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Orange Grove Perfume Rollerball

Orange Grove Perfume Rollerball DIY

Looking for the perfect summer scent? We’ve got you covered! This Orange Grove Perfume Rollerball combines all the best aromas of one of our favorite citrus plants. Enjoy the juicy, sweet, citrusy scent of Sweet Orange alongside the beautiful orange blossom floral aroma of Neroli. Plus, Petitgrain and Cardamom add a hint of woodsy and spicy notes to round out this blend. The result is a perfume you’ll want to wear all summer long.

Orange Grove Perfume Rollerball DIY

Orange Grove Perfume Rollerball

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix your essential oils with your Fractionated Coconut Oil, then pour into your 10 mL roller bottle. Apply to wrists as needed for a fresh, summery scent!

Don’t forget to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group for more amazing DIYs.

28 thoughts on “Orange Grove Perfume Rollerball DIY”

  1. I love the inspiration from this blog! I just put the citrus, cardamom and neroli together and I’m thinking of adding a floral to this blend to sweeten it up a bit more. Ylang? So much fun!

  2. I can’t wait to get home and try this! If it’s anything like Soarin’ orange fields from Disney California Adventure (as a previous commenter noted), I will most likely be saving my pennies for more Neroli.

  3. Is there an oil that could be substituted for the cardamom? I think it would be interesting to see the recipe with possible substitutions. (Or is there a list of those on the site somewhere that I missed?)

    1. Hi Karen, our Fragrance Wheel is a fantastic resource when you’re looking to make a substitution based on aroma. In this recipe, something spicy like Allspice or even Black Pepper would be a good substitute.

  4. This is amazing!! I made the roller bottle perfume, and it smelled so good that while I had the oils out, I put them in my Aromafuse. My husband said the house smells like Soarin’ from Disney World.

  5. I love this receipe, I think I’ll be playing around with it and experimenting – I love how PT gives us a little nudge to try out new things!

  6. This sounds exotic and wonderful, and I would love to try it in the winter. My mom is allergic to bee stings, and having never been stung before, I’m uber-careful about attracting their attention.

  7. Mmm lovely! This made for a great self-care minute and a beautiful blend. I used Sandalwood instead of Cardamon since I didn’t have it and it was great, too. Thanks!

    1. I’d LOVE to make this, but I DON’T have Neroli. Is there anything I could substitute? I have all the other EOs. Thanks!

      1. Neroli does have a distinctive aroma, but you could substitute it with Geranium, Palmarosa, or even Clary Sage. Our Fragrance Wheel is always a great resource when you’re looking for a substitution based on smell.

    1. Hi Lynzie! I’ve personally tried this both ways, and I can say that alcohol does make the smell last a little longer…but only a little bit! So you’re good to use it either way.

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