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How to Get the ’90s Vibe

How to Get the '90s Vibe

It’s hard to believe that the ’90s started almost 30 years ago! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were swapping out our Walkmans for Discmans so we could listen to the Spice Girls and kick it in our Doc Martens. This incredible decade gave us the Golden of Age of Disney, Friends made it’s now iconic debut, and we were introduced to the PlayStation. It was a great decade! Let’s check out some of the ways you can bring those totally cool ’90s vibes.

Bust out the diffuser

decades set

What better way to celebrate than with our amazing new ’90s decade blend! Enjoy the sweet, citrusy notes of Orange Essence, Lime Steam Distilled, and Mandarin Essense. Plus Star Anise adds a warm, sweet licorice scent and Lemongrass rounds out this blend with its lemony, tea-like scent. The aroma is part flannel shirt, part boy band realness.

Amp it up!

How to Get the '90s Vibe

Getting that perfect ’90s look isn’t as hard as you’d think. With just a few details, you can enjoy the ’90s vibe without looking like you’re headed for a costume party.

Go edgy

Gone are the shoulder pads and feathered hair of the ’80s. Instead, the ’90s ushered in short skirts paired with your favorite tights, choker necklaces, and lots of layers. You can go grunge with your favorite flannel tied around your waist or channel your inner Cher with a fabulous yellow plaid number! No matter what, don’t be afraid to embrace the edgy, vibrant looks of the ’90s

Don’t forget to accessorize

Forget your accessories? As if! The perfect addition to any ensemble can make an outfit.  Plus ’90s accessories are everywhere! That means it’s the perfect time to rock your scrunchies, wear some cute slouchy socks, or bust out some jelly sandals.

Did someone say… binge-watching?

How to Get the '90s Vibe

What better way to enjoy the ’90s than to get a little T.G.I.F. action! Find yourself getting sucked into Ross and Rachel’s “will they, won’t they” on Friends. Enjoy the quick-witted, campy banter of Buffy. Or try to solve the mystery in the surreal cult classic Twin Peaks. You can’t go wrong!

Rock out!

You don’t need a boombox to rock out to your favorite ’90s jams. If boy bands were so totally your thing, time for some Backstreet Boys! If you went more for alternative rock, queue up some Nine Inch Nails. Feeling the need for some girl power? No Doubt will do the trick. You can always put on our curated playlist to feel like you’re reliving the best decade.

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  1. Such a great blog article- it was a walk down memory lane! Thanks PT! Sure wish this was available as a single though.

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