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Davana Cordial Body Butter

Essentials Video: Davana Cordial Body Butter

Craving for a luscious body butter DIY? Look no further! Davana Cordial Body Butter combines the highly moisturizing benefits of Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil with some incredible essential oils. Davana has a potent fruity aroma, not to mention it can be incredibly helpful in reducing tension. Mandarin offers of sweet citrus note while also promoting relaxation. And finally, Coffee brings the blend together with its uplifting, freshly brewed scent. The result is a moisturizing body butter that will have you feeling relaxed and smelling fabulous.

Essentials Video: Davana Cordial Body Butter

Davana Cordial Body Butter

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Slowly melt shea butter. Remove from heat and add sunflower oil and essential oils. Let cool for several minutes and then place in the fridge for about an hour. Use an electric mixer and mix on high for 6 minutes.

KidSafe: No

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13 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Davana Cordial Body Butter”

  • I’d like to try this with oils I already have, I’m thinking Lavender, Bergamot, or combination of both, also perhaps Best Mom ever. would I use the same amount of drops that are in the receipe? 21?

    1. Lavender and Bergamot are great together! And yes, you would use the same amount of drops. Also, this is a low dilution, so there is room for you to increase the drops if the scent is too mild.

  • Could I use evening primrose oil instead of sunflower? Or maybe a combination of evening primrose and another oil like jojoba?

    1. Davana is fairly unique in terms of its aroma. But you can always substitute another floral, or even citrus, that is good for the skin, like Blue Tansy, Chamomile or Bergamot.

  • I made this yesterday. It was nice and creamy when I first made it, but i was surprised to find it is firm this morning. Is this supposed to firm up? I did put it in the refrigerator a second time and whipped it again as I have done with other butters – which stayed beautifully creamy. Not sure where I went wrong…a

    1. It shouldn’t firm up quite that much. You might just need to adjust the ratio of Shea to Sunflower Oil to make sure it stays at the right consistency.

  • In my experience, you should add the essential oils AFTER the carrier oil has cooled as they are very volatile and can evaporate quickly, especially when exposed to heat.

  • This is a wonderful body butter! I used unrefined shea butter. I imagine the recipe calls for refined shea butter because of the scent of unrefined? But it was wonderful with unrefined!

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