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DIY Banana Lip Polish

DIY Banana Lip Polish

Who doesn’t want soft, smooth lips?! Whether you want to keep them smooth for your honey or so you can have flawless lipstick, this DIY will do the trick. The Banana Lip Polish not only has a fun, fruity flavor but also helps buff away dead skin while giving your lips the extra moisture they crave. The result is a flawless, polished pout!

DIY Banana Lip Polish

Banana Lip Polish

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

In a small bowl, combine your food coloring, flavoring, and carrier oil. Stir in your sugar until fully saturated. Store in a small tin and use whenever lips need smoothed and polished.

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30 thoughts on “DIY Banana Lip Polish”

  1. What a fun recipe!! Definitely going to give it a try. Another recipe to add to my oily collection.

  2. on my list to try. I think I’m gonna try lemon and a touch of spearmint flavoring. Love m=lemon mint and the tingling of the mint perks up your lips before coloring.

  3. What an awesome recipe! And if banana isn’t your thing it can easily be subbed with a different flavor!

  4. Sounds interesting. Not sure if I would go with banana flavor, but maybe. It could always be flavored differently.

    1. You’ll use this to exfoliate before putting on lipstick/gloss. But you’ll definitely want to rinse it off.

  5. Thanks for sharing this I’ve been asked my my grandchildren to make berry flavored lip gloss and now I know how! The banana sounds even better!!

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