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How to Get That ’70s Vibe

How to Get That '70s Vibe

The ’70s was an incredible decade. It gave us Elton John, Star Wars, Disco and Happy Days. It was a time for change. Protests were made, scandals uncovered, rockstars became legends. It’s time to put on your favorite record and check out how you can get those groovy ’70s vibes.

Get in the mood… essential oil style

Plant Therapy The Decades Set

Nothing will take you back to your favorite decade quite like the right scent. That’s why we created a limited-edition Decades set. Each blend perfectly captures the best part of each decade. The ’70s decade blend combines Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lemon, Lavender, Clove Bud and Rose for a wonderful trip down a polyester-lined memory lane.

Far out

How to Get That '70s Vibe

Whether the ’70s bring to mind polyester paisley print and corduroys, tie-dye shirts and bellbottoms, or the wild styles of the disco nightlife, there are lots of styles and looks that you can draw inspiration. Get ready to embrace some rad new looks.

Flower Child

The ’70s was the age of the hippies! It was all fringe, tight tees, and long hair. Embrace your inner flower child with some simple touches. Whether it’s a floral dress, cute clogs or the perfect pair of round shades, you can bring this retro look to life in the 21st century.

Disco Queen

How to Get That '70s Vibe

Prefer something a bit more… edgy? Go disco, baby! Whether it’s rocking a sweet new jumpsuit or some geometric metallic earrings, you can rock the disco look all day long.

Crochet for Days

Think crochet is just for your grandma? Think again! Crochet everything is making its way back into the fashion of the new century. You can learn the craft yourself and create a fabulous new scarf or keep an eye out for a fun new swimsuit coverup or dress for an effortless summer ’70s look.

Put on a record

How to Get That '70s Vibe

Vinyl has officially made a comeback and it’s easy to see why. Instead of thousands of songs that leave you mindlessly shuffling, you get to enjoy an album, start to finish. Even if you’re not ready to invest in vinyl, it’s a great idea to stop, take a minute and experience your favorite music in a different way. If you can’t decide between Elton John and Led Zeppelin, why not give our specially curated ’70s playlist a spin and rock out to the best music of the decade.

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9 thoughts on “How to Get That ’70s Vibe”

  1. Love the 70’s!! My teenage years!! Yes I rocked the bell bottoms pants!! Thank you for all the memories!!

  2. I remember this as a April Fool’s prank. I would love it if PT would actually come out with “The Decades” oils! Will it become available soon?

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