August Oil of the Month Reveal: Lavender Infused Frankincense!

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lavender infused frankincense

August Oil of the Month Reveal: Lavender Infused Frankincense!

Every Oil of the Month at Plant Therapy is something special. But this August we’re offering something truly unique and exceptional, something we have never done before: Lavender Infused Frankincense!

Before we dive into the real good stuff, let’s take a quick look at the safety information for this exciting new oil! One of the best things about it is that this oil is safe for basically everyone (even your dog!).

  • KidSafe: Yes
  • Pregnancy/Nursing Safe: Yes
  • Pup & Pony Safe: Yes

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Infused, Not Blended

Though it might seem counterintuitive, this oil is actually not a blend. This unique oil is not the product of two essential oils blended together. This oil is actually an infusion, a kind of oil we’ve never offered before. 

To create this beautiful infusion, the flowering tops of the lavender plant are left soaking in Frankincense Carterii essential oil to infuse. The lavender used in this infused oil is Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract. You might notice that this is the same name as our Lavender CO2. This imparts a slightly floral lavender scent into the beautiful scent of the Frankincense. The result is a green, balsamic, lemony-wood with a unique herbaceous-floral note. 

This lovely oil blends well with Australian Sandalwood, Bergamot, Coriander Seed, Lemon, Rose Absolute, and Sweet Orange.


Same, But Different

lavender infused frankincenseThis oil can be used in all the same ways as Frankincense Carterii with the added benefit of its unique light floral aroma. Although this infusion does not impact the key constituents of Frankincense Carterii, the characteristics of the Lavender do carry though in this infusion.

Even more interesting, as noted on the GC/MS report for our Lavender-Infused Frankincense, there is a presence of methyl decyl ether, a chemical constituent found in Frankincense Carterii. A new hypothesis by researchers suggests that methyl decyl ether might indicate that the Frankincense used in this product might be the product of a newly proposed species of Frankincense, Boswellia occulta.

At Plant Therapy, we stand by our suppliers and trust their knowledge and resources on the products they provide. With that said, due to the limited research and evidence indicating that this essential oil is from the proposed new species, we are standing by the classification of Boswellia carterii. If and when new research is available, we will reevaluate and make any necessary changes. 



woman sleeping in her bedIt’s no surprise that Lavender Infused Frankincense carries the therapeutic benefits as Frankincense Carterii. When diffused, it can help bring comfort, peace and an atmosphere of calm. Whether you need to unwind before bed or had a rough day, a peaceful, soothing environment can make all the difference. Another amazing benefit of both Frankincense and Lavender is helping promote healthy, radiant and smooth skin. Try adding it to a carrier oil like Younger Glo and using it as a daily facial serum. It’s also great for helping ease aches and pains.


Some things you need to know about Lavender Infused Frankincense….

Don’t forget to head over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes group on Facebook for more ideas and inspiration!

And as always, please feel free to reach out to our aromatherapists at [email protected] for any questions or more information!


15 thoughts on “August Oil of the Month Reveal: Lavender Infused Frankincense!”

  • I am odd ball and don’t care for lavender all that much, but I really like this essential oil. I mix it with my laundry detergent (after Retha suggested to use lavender in the wash during a Facebook live show). It is great! Would PT consider making it a permanent oil by chance?

    1. We’ll pass that along! Many previous Oil of the Month selections have made their way onto our shelves, so this might too.

  • I am an oil of the month club member and was able to order this special oil almost a year after it was released. I just love it. The lavender and Frankincense go perfectly together. Very relaxing and great to assist with sleep. I really hope this oil comes back to stay

  • I am a total Frank junkie and have diffused this almost daily since it came. LOVE!!! Going to have to start rationing . . .

  • This is my favorite oil I’ve ever owned and I own.. a lot. I’m going to be devastated when I run out please consider eventually making this a regular oil for purchase.

  • This oil is amazing! I love the smell, and I use it in the diffuser to relax after a long day at the office. I would love to see this added as a regular oil!

  • I love this new product. It smells wonderfully. I look forward to adding it to my skin routine! Thank you.

  • I haven’thhad a chance to “play” with this yet. But as soon as I get home I’ll be adding it tmy “Younger Glo”.

  • I was pleasantly surprised by this oil. I really enjoy the smell of this infusion. Put a dab on bottom of my feet and sent me to dreamland! I have been diffusing in my boys bedrooms at night also, love it!

  • Interesting, how you did the infusion, and the key constituent in the frankincense. I love lavender and frankincense, so it’s neat that you put them together. The label is really pretty too. Hopefully someday this will become part of your regular line.

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