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Naturally Blended

How to Set a Vacation Mood with Evoke Infused

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The best part of summer is finally here… vacation! Whether you’re hitting the road or headed to an exotic locale, summer vacations can be packed with incredible memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. There are some great ways to capture these experiences. You’ll have memorable photographs that you can frame, or just post to Instagram. Fun little souvenirs can also be a great way to remember your trip. But what about one of the most powerful things you can tie to memory? Your sense of smell.

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Smell and Memory

Your sense of smell is uniquely tied to your memories in an intensely personal way. You’ll sniff that one cologne and instantly be reminded of your dad. Or whenever you bake a certain kind of cookie, you’ll instantly be back at your grandma’s house. Chances are, you’re already aware of these associations. This opens up a whole new world where you can intentionally create positive associations with specific memories or people. After all, scent can be a vital part of any whole-body experience. We’ve gone into detail on how scents help us evoke emotional responses, how to pair romance and scent to create an even deeper connection, and an in-depth look at how scent works on our body using classical conditioning.

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Evoke Infused

All of this brings us to your vacation. It could be a trip around Europe your honey or a road trip up and down the coast with the whole family. No matter what, these will be unique and incredible experiences that you won’t want to forget. And these amazing summer vibes pair perfectly with our new Evoke Infused line.  Our Infused set comes with three incredible, summery natural fragrances that will pair perfectly with your summer adventures: Vital, Fresh and Lively.

  • Vital: With a spicy, fresh, citrus aroma, this vibrant burst of fragrance will help create the best vibes for your vacations. Lovely notes of fresh Clove, zesty Lime, and warming Ginger Root make this complex blend perfect for summer.
  • Fresh: Its lush, fruity notes and beautiful, creamy finish make the perfect combination to embody your fun, summer adventures.
  • Lively: Encourage fresh energy and enliven the atmosphere with our Lively Natural Scent. As its truly complex aroma unfolds, you’ll enjoy a whole new upbeat vibe. Its bright and tangy top notes develop into an intricate aromatic profile with lovely hints of warm Ginger and earthy Texas Cedarwood.

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Once you’ve picked the scent that you want for your summer, it’s time to start incorporating it into your travels plans! Here are a few simple and easy ideas.

  • Make a No-Sew Sachet for your luggage! This quick DIY can be made with just a few drops of your chosen fragrance. Then every time you open your suitcase, you’ll get a delightful whiff of your chosen Infused fragrance.
  • Don’t forget about passive diffusion. If you’re going on a road trip or staying in a hotel, bring a couple cotton balls. You can add a drop or two and keep the cotton ball nearby.
  • Create a rollerball perfume with your chosen blend to wear for your entire trip!
  • You can also add a few drops to your favorite lotion or cream so you can keep your skin hydrated while smelling great.

Plant Therapy infused Evoke set

Vital Summer Scent Roll-On

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 drops of your Vital natural fragrance
  • 6 drops Polysorbate 20
  • 10 mL Everclear, Witch Hazel, or Vodka
  • 10 mL rollerball bottle

What You’ll Do:

Blend Vital with 10 mL Everlcear, Witch Hazel or Vodka. Pour into your rollerball and put on the cap. Roll onto pulse points and get ready for best vacation yet!

If you like discovering other fun DIYs, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!

15 thoughts on “How to Set a Vacation Mood with Evoke Infused”

  1. I am still so confused why evoke lines are different from the original essential oils. Do they have the same benefits and are they to be used just like essential oils? I find myself staying away from them.

    1. Our Evoke line is a natural fragrance which is made using isolates from essential oils. So they don’t have the therapeutic properties, instead, they have richer, more complex scent profiles. You can learn more about what an isolate is in this helpful blog post.

  2. Can’t wait to try this line of products. No vacation for me; but thinking of making some sachets for the closets to keep everything smelling fresh and summery.

  3. Such great ideas. I always take a wood clothes pin to hotels. I add the oil to it and hang it on the air conditioner.

    1. We, too, take wooden clothes pins to hotels to make sure light doesn’t come thru the cracks in the drapes. Never thought of using them with essential oils, but I’m definitely going to try it on our trip in August. Thanks for the idea!

    1. We are just getting ready to take a family vacation just the four of us for the first time. (Not visiting extended family) Definitely need to pack some goodies, especially for the hotel room.

  4. No vacation for me, but….this sure makes me want to try this line of products. I think I have tried almost everything that Plant Therapy has, but the infused line is just one that I haven’t Perhaps payday will see me ordering some Infused things.

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