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Beat Back To School Anxiety With Plant Therapy

It’s that special time of year when parents wake up early to pack lunches, wake up children, get them dressed and ready to shuffle out the door and shipped off to school. This very special time of year is known to most as back to school season. Back to school season marks the beginning of a new chapter in each child’s great book of life which is both exciting and worrisome. Let’s face it… there are new teachers to meet, new friends to make, and in some cases new schools to learn to navigate. That can be very unsettling for some kids. Never fear, though. Plant Therapy is there for you and your family. We’ve got the products to help with back to school anxiety! 

students getting on the school bus

Calming the Child

Calming the Child is an excellent choice for emotional support during the back to school season. The beautiful combination of Mandarin, Tangerine, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile essential oils is just what your child needs to slow the mind’s roll, leaving them relaxed, calm, and able to cope with their turbulent emotions. When paired with our Diffuse on the Move portable diffuser, it can be diffused on the car ride to and from school. Or it can be used in the bath for an early morning or post-dinner relaxing bath. Just dilute to 1% in an unscented body wash or bubble bath. 

Young girl hugging her mom before school

Happy Place

After a busy and anxiety-filled day, homework time can be a big struggle for many parents. Children can oftentimes lack the ability to focus and calm the body enough to sit and complete the work in front of them. Adults have the same exact problem at work or at home when anxiety strikes. That’s where our Happy Place blend comes into play. When diffused, the relaxing blend of Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Clary Sage can help ease the physical responses like restlessness that stem from things like back to school anxiety. 

Back to school shopping with mom

No Worries

Our new KidSafe blend, No Worries does exactly what its name implies. It can help children and adults overcome worry! While kids don’t have to do things like juggle bills and care for a human life, they still have their own worries. No Worries sports a sweet, woody, and citrusy aroma that helps fade away worry. It’ll leave your child feeling confident and capable and ready to tackle anything. Dilute to 2-3% and apply before school or at the end of the day to help calm the mind before bed. 

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14 thoughts on “Beat Back To School Anxiety With Plant Therapy”

  • What would be a good blend or singles for a 11 year old struggling with anxiety going to school!
    From what I see Calming is only up to 10years!

    1. You can absolutely continue using KidSafe blends past the age of ten! Even though they were formulated with children from ages 2-10 in mind, their beneficial properties are excellent for any age group. Calming the Child, Happy Place, No Worries, Relax, or Tranquil are all great options.

  • I love Happy Place. A lot of blends that include lavender have the opposite effect on my son but he seems to react well to Happy Place and it calms his anxiety.

  • AMAZING info. As a homeschooling Famer the kiddies have different stresses than kids that go to school. Stress is stress and I can’t wait to implement some things at home. Might finally have me buying no worries now!

  • My son, who just started kindergarten, struggles with anxiety in general and has had a lot centered around school. He loves using his oils at home to help him relax and even has a personal inhaler with Calming the Child (and another with Tummy all better) in his backpack. Thank you for offering safe and effective methods to help my son be able to decrease his anxiety and enjoy school.

  • I’m looking forward to trying happy place with my son starting Pre-K. He’s a little overwhelmed with all the new things that school involves.

    And maybe No Worries will help my other son who has become quite obsessive about some things. Fear of germs is making him particularly anxious.

  • I’ll need to make several roll-ons for 2 of my granddaughters. Not only new house, but new school in new state. I want to help them adjust easier.

  • Thank you! We homeschool but Happy Place sounds like just what we need for the day to help create a relaxing environment and help with focus!

  • Definitely need to try these out for my granddaughter who is starting 2nd grade! Shes very sensitive & tends to keep everything inside. Thank you PT. You never disappoint!!

  • Thank you so much for this great article!!! My son struggles with school anxiety… I will be using these oils to help

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