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Summer Nights Body Oil DIY

Summer Nights Body Oil DIY

What’s one of the best parts of summer? The nights, of course! You can spend your time enjoying the quiet outdoors or the bustling city life. That’s why we created this Summer Nights Body Oil. It combines the light, moisturizing benefits of Grapeseed Oil and Sunflower Oil with the soft aromas of Bergamot and Peru Balsam. Plus, just a drop of Allspice adds a hint of exotic warmth to this summery blend.

Summer Nights Body Oil DIY

Summer Nights Body Oil

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix your essential oils with your carrier oil in a small bowl, then pour into your pump bottle. Apply to dry areas for silky, smooth and fantastically scented skin.

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23 thoughts on “Summer Nights Body Oil DIY”

  • This sounds great! Could Younger Glo alone be used as the carrier in this body oil, or is it too heavy on its own?

    1. Honestly, that would be a personal preference. It does have a couple heavier oils in it that might be a bit much for a body oil, but it depends on what works well with your skin.

    1. You could use Aloe Jelly in place of both carrier oils. If you wanted to swap it out for just one, you might also need an emulsifier to help the carrier oil disperse in the Aloe Jelly.

  • This sounds absolutely lovely… except the only oil I have on the list is Bergamot and I have dozens of PT oils and I just got 8 new ones on my last order. There’s always something new to try and learn. In reading through the comments I’m inclined to try some other variations suggested to blend with the Bergamot. However, I have one question… Why BOTH grapeseed and sunflower oils rather than one or the other? The only carrier oil I have is FCO and I need to add another one or two to my kit. Do you recommend the grapeseed and sunflower oils as the first two additions, or do you have another suggestion?
    Thanks sooo much!

    1. Bergamot is the perfect start for this recipe! You can actually use whatever carrier oil you like best or have on hand. Fractionated Coconut Oil is would be a great option. We used Grapeseed because it’s a lightweight and good for all skin types. Sunflower Oil is vitamin-rich and great for softening the skin but is a little too heavy to use all by itself. If you’re looking to try more carrier oils, Grapeseed is a versatile option. Or you can check out this post that goes more in-depth on all our carrier oils.

  • This looks like something nice to try! I will try it with the Joyful Creation blend – one of my favorites!

  • I can hardly wait to try this. Just the other day I was thinking how dry the skin is on my legs and I need to get something to help. I will definitely use this recipe and try it out. I don’t have the allspice either but thanks for the alternative choices.

  • I can’t wait to try this. I will use the suggested cardamom as a replacement for the allspice.

  • Is this correct in calling for teaspoons of carrier oil, and not maybe tablespoons? Because at this dilution of bergamot this recipe is phototoxic and it must be used with caution. This seems to be an almost 2% dilution of bergamot, which can be safely used only up to a 0.4% dilution.

    1. Hi Katharine! Not to worry. Because our Bergamot is Bergapten free, it is not phototoxic and can safely be used topically at a 2% dilution.

  • Could one of the other Spice EO’s be substituted for the Allspice? I have all the other oils but Allsipce, just ordered pepper yesterday but would love to try this recipe when my order comes.

    1. Black Pepper would definitely be a good choice! You could also use Cardamom or Patchouli to add a little bit of spice to this blend.

  • This looks great! I have many oils but Unfortunately I do not have Peru Balsam. Suggestions for a substitution please and thank you

    1. Peru Balsam has a sweet, vanilla-like aroma. A softer, wood oil would be a good choice, like Copaiba Oleoresin or Sandalwood. Luckily, Bergamot is very versatile and blends well with a number of oils!

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