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Introducing Forest Friends Diffuser + Solution-Focused Curated KidSafe Sets

Forest Friends Diffuser

It’s our KidSafe anniversary today! On August 20, 2014, our Plant Therapy team realized we could make a huge difference by creating essential oils that are without a single doubt, safe and effective for your children. No other essential oil company had attempted this challenge, but we were confident that our commitment to quality would allow us to succeed. And we did!

Our team began by creating a list of common kid’s concerns that we wanted our blends to address. Issues like soreness, sniffles, staying calm, and immune support were all considered.

For every one of our blends at Plant Therapy, we require four things:

  1. It needs to work
  2. It needs to be safe
  3. It needs to smell appealing
  4. It needs to be affordable

For our KidSafe line, we added a fifth requirement: Every single KidSafe blend must be absolutely safe for use with children.

Nailed it!

kidsafe essential oil sets

In celebration of our 5th KidSafe birthday, we’ve got some new goodies for you! We launched 5 new KidSafe sets, bundling some of our amazing KidSafe blends to match different needs kids face.

But even better? We’ve got the world’s cutest new KidSafe essential oil diffuser for you!

In honor of our KidSafe Birthday, back to school and in celebration of all the joy kids bring to our lives, we’re releasing some incredible new products so that your entire family can enjoy all the essential oil goodness. Check it out!


Say Hello to the Forest Friends Diffuser!

Forest Friends Diffuser

Okay, so it doesn’t get much cuter than this. Our brand new Forest Friends Diffuser is a playful take on your everyday diffuser. With interchangeable ears and KidSafe settings, this diffuser will make the perfect addition to your child’s room.


Customizable Ears

Fox, bear or rabbit? Well, now you can have all three! These interchangeable ears transform this diffuser into your child’s favorite woodland creature in an instant.


KidSafe Settings

Safety is our top priority here at Plant Therapy. And we want to make diffusing essential oils around your children safe and simple. That’s why this diffuser has three different diffusion settings and a 145 mL tank. You can choose from 30 minutes, 15 seconds on and 30 seconds off until out of water or 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off until out of water.


Music & Lights

To make this diffuser truly special for your little one, it is also equipped with a nightlight that can be alternated between blue, candlelight, and purple. You also have the option of playing a soft natural song while the diffuser is in mist mode!


New Solution-Focused KidSafe Bundled Sets!

What would a new diffuser be without some incredible sets to go with it? Each of these new KidSafe Sets features the perfect combinations of some of our most-loved blends.


Ready for School

Plant Therapy Ready for School KidSafe Set

Are your kids ready for school? With these six blends by their side, they can tackle whatever challenges school throws their way. Use Immune Boom and Germ Destroyer to help protect your little ones from sicknesses going around. If they’re having trouble focusing, A+ is what they need! Happy Place can help them deal with occasional anxiety and Nighty Night will help them get the good night’s rest they need. And Get ‘Em Gone helps effectively clean the scalp and prevent lice because no one wants to deal with those critters.


Travel Set

Plant Therapy Travel KidSafe Set

Travelling can be hard on your little ones. The Travel Set has six KidSafe blends designed to make your next trip a breeze. Tummy All Better helps with upset stomachs. Shield Me is great for any outdoor excursions as it helps keep the bugs away. No Worries and Calming the Child can help when the trip leaves your little one anxious. Finally, Sneezy Stop and Skin Soother help when pollen gets the best of them or their skin is feeling red and tender.


Sleepy Time

Plant Therapy Sleepy Time KidSafe Set

You know how difficult it can be when bedtime rolls around with your little ones. Our Sleepy Time KidSafe Set was created just to help kids get a good night’s sleep. If your child struggles with bad dreams and nightmares, Sweet Dreams is designed to help with just that. Plus Nighty Night and Sweet Slumber (our Lavender-Free option) can help promote a relaxing and calm environment before bed.


Outdoor Fun

Plant Therapy Outdoor Fun KidSafe Set

Do your little ones love spending time outside? Then this set is for you! Better Than Kisses, Sneezy Stop and Shield Me are perfect for all your children’s adventures. They can help with small scrapes and booboos, seasonal allergies or even keeping the mosquitos away!


Growing Up KidSafe

Plant Therapy KidSafe Sets

Growing up comes with its own set of challenges. This set is here to help. Grow Ease is there for the next time your child feels aches and cramps due to growing. Or use Tension Tamer to help with any head and neck tension they might experience. And lastly, Sweet Dreams can help when your child struggles to get a good night’s rest due to bad dreams.

Each of these sets can be purchased individually or bundled with our new Forest Friends Diffuser!

To stay up to date on all our new KidSafe products, be sure to follow us on Instagram!

130 thoughts on “Introducing Forest Friends Diffuser + Solution-Focused Curated KidSafe Sets”

  1. The Ready for School Blend set is definitely on my wish list. With children both at school and about to start school these oils sound fantastic!!

    1. You’ll find Frankincense Carteri in a number of our KidSafe blends such as Immune Boom, Silky Soft, Defender, and Happy Place.

  2. We just received ours last night, and my littles (5, 5 & 7) loved it! The oldest did wish for a white noise, rain, or thunder option in addition to the harp & birds, but otherwise it is perfect. They opted for bunny ears for this month.

  3. So cute!! And I love the timer settings. My “baby girl” just turned 13, but I think she’d love one of these in her room.

  4. What a precious gift this will be for my new grand child. I love plant therapy products myself and this is a great way to introduce my son and his family to Plant Therapy product.s.Thank you Plant Therapy.

  5. The fact that the diffuser can be customized in three different ways is adorable and useful. The groupings of the kid safe packs is super helpful.

  6. I was introduced to essential oils through Plant Therapy. I do not fall my first instruction, bir I was hooked and stayed since. Quality, safe products that address my needsand are safe for my family!

  7. Oh my gosh! Need to start getting kidsafe for the grandkids and one of these diffusers for them and one for me!!!! Too cute!!

  8. With 2 littles at home, I love PT’s kid safe line! The new diffusers are adorable and going on my wish list!

  9. They aren’t just for kids either, a lot of these blends work wonders for adults too, especially seniors. I especially like that there’s a lavender free sleep blend as I happen to be one of those in the minority that dislikes most lavenders intensely.

  10. We have the same birthday! So fun and Kidsafe is my FAVORITE! I don’t know why but I feel like I have a 6th sense when it comes to health and wellness and safety. I couldn’t dive into oils because there was so much conflicting information about what was safe for kids and I didn’t know who to trust. When I found Plant Therapy and this line I was sold and we use it all the time. LOVE THEM!

  11. You have outdone yourself PT. Bundling the oils into categories is a fabulous idea. That is such a cute diffuser with the perfect setting even for adults. Got to put it on my wishlist.

  12. Plant Therapy takes is commitment to safety to the next level! It’s awesome. Looks like I’ll need to make a budget to get this diffuser and a set! My first is about to start kindergarten. Maybe we can save enough to get this for Christmas! What fun! Thanks Plant Therapy!

  13. This is exactly why we use plant therapy – I need to know whatever I expose my kids to, it’s safe! Plant Therapy products deliver the best products for kids.

  14. Im gong on vacation, I should have gotten the outdoor fun for my family. i just found out about it. will definitely get it next time.

    1. Wow! Same here, my grandkids will surely like this. Although they already have one, i will get this in a month or two. I just wish there’s free oil that goes with it.

  15. I love the bunny and the Kidsafe settings. I think my other diffuser is coming back to me and I’ll be getting my son the bunny!!

  16. Love this idea! Kidsafe is what convinced me to buy from this company instead of others, now they offer even more! Bonus! So happy with this honest, affordable, and straightforward company!

  17. I like how these. Kid oils are broken down ro small sets..genious…There is a set of 20 kid safe bottles for 179.99.
    This is a very affordable way to protect your child… With these sets as parents we are able to target the main issues befor they turn bad.

  18. Love the kidsafe line. This forest friend diffuser is so cute. Thinking about where I can use it ( my children are above 14 yrs).

  19. I can’t wait to purchase the new kids diffuser and sets for my kiddos. Great ideas for Christmas gifts for my big girls who want to have oils just like mommy!

  20. Would love to see the kids diffuser offered without the circadian rhythm destroying lights. Is it possible to operate it without the lights?

  21. The kid safe line is what brought me to Plant Therapy I love the fact that safety is a priority. We have tried many of the kid safe options and they are now “must haves” for our house

  22. I love that plant Therapy released more kid safe sets. i love these combinations with all of my favorites for the whole family!

  23. I love the new forest friends diffuser for children. It was thoughtful created with kid appeal and safety inmind. I love the whole line of Kidsafe essential oils. Thanks Plant Therapy!

  24. My son’s room is forest animal themed. This new diffuser is perfect and I’m so happy that it has intermittent settings and music. I can’t wait to buy one of the sets..such great savings! Thank you, PT!

    1. I’m gonna be a new grandma in sept I can’t wait to get this.its gonna be a Christmas present. With the sleepytime oils.

  25. I do not have kids, yet have tried many of the Kids Safe blends and prefer them to the ‘general public’ blends. Tummy All Better is my favorite…and Grow Ease;)

  26. I think the new forest friends diffuser plus set is simply amazing! I have most of the oils but am definitely looking forward to getting the diffuser plus one of the sets ! Good job PlantTherapy !c

  27. Cute Children’s diffuser >.< This is a MUST HAVE for all us grandparents to have at home for the the grandbabies when they visit !! Nicely done PT!! ^^

  28. It’s official, I need this diffuser and the sleepy time set for my son! Thanks PT for always trying to do great things! I’m so thankful for the KS line, happy birthday!

  29. I am so excited to try these!!! PT Kidsafe line is the only one that I will trust for my kids!!! Nighty Night is my hero!

    1. Yes, this diffuser has an AC power adapter with a US plug. You could buy an AC power adapter with an Australia plug or use a plug adapter. In case you need it, the power input is DC24V/12W.

  30. How neat! Love the kidsafe lines andI must have that diffuser for our multi purpose room! Grandkids’ toy box is in there so technically I am getting it for them. Lol Will also add to the Christmas lists so they can also have them at home.

  31. I am SO EXCITED about this!! Thank you so much PT!! I already LOVE the KidSafe line and this just takes it to a new level! Adding to my wish list to hopefully buy as soon as I can!

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