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Diffusing in the Classroom

Can you believe it?! Back to school is just around the corner. For all the parents out there, it means it’s time to put together lists and shop for all the supplies. For all the teachers out there, it’s time to start decorating your classroom and lesson planning. And while you might be tempted to add a diffuser and few KidSafe essentials oil, we’re here to remind you: don’t.

Diffusing in the Classroom

With a classroom full of kids, you never know what you might come across. Allergies and breathing conditions like asthma can be aggravated by exposure to essential oils. And because some of the kids are so young, they might not even be aware of potential allergies. Not to mention, inhaling specific oils can make some feel nauseous, light-headed, irritable and more.

You just don’t know how everyone will respond, so why take the risk? It’s always best to err on the side of caution so that you don’t unintentionally harm your students.

Using aromatherapy inhaler with essential oils

But wait! There are other options for you to be able to enjoy your favorite oils. Personal aromatherapy inhalers and aromatherapy diffuser lockets are both ideal choices for using essential oils in public situations.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers making safe and conscientious essential oil choices!


16 thoughts on “Diffusing in the Classroom”

  • It really is important to remember, we all do not react the same to oils, and some are sensitive to smells. A great read, and reminder!

  • These are all wonderful tips to add a layer of protection to children in class rooms such great information in this article

  • This is such a good post! I can’t believe an EO company is telling you not to use oils in classrooms. It shows they care so much about people NOT just selling oils! So good to know they really care about everyone. Now to get teachers to unplug all their scent plugs!!! It’s awful.

  • My daughter, who is very accustomed to using a diffuser in her bedroom at night, is going away to college in a couple weeks. Although she’s already asked her roommate if she has sensitivities to essential oils, we’re packing inhalers just in case. My daughter doesn’t want to be without her favorite oils, but she also doesn’t want to interfere with sensitivities others around her may have. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love that plant therapy recommends personal inhalers or jewelry. What might be calming for one child might stimulate or confuse another. What might help one student to breathe a little easier might make another student gag. I believe a teacher should only diffuse in the classroom when students have gone home. My chiropractor was diffusing something one day that put me off and I couldn’t wait to get out the door. I couldn’t imagine being trapped with an unpleasant to me odor for an entire school day.

  • I had a co-worker who would run the diffuser in the classroom the whole day. I’d said something to her about it not being safe but since she followed a major company, she believed them. Thankfully a parent said something and it put a stop to it. I plan to make quite a few inhalers and roll-ons for me, and maybe a couple cleaners to use to wipe everything down after the kids leave. (I hate the stuff we’re supposed to use and it sets off my allergies so I’m always looking for safer alternatives)

  • This is great information. I often hear of teachers diffusing oils, even popular germ fighting oils by other brands that are not kidsafe! Very wise advice to steer clear of using in the classroom.

  • Great reminder and most people probably don’t realize that others can react differently to different oils.

  • I really appreciate this caution! I have several teacher friends who are going back to school this week and talking about how they are putting their diffusers in their rooms, and it just concerns me!

  • Of course I know this is true, but even with those risks I feel like diffusing kidsafe oils is still a way better option than those plug-ins that are filled with cancer causing chemicals! However, I love the idea of personal inhalers and lockets, that’s what my daughter takes to school 🙂

    1. Can I ask where you found a kid’s size diffuser locket? I can only seem to find ones on really long chains. Thank you!

    2. I totally agree with you. Years ago, I used plug-ins in my classroom. I was constantly getting headaches and could not figure out what was causing them. When I moved to a new school, there was a “no plug-ins, air fresheners… rule”. My headaches stopped. The plug-ins were giving me constant headaches. So thankful to have figured that out.

  • I know it’s always well meaning but I wish more essential oil users would actually take the time to educate themselves on safe use. I’ve learned so much from Plant Therapy….. Thank you!

    1. We send roller balls and inhalers to school! I always wondered if there was a universally safe oil though such as Orange? Just curious

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