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Essential Oils, Fun DIYs & Your Wedding Day!

Now that you’ve started planning for your big day, it’s time to bust out those essential oils! You’d be surprised at the amazing ways you can add a fun, personal, and fragrant touch to your wedding preparations.

Scented Tissue Paper

scented wedding tissue paper

The invitations are printed, envelopes stamped, the only thing left is to stuff them! But what to do with those pieces of tissue? Traditionally, the tissue is used to help keep the printing from smudging once in the envelope. And it’s the perfect opportunity to add a bit of delightful fragrance as you invite your guests to the big day. Start by choosing the blend or oils you want to use. There are classic floral choices like Rose Absolute or Lavender Fine. Or there are fun blends like Honeybell and Boquet. The possibilities are endless! Then add 1-3 drops onto a cotton ball. Place your tissue paper and cotton ball in a large plastic bag, seal it shut, and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Just make sure that the tissue paper doesn’t come into direct contact with the oils as you definitely don’t want any oily stains.

I Can’t Say “I Do” Without You

bridal party toasting before the wedding

Your bridal party is with you every step of the way. And let’s be honest, they put in a lot of work. They do everything from wedding dress shopping to throwing you the perfect bridal shower. Show them just how much it all means to you with the I Can’t Say “I Do” Without You. Complete with three essential oils, this set has everything they need to tackle the biggest wedding challenges.

If you’re putting together a little care package to show your appreciation, consider adding a few fun DIYs. Primping and prepping on the big day never looked so good! Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to use more of that scented tissue paper.

Don’t forget to check out the printable I Can’t Say I Do Without You card to give to your special ladies.

Signature Fragrance

Going to the Chapel essential oil wedding sets

Having unique signature items on your wedding day is all the rage. Whether it’s a signature cocktail or your very own hashtag, it can help add a special touch. But what about a signature fragrance? After all, smell is intensely connected to memory. By choosing a scent to pair with your wedding day, it can create a special connection every time you smell it. There are numerous ways to fill your day with your chosen scent. You can diffuse it in the bridal suite. Maybe create a special lotion you can wear. You can even make a DIY perfume to keep the fragrance nearby all day long.

Our Evoke line of natural fragrances will make this all to easy. The new Infused set offers three amazing options: Fresh, Lively and Vital. Each natural fragrance can give you a unique aroma that will remind you of your special day for years to come.

Vital Summer Scent Roll-on

Vital essential oil roll on

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 drops of your Vital natural fragrance
  • 6 drops Polysorbate 20
  • 10 mL Everclear, Witch Hazel, or Vodka
  • 10 mL rollerball bottle

What You’ll Do:

Blend Vital with 10 mL Everlcear, Witch Hazel or Vodka. Pour into your rollerball and put on the cap. Roll onto pulse points and get ready for whatever comes your way!

Wedding Favors

wedding speech

As the reception winds down, why not give your guests something fun to remember your day by? Wedding favors can add a personal touch to thank your guests for sharing such an important event with you. And for those DIY brides, what could be more fun than adding some essential oils to the mix! Be sure to check out No Sew Sachets or Exotic Escape Bath Salts for quick and easy ideas.

For something extra fun, we have Wedding Speech Bingo! Print off these cards for your guests to enjoy during the reception. You could even have a prize for the winners!

If you’re looking for more DIYs for your big day, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!


16 thoughts on “Essential Oils, Fun DIYs & Your Wedding Day!”

  • For the Vital Summer Scent roll-on, is there a reason why Vital isn’t diluted in a carrier oil instead of the polysorbate 20 and Everclear/witch hazel/vodka? If I make this as directed and I use witch hazel, can I use witch hazel that is not in alcohol or does it need to be the witch hazel in alcohol? Thx!

    1. If you’d prefer, you can absolutely use it in a carrier oil. But if you decide to opt for witch hazel, you don’t need to add any alcohol, just the polysorbate.

  • Love the idea for the tissue paper! Not just for weddings… but for Birthdays and Holiday gift wrapping as well!

  • Scented tissue paper sounds great! Cant wait to do some DIY projects with my favorite Plant Therapy oils!

  • I am so happy that Plant Therapy came out with a Wedding Day themed essential oil set. This is the perfect gift to give to your friends on their wedding day!

  • I get married next month this blog has my DIY brain just about exploding with JOY! Thank you PT

  • I love the vital summer roll on recipe! I will have to get this fragrance and make this roll on soon!

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