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mercury retrograde

Mercury is in Retrograde: Here’s What That Means for You

Have you ever had a moment where everything, and I mean everything, seems to go wrong all at once? You fight with your husband, your kids seem impossible to talk to, traffic is horrible and you hit every red light, and work seems to explode. Maybe your flight gets canceled, you forget your laptop, plans change without warning and your friends cancel on you for what seems like no reason.

What the heck is going on? Three words: Mercury in retrograde.


Ah yes, Mercury is in Retrograde. Lovely.

mercury retrogradeSo Mercury is in retrograde…but what does that mean?

Three to four times a year, the planet Mercury passes the earth in their orbits. As Mercury rounds the bend in its own orbit, it slows down and appears to stop and move backward in the sky. Now it’s not really moving backward, it’s just an optical illusion. But it still can wreak havoc in our lives and relationships.


Mercury: An astrological overview

The Mercury in astrology rules communication, travel, and technology. When Mercury’s in retrograde (and appears to be moving backward) those three areas can go haywire at any time, sometimes all at once.

Technology can go nuts as well! Computers might suddenly shut off without saving data, phones might not work, calendar events might not be saved and dates are forgotten. It’s smart to take special precautions with your digital data – this is the time when you should be backing up all your important data.

This retrograde period lasts about three weeks, and it can be a long, miserable three weeks.  I’m not kidding, I once was 2 minutes late for a flight to Seattle during Mercury retrograde, and they wouldn’t let me on the plane (despite it not having left the terminal yet). Last-minute road trip…thanks Mercury!

Oh and bonus: Mercury also has what’s called a “shadow period,” which means that for 2-3 weeks before and after Mercury being in retrograde you might feel what’s known as #retroshade – which can cause similar issues to those of Mercury’s full retrograde.

So what can you do to help soothe this chaotic time? We’ve got your back.


Surviving Mercury retrograde the oily way!

mercury retrograde blendDuring Mercury’s Retrograde, the truth will come out whether we want it to or not, mysteries will reveal themselves, and communication will go haywire. And because we’re Plant Therapy, we have an oil for that!

Say hello to our little helper: Mercury Retrograde blend!

Our brand new Mercury Retrograde essential oil blend was created to encourage normal communication and to help create a peaceful, grounded environment during this chaotic time.

The grounding essential oils Clary Sage and Texas Cedarwood is known to promote clarity and confidence while supporting calm and clear communication.

Mandarin provides a sense of joy and Roman Chamomile helps to calm and soothe emotions. Cypress supports our ability to listen, supports us during times of change, and encourages patience.

Lemon is known to promote concentration and mental vitality and Neroli’s reputation of promoting compassionate and creative communication rounds out this spectacular blend!

So during Mercury retrograde, diffuse or use this blend to help you get through the next three weeks and support your other survival techniques:


Focus on communication

During Mercury Retrograde, do your absolute best not to start anything new. Focus on those things that cause you to “go back,” review old work, renew old commitments (instead of making new ones) repeat old habits, reunite with old friends. And maybe rekindle an old romantic flame.

A word of advice: That last part can be a little tricky! Mercury retrograde can very well bring an old love interest back into your life, but usually, this is for closure, not because they were the one that got away. Expect friend requests from old friends and boyfriends, and don’t be surprised if you “randomly” bump into them on the street. So basically, don’t go out of the house without doing your hair and makeup, because it’s way more likely you’ll be running into an old boyfriend…ask me how I know!


But it’s not all bad!

Even though Mercury retrograde can be frustrating (and we’re not kidding about that) it’s also the perfect time to complete unfinished business. Each time Mercury retrograde rolls around, it’s time to hold a personal review of projects you started but never finished and tie up those loose ends causing you mental clutter.

Take advantage of Mercury retrograde! Finish those unfinished projects, reach closure with old friends and ex’s, and emerge with a fresh perspective once the retrograde period is over. The more you embrace the unexpected during this time, the better chance you have of surviving intact!


289 thoughts on “Mercury is in Retrograde: Here’s What That Means for You”

  • @Rosie Tosie, these kinds of comments are exactly what can cause things to go wrong. Do you need a cookie or a splash of Mercury Retrograde?

  • So…Mercury retrograde has been around forever, yet it effects our TECHNOLOGY? When did that kick in? I’m curious since the digital age is a new thing.

    I just read this article aloud to my husband – he asked if it was the onion, and said thanks for the belly laugh LOL!

  • Post-Mercury retro, I’m finding Bergamot oil to be extremely helpful in lifting spirits and untangling cobwebs! Moving forward from confusion

  • i wanted this when i first heard about it & now, of course, its too late!! lol …. i will definitely be on the hunt when halloween time rolls back around =)

  • We will be moving into a brand new home in a new state when this happens again, so I will have to buy the blend when it comes back in November!

  • I wasn’t able to get this blend this time around. Thanks for all the information. This might explain a few things… Maybe next time I will be able to get this oil. I look forward to it!

  • First time I’ve heard of this! Very interesting. Thinking about purchasing this blend for next Retrograde.

  • I couldn’t believe you came out with a Mercury Retrograde blend – sounds kooky but I definitely get affected by the retrograde periods! I ordered it and when I first smelled it, it smelled like paint……BUT…..once I diffused it it was beautiful. Some blends you have to give a chance and not judge them at the first smell – this is one of them. Hopefully you will continue to carry it during retrogrades! Thank you for thinking of this

  • Thank you so much for this info. I just got into astrology in the last year and I like seeing how it dovetails with essential oils.

  • Reading all these reviews makes me wish I ordered it now during JCAM! Whatttt really kicking myself now for not ordering this. Sounds awesome.

  • I used to believe is stars…and horoscopes…then I totally forgot about it. But in the last past years I started to realize how much starts and planets can influence our mood! So a little bit of a help is just welcomed!

  • I have used this in my office at work and it not only smells wonderful but helped calm me during the day and helped me concentrate and get my work done during a fast paced end of month work load. I will buy more when it is available.

  • This means muphys law anything that can happen bad will..this blend helps the pains physically and mentally.

  • Interesting…I saw an old boyfriend for the first time in 30 years who recently sent me a friend request…freaky!

  • I love to blend Ceadar Wood and Clary sage at night when. It is very calming to me even if it is not during MercuryRetorgrade.

  • Yes! To all of it! I wish I would have gotten my hands on this when it was available. But here’s hoping Oct. 31st I can snag one. The blend sounds intriguing and definitely grounding.
    Thank you PT for the information and putting together what sounds like another wonderful blend.

  • I really don’t care for the way this blend smells but I have to admit that if I deeply sniff it when I’m having trouble communicating with my husband it actually does seem to help me feel calmer and less agitated!

  • I had never heard of Mercury in Retrograde and this was a very interesting read! I’ll have to be on the lookout and more mindful of the info in this post when it comes around the next time. Thanks for the dates for this year’s Mercury craziness!

  • I learned a lot from this and found it to be extremely interesting! Definitely interested in trying this oil now.

  • Sorry, I’m not buying it: neither the theory nor the oil. I like trying new blends, but not a fan of Clary Sage or Texas Cedarwood.

  • I have never heard of Mercury Retrograde. I bought the oil which I love love love to my surprise because it is unique.
    I am always skeptical about astrology related subject but I have to say that August 31rst was one of the worst day this year it started as I woke up and one thing after another the whole day!. So I will watch out in October/November.

  • This explains a lot! Thank you for posting the dates…a little advance warning so I’m ordering a bottle of this oil

  • Such an interesting read I never knew that about Mercury I’m definitely going to keep those dates in mind.

  • I love this oil and I love reading the science behind the oil!! Who knew one little planet could effect so much!!!

  • Well, this explains the last month! lol
    I just placed an order. This oil will be on my next order, getting ready for October!
    Thank for the great information!!

    1. Likely so, considering next time is Halloween a very good time for an astrological oil! I love mine so much, too. After wearing it on a diffuser necklace or bracelet and the air hits it, it smells sweet. It’s a great blend!

  • This blend sounds amazing. Looks like I’m going to have to do some more shopping. Nice blog about Mercury retrograde. A lot of people don’t know about the effects it can have.

  • I reread the text! OMG! On July 15th, I received an email from an “old” friend. I had not heard from her since 2015 and we parted in bad terms. In my mind, when you have friends like this, you don’t need enemy! Her email was to apologize for her behavior back then!

  • I had never heard of Mercury Retrograde before PT blog on this subject! I will know better now! Thanks PT!

  • I had no idea, I love that you have an EO to go along with this & help ease or soothe a person, thank you!

  • I was not aware of this phenomenon. Thank you for sharing that information. Thank God today is the last day of the 2nd occurrence. I wil try to use your advice for the 3rd one in October.

  • oh wow I’ve been curious about Mercury Retrograde and you explained it in a very easy way to understand. Thank you!

  • Have never heard of this but it is believable. Having taught school for 35 years and seeing how some kids act after a full moon, there is validity toMercury retrogrades. Interesting!

  • Mercury stations direct today… shortly after the New ‘Black’ Moon peaks tonight – 11:11 est… o my! All is well

  • This makes so much sense now. July has been a very hard month for me in relation to life and my anxiety. I have been surrounded by chaos. I am so excited to get this oil to survive the last week.

  • Wow, this was a neat article. I did not anything about this. I have the oil and have been using it. It’s great.

  • Wow I had no idea about this but it makes sense cause this month has been really tough with friends and family. Noone seems to be getting along. Come October I will be purchasing a bottle. Dont wanna do a repeat of this month. Thanks PT for the info!

  • Wow! So much awesome information. You always hear about mercury being in retrograde but it’s hardly ever explained. I love the oil btw. I wonder if there will be oils for when the other planets are retrograde

  • I’ve never heard of Mercury retrograde but do notice definite changes with the moon phases as far as my symptoms getting worse with the chronic condition I’m dealing with during full moons. I keep a journal with daily symptoms and every 3 months look up the moon phases and 100% of the time for over a year now they have been worse on every full moon. Coincidence? Maybe/maybe not but very interesting. I’m sure to not look up full moons ahead as I don’t want my mind to anticipate feeling worse. I’ve had the worst time ever these past 2 weeks… perhaps there is something to this Mercury retrograde… ?

    1. To someone who does not believe that Mercury’s retrograde affects us that much, or at all, I still bought the blend because the ingredients are terrific! So to keep this blend available, I say, let Mercury retrograde as often as it wants! LOL!

  • Wow! Loved this article. Wish I had known about this sooner. This month has been very difficult to navigate. Will definitely be buying this blend!!

  • Thank you for the ingo. I just made my vety first order a while ago and I’m already loving PT for all the awraome infos they share in the blog and in the safe oil recipes fb geoup.

  • What do you know, not only experts in essential oils, but also about the stars and their influence! Love it!

  • I’ve heard of Mercury in Retrograde but never knew what it meant. Thanks for enlightening me!

  • Well, I broke down and ordered this. The blend sounds amazing and who can`t use a little inner peace.

  • essential oils connected with the plants? interesting info. I have cedarwood- nice scent. Too bad you don’t have ‘scratch and sniff’ samples.

  • I have never heard of this before but looking back over these past few weeks, I have experienced it. I am loving this blend and hope it becomes a regularly stocked synergy blend. Thank you PT for thinking of everything oily to help make us deal with life better

  • Mercury retrograde is almost done for now but I will still be diffusing the oil cuz I LOVE it!!!!-

    1. All three are limited edition blends, but that’s about all they have in common! If you want to compare the ingredients in the blends, you can learn more about Lucky and Luckier here and Mercury Retrograde here.

    2. Luckier has magnolia which we love for anxiety but that’s not kidsafe. Retrograde is kidsafe. The smell is also quite different from lucky and Luckier, as both have the main smell being Steam Distilled Lime and lucky even has spearmint which once the lime dissipates, is the predominant smell. You’re right in assuming all 3 oils are great for anxiety! However retrograde is a more complex blend and when you sniff from the bottle or first use it most people smell chamomile. Then when I use it and leave it on a diffuser necklace or lava beads, it smells sweet, almost like vanilla. I don’t have Texas cedarwood but my first batch of cedarwood atlas smelled vanilla to me, my second batch doesn’t…. I can only assume the sweet smell comes from cedarwood

  • This is one on my wish list..just lastnigjt i made myself a roll on with cederwood in it..It gave me sense of peace and nature inside myself like i was one with the universe.
    I will order one im sure of this

  • Can we choose the articles we want to comment on? I found this interesting, but not really applicable to me.

    1. If you’re talking about the Perqs point, you can’t choose the article to read. But don’t worry, it updates every couple weeks so there will always be something new to learn about!

  • That was interesting information. You did say to ask you how an old ex might cross your path during this time, so I am asking.
    I love Plant Therapy and have been satisfied with all the oils I have ordered.

  • Thanks for this blog and i just received the bottle of oil so very curious what it will do to me and my daughter !

  • Good to know, thought I was just having a run of bad luck. Lol . I do love the oil! Thanks PT

  • I had no idea, I always blamed it on a full moon when things go awry. Need to add this oil to the cart.

  • I didn’t know much about this prior to reading the article. I’d like to blame Mercury in retrograde for some of the strange, unsettling, difficult to fathom things that have been happening in my life lately. However, I’m pretty sure I can contribute that to being nearly 38 weeks pregnant! Definitely sounds like an appealing oil to try out!!

  • This is such a great explanation! I’ve heard of Mercury in Retrograde before, but never understood what it was or what it caused. This month has been crazy for me and many people I know, so this makes a lot of sense! Can’t wait to try the oil!

  • Wow…that would explain all the craziness happening in my life right now. Preparing for next time!

  • Well, I WAS WONDERING why I was feeling so down. Now I know what the problem is. Glad it is over soon.

  • Thank you for the fun explanation of this! So much discussion about but Mercury in retrograde, but I didn’t understand the hype until reading this post. Lol!

  • Now this makes Sense – chaotic life and mind. Been more forgetful and spacey – forgetting what I wanted in the room I am in. Now this happens anyway but has been more pronounced.

  • A friend recently mentioned Mercury retrograde to me. I knew you had an oil blend for it, but I never really read up on it, nor knew anything about Mercury retrograde. Thanks for the article which summarizes it so well. Didn’t realize it happens more than once a year. Maybe the Mercury Retrograde blend needs to be available year round!

  • I didn’t aware about this phenomena until reeding this blog. Good sharing and explaination!

  • Ordered & Received my “Mercury in Retrograde” synergy a couple weeks ago & wanted to be sure we were STILL IN retrograde before trying it out (& I guess I have a couple more days…& then some retroshade after that?! Does it ever end? (Rhetorically)). Excited to try! Thanks, Plant Therapy!

  • This information on Mercury retrograde in new to me. Very interesting. I will be more in tune to these things in the future. I have written the dates down for the next Mercury retrograde, to be prepared, but it does explain some of the things that have happened to me in the past couple weeks. I will be ready October 31-November 20. Thanks PT for the info.

  • WOW…. I wish I read this sooner and purchase it before I went on my 3 week road trip vacation it would have been helpful. I’ll make sure to get it before the next road trip.

  • This blend smells amazing. I find it calming and grounding. I had to purchase another before it’s gone!

    1. Mercury in Retrograde always hits us hard! I hadn’t heard about the shadows though.. Oy! So glad the masterminds at PT put together this blend to help us through the cosmic mayhem!

  • So far we had a plane delayed an hour and a half when we need to be back home for an event, my husband lost his keys in the grass, I lost my DVC ID card, my daughter lost her favorite magic band at Disney, I forgot to use coupons (which I never forget), and our best friends are moving out of the neighborhood!

  • Mercury Retrograde has definitely mucked up my computers and printers at work and my relationship at home! I think I need to bathe in the oil!!! It’s crazy because I will wonder what the dickens is happening and then several hours later, I will think – of course – Mercury!!! Scares me a little that the next one is in November right when I’m traveling to Mexico on vacay. Pray for me!

  • This is a phenomena I was not aware of. My computer has been shutting off for now reason the last few weeks. Talk about annoying. It’s interesting that this can happen 3-4 times a year. Halloween is just around the corner. 🙂

  • Learning more about essential oils and how they can improve my life (at 73) is my goal. Thanks for helping with that.

  • Wow, this makes sense. I completely deleted a huge and important text thread during the “shadow” time!

  • I am so grateful for the knowledge Plant Therapy’s blog always provides! I am relatively new to essential oils and am so appreciative to have a reliable resource to turn to and learn from!

  • I had heard the term used before, but didn’t know what it actually meant until this blend came out and I looked it up. It’s always fun to learn something new.

  • Really have heard awesome reviews about this blend. I definitely want to try it! Love all the info on it!

  • Wow, this was news to me. As a newbie to essential oils, I’m grateful to Plant Therapy for coming up with a blend appropriate with the times!

  • Good information! I would hear about this but didn’t really understand what it was so I learned something new… And genius having an oil for that !

  • Love this blog! It explains why all of the wonkiness, especially with electronics. Lol I love the blend and hope that they bring it back as a permanent item.

  • How fascinating! I’ve heard of the term but never really knew what it meant. It makes soooo much sense though!

  • I hadn’t known anything about mercury retrograde previously but, after reading up on it and seeing all the raving reviews— I think I have to have it.

  • Wow, i never heard of Mercury Retrograde. Very interesting. The blend sounds like it smells amazing! Uplifting , yet grounding, helping to clarify thoughts and focus. Perfect for my anxious teen who is on her way to her freshman year in college, and is trying to plan out her essentials for her first dorming experience. Im planning on making her several roll-on blends, skin care blends, and this oil is definitely on my list for her right now. I already bought cute little roller bottle labels to apply to the bottles. I can’t wait to surprise her and smell the sweet scent of this blend!

  • Surely didn’t know all the details about Mercury in Retrograde. I wrote the dates for the next one in October in my calendar. It seems like all month my use of EO, especially Chakra blends has been increased for some reason, perhaps this is it. Haven’t purchased Mercury Retrograde yet as my PT budget for the month is nearly exhausted, but it is in my cart…. Thanks for the info.

  • Absolutely love the Mercury Retrograde oil blend. It has helped to keep me sane during this retrograde when everything is going wrong!

  • Wow. I’m 70 and have never ever heard of this Mercury retrograde…seriously. I will definitely keep reading. I have purchased your oils on the advice of my daughter in law and love that they are not as expensive as several other brands, but just as good….love learning….

  • I’ll be putting this on my wish list and thank you for the education about Mercury in Retrograde!

  • I love that you are bringing this information main stream! Using things like essential oils and slowing down can really make Mercury retrograde a time to grow and heal.

  • I just bought the Mercury Retrograde Synergy because this time it has knocked me on my butt! LOVE this blend – I have been diffusing it every evening after work. Smells wonderful and is very calming. Thank you for developing this synergy!!

  • Thanks for this interesting idea! I really knew nothing about it. But can believe the blends involved would be helpful!

  • I didn’t know much about this idea. But I can appreciate the blends involved! Clary Sage, Cedarwood….yes should help….thanks for this interesting idea!

  • Fascinating article. That Mercury retrograde happens for about four months of the year is amazing and eye-opening. To think that 25% of the year is kind of turbulent is almost disturbing. Now that three of them are over, I have time to prep for the last of the year. Please let us know when they will occur in 2020!

  • Love the idea of having way to deal with Mercury in retrograde, wish this product was available when I was in my 20’s!

  • I read this yesterday and did make a comment. No idea why my blog and oil reviews hangup and the credits get messed up.I will blame it on Mercury Retrograde, LOL.
    Anyways it is a very interesting read. We Indians believe in planet movements and alignments in our astrological calendar that have an affect on us. Some are considered good and some not.

  • I love this blog! I read it in my spare time, often just to learn what all my oils can do for me. Thank you PT for such great information!

  • This was very interesting blog. I enjoy learning new things and I will definitely be ordering this.

  • I have never thought much about Mercury being in retrograde, in fact had forgotten completely about it. OMG This explains what I thought was early onset dementia………….The blend is amazing and shows so many different personalities, depending on the use. Go PT go

  • Interesting article, so far Murcury Retrograde hasn’t been bothering me. Holding my breathe that the years go smoothly, our family has had enough problems the last few years, with young family members passing away with sudden heart attacks and cancer, we don’t need anymore of that bad luck.

  • i appreciate that you included some of the positive influences of mercury in retrograde. I’ve only ever heard about the chaos it can cause! so it lasts through the 31st…that lights a little fire under my butt to wrap up some unfinished projects over the next few days!

  • I don’t pay attention to Mercury retrogrades but so glad I ordered this blend on a whim! Every night I diffuse this, I wake up feeling completely rested and refreshed, even if I went to bed late and didn’t get enough sleep. Just ordered my second bottle and I might still other another one or two more!

  • Fun to read, as an Indian we strongly believe in plant movement and their related effects in our astrology.

  • Very interesting piece of information. And now I have an explanation on the incidences that occurred in my life on 7th July. Hahaha. I need this oil then!

  • Very interesting information…so far things are running smoothly…will be aware of tMercury in Retrograde in the near future…

  • Mercury in retrograde is rough. Everything seems to go haywire but I love that PT made a blend to help get us through it. I can’t wait to try this blend, it sounds amazing!

  • I’m excited to get my Mercury blend in the mail!! I sure can use it now that the chaos has been explained!! Hoping my oily mail arrives very soon!

  • I’m hoping that this oil helps as much as the havoc Mercury has created. The scent sounds lovely as well!

  • Really? I’m with Amber. Why am I just finding out about this. I will certainly pay more attention now. I really want to purchase this, but Cedarwood causes me congestion to breathe. I may have to try it and share it. Thank you for making fun, completely different blends for your customers.

  • This blend sounds amazing! I have been following the Mercury retrogrades for years, so it will be great to have a blend that can help me through it. 🙂

    1. I didn’t know about mercury until this blend came out and this explains so much! I got this blend right away and it is so helpful!

  • Oh I Absolutely love this blog! I definitely put this one on my wish list & in my cart to order VERY SOON!!

    1. I had no idea about any of this. Very informative blog and will be sure I have this blend for the Mercury shenanigans in October

      1. I read the ingreatiance and it say know gerring into the woodie smells .just last night i made me a roller ball with cederwood and Saro.. I felt one with nature great for sleep..
        Im think inmay purchase this new brew

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