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PT Perqs: Explained

We hear you guys, change is hard! We know that swapping the old and familiar to the new and shiny can be confusing and frustrating. And we feel your pain. We care about our customers and strive to put you first as a company. That means that making a big change to something like our rewards system is a big deal.

But we really believe that our new PT Perqs reward system will be better for you, our customers, in the long run. We hope that you’ll read through this information and take some time to get to know our program. We honestly think it will benefit you (or we wouldn’t have made the change).

We want you to fully understand how the new PT Perqs program works and be able to use it to your best advantage, so we’re going to give you all the ins and outs.


You only have to spend $1 to start earning points.

We made it easy, for every $1 you spend, you earn 1 PT Perqs point. No more calculating how many points you have and trying to do that math in your head, because ain’t nobody got time for that. Now, it’s super simple:

Spend $46 = 46 points.

Just remember, your points are calculated after any other discounts are applied.

BFF bonus tip: You don’t earn points on taxes, because that wouldn’t be fair. Taxes are different in each state and we don’t want you to be earning fewer points just because you live in Oregon (and don’t pay sales tax, you lucky people).

Oh, and points don’t round up. So $46.52 is still only 46 points. We kept things nice and simple.


Get 50 free points without spending a dime – just be BFFs with us on social media.

Plant Therapy Evoke Your Best Summer EverThis is serious: 50 free points is halfway to your first $5 reward!

  • Facebook like: 10 points
  • Twitter follow: 10 points
  • Instagram follow: 10 points
  • Share on Facebook: 10 points
  • YouTube follow: 10 points

Basically, we’re saving you $50, the amount you’d be spending to get those free 50 points.

Points not showing up? If your social points don’t show up within 24 hours, contact our helpful customer satisfaction team [email protected] and we’ll get it figured out!


You still get 50 free points – even if you were already connected on social media.

You were already our social media BFF under the old program? Doesn’t matter! You can do it again for those 50 free points!

We’re doing you a solid – everyone who clicks through and connects their social again can get the 50 free points. We wanted everyone to be able to start and get the same bonus.


You can get up to 80 free points a month just for hanging out with us.

Evoke your best summer ever picnic on the beachGet 15 points every time you review a product – once a week. Combine that with reading a blog post every two weeks and answering a simple question to get another 10 points.

That means you get 80 points a month…without spending money!

So your monthly “free points” checklist looks like this:

  • Week 1:
      • Review a PT product: 15 points
      • Read a blog post + answer the question: 10 points
  • Week 2: 
      • Review a PT product: 15 points
  • Week 3: 
      • Review a PT product: 15 points
      • Read a blog post + answer the question: 10 points
  • Week 4: 
      • Review a PT product: 15 points

End of the month: 80 free points!

(P.S. That’s like getting the same number of points as spending $80 per month)


Get a Perqs-exclusive oil on your birthday – FREE.

We made you a birthday present! Perqs members get our exclusive (and delicious-smelling) Lemon Cupcake Blend on their birthday each year, for free, with a $5 online purchase during your birthday month. Because we know you’re going to treat yourself to oils for your birthday!

Live near one of Plant Therapy’s retail stores in Boise or Twin Falls, Idaho? Come in, say hi, and make a purchase – get your free Lemon Cupcake Blend right there on the spot, no waiting for shipping!

Heads up: Don’t forget to update your birthday in the new system – birthdays didn’t transfer over!


Redeeming now starts at just 100 points.

dill weed rosemary sweet orange cinnamon leaf essential oilsNow, you can spend less money before redeeming your points!

That means you can start spending your rewards even faster, and with less money out of pocket.

  • New Perqs program: Spend $100 (100 points) = $5 reward
  • Old points system: Spend $150 (1500 points) = $5 reward

That’s basically getting 5% back on every dollar you spend (even more if you’re our Bestie, but we’ll get to that in a minute)!

Just note: Just like most reward programs, you can’t earn points when you spend points, so using your $5 reward won’t get you 5 more points.


Had points in your account you hadn’t spent before the switch? Your old points transfer over!

Girls smiling on a road tripIf you resisted the urge to shop and had points in your account when the new loyalty program launched (on June 26, 2019), they will transfer over to the new points system. Plus, we already did the work of calculating the new values for you!

If you already gave in this year and redeemed your points to get that Rose Gold AromaFuse, they won’t apply or transfer to the new system. We can’t give you credit for spent points, even if we wish we could.

Check your rewards: Your rewards points balance, current Bestie status, and rewards history are all at the top of your PT Perqs Account page.


Points are in your account in minutes.

women working out

In most cases, points are in your account just a couple minutes after you earn them. It might take up to 48 hours, but if it takes any longer and your earned points are still not showing up in your account, our customer satisfaction team at [email protected] is happy to help you out!


Redeem up to $50 in rewards at a time.

dill weed rosemary sweet orange cinnamon leaf essential oilsYou can use up to $50 in rewards in a single transaction.

That means you could redeem that $50 and walk away with a bottle of Organic Australian Sandalwood ($49.95) for zero dollars after redeeming your 1,000 points. And we all need some Sandalwood in our life.

Just so you know: Your points expire if you have six months of inactivity in your PT Perqs account. That means if you don’t make a purchase, write a review or answer a blog post question for six months – you lose your points.

But let’s be real: “I totally go six months without buying oils,” said no one, ever.


Use your rewards together with any sale or coupon code.

Your points can totally be combined with any of our other coupons, sales, and promos, scoring you some serious deals. The only thing your points can’t buy you are Plant Therapy gift cards or gift certificates.

Already applied your points…then left your shopping cart before you could buy? Don’t cry, we’ve got you covered.

All your actual coupon codes for all of your redeemed rewards will stay in the rewards history section in your PT Perqs Dashboard, so you can always find them again. 

Just hit up your Perqs dashboard and you’ll see a list of coupon codes that correspond with each reward you’ve earned. Type in that code at checkout the way you would with any coupon code and you’re good to go!

Just a note: If you type in the coupon code at checkout and it doesn’t apply, that means you’ve already used it.


There’s no cap on earning points.

Get Festival ready the natural way with Plant TherapyWith our reward tiers, it’s simple to see how much money you’ve earned in points. And the best part? Now there’s no limit to how many you can rack up!

New reward tiers: 

Now, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent and the amounts are limitless. Check it out:

  • 100 points = $5
  • 200 points = $10
  • 300 points = $15
  • 400 points = $20
  • 500 points = $25
  • 600 points = $30
  • 700 points = $35
  • 800 points = $40
  • 900 points = $45
  • 1,000 points = $50
  • 1,100 points = $55
  • 1,200 points = $60
  • 1,300 points = $65
  • 1,400 points = $70
  • 1,500 points = $75…you get the idea, it goes on forever!

You can keep earning points for as long as you want and save them up…plus remember, once you hit 1,000 points you become an Oily Bestie!


“Bestie” status means racking up points 1.5 times faster.

Once you’re our Bestie, you earn even more because we love you so much. Our Besties get a full 1.5 points for every $1 spent!

  • Oily Friend: Spend $100 = $5 reward
  • Oily Besties: Spend $67 = $5 reward


Spend your rewards whenever you want, you’ll still be our Bestie!

Bestie status is based on total points earned over the year – so even if you use some of your points and don’t have quite 1,000 in your bank, you still get to be our Bestie. It’s based on points earned total, so spend them whenever you want!

Here’s an example:

Say you earn 500 points, and you’re itching to use your $25 reward, but you’re scared you won’t make Oily Bestie status if you use it.

Well, go ahead and spend it! You do NOT have to have 1,000 points total in your account to make Bestie status, you only have to earn 1,000 points over the course of a 12 month year, starting from when you sign up.

So if you sign up in January, then January – March you earn 500 points, then you cash out for $25 reward in April, those 500 points will still count towards your Bestie status for the year, and you’ll still have April-December to earn the remaining 500 points for Bestie.

As of June 26th, everyone currently enrolled has until June 2020 to earn Bestie status. 


Our Oily Besties also get serious non-points perqs.

Plant Therapy essential oils get outsideBeing our Bestie is seriously cool, and comes with BFF benefits:

  • Early access to new product launches
  • Access to Perqs-only products

This means if you’re our Bestie, you get to see our hot new products drop early. It might be an hour, it might be a day, but you’ll be in the know before anyone else.


Bestie status sticks around for a whole year.

Reach 1,000 points during JCAM? You have bestie status until this same day next year.

But wait, it gets better! If you hit another 1,000 points (say, in December during 25 days of Christmas) it extends your Bestie status. Now, instead of expiring in July 2020 (a year after your JCAM splurge), you’re still our Bestie until December 2020 (a year after your 25 Days of Christmas splurge).


Get a friend to join PT Perqs, and you both get a $10 off $25 coupon code.

Give $10 off, get $10 off.

Give your friends $10 off their first order of $25 and get $10 to use on your next purchase. The bonus? There’s no limit on how many friends you can have sign up. As long as they’re new PT customers, you each get that $10 off $25 unique coupon code.

Even better? You can totally stack that $10 off $25 coupon code with codes for free gifts with purchase.  Meaning you can snag $10 off, and still score those coveted JCAM gifts.

Note: You can’t use more than one of these referral coupon codes at once, and they also don’t stack with each other or with other coupons or discounts.

Basically, use that $10 off $25 coupon on that one expensive, never-goes-on-sale oil you’ve been eyeballing forever to get the best bang for your buck. You know the one (I’m coming for you, Rose Otto).


Add your points’ cash value during checkout.

Plant Therapy Earth Week Recycling tips and tricksRedeeming your earned points is easy! Just apply your points balance to checkout.

Starting at $5 and going up to $50, you get to choose how many of your rewards points you want to use.

Remember: 100 PT Perqs Points = $5


Choose how many of your points to use – it’s as easy as using a slider bar.

Redeeming points is as simple as using a slider bar. Once you get into your shopping cart, if you have enough points for a reward you’ll see a box at the bottom of your screen. Just slide the green bar, as seen above, until you’re redeeming the amount you want (in $5 increments – up to $50).

The left side of the bar is the lowest number of reward points you can spend, starting at $0, and the right side of the bar is the most reward points you can spend. So if you have $15 in rewards you can use, you’ll be able to choose $5, $10 or $15 to use on your purchase. Click the ‘apply’ button and your rewards are applied, it’s as simple as that!


You can use your points to cover taxes and shipping!

Say you bought some sweet new oils, and your shopping cart total comes to $45.75. you can use your $50 reward – and the extra will go towards covering your taxes!

Just know that if your total comes to $0.00 (and it can if you play your cards right), you can check out and pay absolutely nothing for your purchase! But if after your rewards are added your total is between $0.01 and $0.99, you won’t be able to check out.

The fix is easy though, you just have to have at least $1.00 in your shopping cart for our payment processor to work.

Still confused? I get it! Here are some examples:

This one works:

Shopping cart total (after taxes): $49.98 + $50 reward = you pay $0.00, it works!

This won’t work:

Shopping cart total (after taxes): $50.45 + $50 reward = $0.45…you won’t be able to check out.*

BUT, this will work:

Shopping cart total (after taxes): $51.01 + $50 reward = $1.01…you can check out, pay just $1.01 and all is good!

Bonus: For our friends that aren’t in the US…you can apply your points to cover shipping, too!

*if you use PayPal, you’ll still be able to check out just fine – but if you’re using any other method this won’t go through. 


We give you your points back if you need to make a return.

Ways to start recycling todayYou bought that new blend, smelled it and realized it’s NOT for you. Bummer, but we’ve got you covered – when you return an item, your points applied towards the purchase will be added back to the PT Perqs Balance.

If you applied rewards to your purchase and want to make a return, we’ll issue you the amount of your reward back as an account credit. 

Fair warning: If you earned points on the purchase you’re returning, those will be deducted from your PT Perqs account when your return is final.



Watch out for potential Perqs-only offers.

I’m not saying they exist…but keep your eyes peeled in the coming months. We love giving our BFFs special perks.


And keep your eyes peeled for double (or triple) points days!

We love to surprise our customers, and what’s better than earning those rewards dollars twice as fast? I mean maybe a little more Lavender…but double points are nice too.


Sign up for emails & SMS so you never miss a deal.

Never miss a deal, product launch or DIY! Sign up for our Plant Therapy emails and texts to make sure we talk on a regular basis.

To sign up for Plant Therapy emails, go to our home page and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see a sign-up bar where you can enter your email address.

To sign up for texts from Plant Therapy, go to on your mobile phone, or text PLANT to 46941 to sign up for text alerts.


Check out our PT Perqs program FAQ for even more info.

Still have questions? Be sure to check out PT Perqs page and read through our FAQ for even more info. If you’re still curious after that, we’d love to help you out! Just contact our customer satisfaction at [email protected].

49 thoughts on “PT Perqs: Explained”

  1. I am a newer customer to plant therapy and after reading this blog im glad I came in after the change in PT perqs. It seems much better.

  2. When will the extra perqs kick in? Early access, special members only deals, etc? I haven’t seen any of that yet. I keep hoping we’ll get some special deals soon!

      1. Thank you! My birthday is on Friday (I did add my birthday in the new system a while ago) and I haven’t gotten an email yet, so I was just wondering. You guys are great! 🙂

      2. I got my code today! I’m so excited to get the oil!! Thank you so much for everything you do for your customers! 🙂

  3. I love this program and appreciate it very much. I do have a question about reviews. I have reviewed a few oils but can’t remember exactly which ones. Is there any way to search your account to see if you’ve already reviewed a certain oil? It takes a lot of time to scroll through the ones you think you’ve already reviewed (and I have had no need to leave a second review on any one product). THanks again for your wonderful products and reward program!

  4. Appreciate the blog do that we’re able to understand the new system. Really the fact that once you hit bestie status you get 1.5 points per $1 purchased.

  5. I read content once before and was able to answer the question; but, I have been having trouble answering the question ever since. I read the content and didnt see the question on the blog, so I returned to the perqs page to access the question. However, the question doesn’t remain for me to answer. Is there another way to access these questions? I’m not sure why I’m not able to view the question long enough to answer.

    1. Hi Brandy, you can only answer the question for points every two weeks, so that might be why you’re not able to view the question. If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our customer satisfaction team at [email protected].

  6. Thank you for a detail explanation. it was needed. The only thing I would add is that review points will be added when review is posted and this might take loooong time (my personal experience)

  7. Thanks for writing this. It answered a couple questions I had. PT is the best, and I know you all work really hard. Sorry you’ve been dealing with cranky people. 🙂

  8. Awesome explanation. I admit I was a little confused. This is also such a great rewards program. I can’t think of any other sites doing anything like this.

  9. I love the flexibility with the new system and it really isn’t difficult, just a matter of accepting the new system getting familiar with how it works. Thanks for this post, now we have no excuse for being uninformed. PT takes such good care of us.

  10. It states: But if after your rewards are added your total is between $0.01 and $0.99, you won’t be able to check out.
    The fix is easy though, you just have to have at least $1.00 in your shopping cart for our payment processor to work.

    So of course I had an idea that I just have to share….
    Is there any chance you could start selling the old stickers for $1. I think many of us love the stickers as much as the oils when we get our package in the mail 😉 Or you could keep it simple and just offer a “random sticker” for purchase and you choose which one we get, rather than have them all listed on the website. All the stickers are awesome, so whether we choose our own or you choose for us, we will love it either way.

    1. Yes! I love the stickers. My daughter adds them to our garage door sticker collection and they are definitely some of the coolest of our collection!

  11. Wow thank you so much for explaining this. Makes much more sense! I think the new program is great!

  12. But can you really earn the max of 520 points per year for making product reviews each week? I asked an employee though chat because my review still hasn’t been processed (its been 2 weeks) and he said that it takes up to 30 days to approve a review. So in the meantime…. I’m waiting 4 weeks for my review to post, then I have to wait an additional 7 days after that to make another review. If this is correct, you MAY be able to earn 120 points, if that.

    Right now its been over 2 weeks since my last approved review yet I’ve made 2 additional reviews since then (on the same product because the first still hasn’t been approved yet) and I’m still “on the review list to be approved”. I’m still able to review products and a new countdown has not yet been generated. Can you please explain how I am still able to earn a max of 520 points if I review every 7 days on the dot yet reviews take up to 30 days to be approved?

  13. Thank you for this awesome information! How will Besties find out about BFF benefits: Early access to new product launches and Access to Perqs-only products? I don’t get texts because I’m in Canada. Thanks!

  14. Since the system changed, we have made 3 batches of purchases and all was good. As explained in this blog, in summary, the new system is simpler, easier and faster both ways (earn and burn). We could use any number of our existing points to offset our order, and the points earned were banked pretty fast, which we used for our next order immediately. Nice!

    We did meet a little hiccup when we thought the system had lunch on our points LOL. We were testing the slider and clicked “apply” to check our total because we have international shipping etc to consider. When we changed our order, the points were not reinstated within the slider. PT CS was pretty fast to reply: just go to your rewards history, copy the code and paste it to use it OR they can reinstate those points within the slider. Applying the code means the number of points is fixed, but if you want to change the number of points to apply then opt for the reinstatement of the points.

    And we really like being an Oily Bestie – that’s awesome, when you are recognized and differentiated at a different level of loyalty and customership. Thank you!

  15. Thank you for this extremely clear explanation! I clarified my queries. Now I can go ahead and use my points. I was so worried about losing my Bestie status. Thanks again

  16. I really like the new Perqs Program. Super easy to understand, no trying to remember the last time I reviewed a product. Love it actually! Thank you PT

  17. I am enjoying this new Perqs program. I think it is much easier to get my points added now, whereas before I often didn’t get points for blog post comments. I think it is so nice that Plant Therapy offers this reward program. I really appreciate how well you treat your customers! The blog posts are awesome and so educational. Thank you Plant Therapy.

  18. It’s just sad to see there is no comment on this blog post, when PT blog posts have at least 40-50-60 comments on each post! What happened? I guess the change holds back from leaving comments? Or adjusting to the new criteria gives headaches? 🙂

    1. Don’t worry, you just happened to catch this post right after it published. You’re actually the first comment!

      1. I really like the new Perqs Program. Super easy to understand, no trying to remember the last time I reviewed a product. Love it actually! Thank you PT

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