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How to Use Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage

Get Closure

Evoke: Romance and scent
It seems like every time Mercury is in retrograde, exes, old friends and people from your past start popping up all over the place. This makes sense if you look at the word “retrograde.” The prefix of retrograde, “re,” literally means to go back, to do again.

If you have unresolved issues or business with someone, Mercury’s retrograde can actually act as a positive force, bringing that person back into your life so you can achieve closure.  If you use these awkward reunions to your advantage, you can move on to that new relationship or job with a clean slate. Instead of freaking out when people from the past pop up, take this opportunity to make sure you aren’t dragging baggage along with you to the next phase of your life.



Reflect on Yourself

Tidy Up

Woman cleaning her kitchen cupboards

Think about your home for a moment. Your home is the living embodiment of your past – the furniture you bought and pieces you loved enough to put in your personal space is everywhere. But this can also lead to a lot of clutter and dead energy, and might even keep you trapped in the past.

This is the perfect time to clear out the clutter in your life. If you really want to evolve yourself, clear out space where you spend the most time: Your home.

We have an awesome blog post all about adding some essential oils and positive energy into your #tidyingup routine.

And remember, if you want to try out our Mercury Retrograde blend, do it fast! This limited-time blend will only be around while Mercury is actually in retrograde.


11 thoughts on “How to Use Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage”

  • Time for another bottle of Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde is causing so many problems at work, and I even have the “non-believers” seeing the havoc. Many are telling me to tell Mercury to stop the shenanigans. I have made lotion for myself, but now it is time to make lotion for my assistant manager, who sat down on her chair, and it broke right out from under her, causing her a bunch of bodily pains.
    I have to also make some lotion for my direct supervisor who can’t get our brand new machine working, as well as all our check-in hand held devices….things are so wonky at work, we all need some grounding.
    Yes, I need another bottle of this great blend, my work life depends on it.

  • It’s been a tough July and am hoping things improve after retrograde. I bought a bottle of mercury and just fell in love. My kids love it too. I’ve just bought another bottle today. Thank you PT. I’m looking forward to making some DIYs with it.

  • Just got my mercury retrograde today! I can’t wait to try it!!! And love all these tips…Mercury is definitely in retrograde

  • Great blog. Great ideas with how to deal with this retrograde.
    This one has been a doozie at work, with my home computer, with the popcorn my daughter burned last night.
    This blog is a nice, positive, lift, for a heavy retrograde.

  • Love this oil. We could use a gallon of it here in Pharmacy. We got a new computer system July 1st …and things have not been “smooth transition “. Lots of miscommunications…..I have inhaled in my pocket

  • In Love with Mercury Retrograde, another one Plant Therapy knocked out of the park. Going to get another bottle before it’s all gone.

  • Mercury retrogrades are rough. It took me many years to learn to deal with the retrograde when we have one. I used to be skeptical about the influences of the cosmos… but I have learned over the last few years, there is really something to it. I tread lightly. I hope everyone is surviving this retrograde so far.

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