaming handsoap and want to start making this as well! I bet that combination of oils smells great! I love all of the neat recipes and DIY projects and need to get one of the journals to start writing them down so I don’t forget them!

  23. I’ve been eyeing aloe vera jelly on my wishlist for awhile now…just might have to make the plunge soon! This looks so easy and helpful to have around!

    1. The Aloe Jelly has both preservatives and emulsifiers in it, so you don’t have to worry about using it up too quickly!

      1. That’s great! How quickly tho? On another post PT replied that it needs to be used within 4 or 5 days. Is that about right, or will it last longer?

  24. This is PERFECT! I recently started having worsening neurological symptoms in my fingers and hands. I stopped using traditional hand sanitizer and noticed a HUGE improvement. However, this left me wondering what a natural alternative was. This is something I must try.

  25. This sounds so much better than drying and stinging alcohol – I think this will be my next oil DIY project!

  26. This sounds great!! Thank you! I am adding this to my “To Do” list – my hands get SO CRACKED in the winter and the alcohol based hand sanitizers HURT!!!

  27. Do you think it would be at all beneficial to add to everclear or 90% rubbing alcohol to this recipe? Just curious…

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