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Naturally Blended

End of Summer Sale: What You Need Going Into Fall

The kids are back in school, the temperature is starting to drop and before long the leaves will turn. But while we enjoy the last little bit of summer, it doesn’t hurt to get prepared with everything you need to be ready for fall.


Boost That Immune System

It seems like every fall, those pesky colds make the rounds. You can help boost your immune system and protect yourself during the coming season with two of our favorite synergies. Immune Aid combines Frankincense Serrata, Rosemary, Tea Tree to help give your mind and body the support it needs. For those with young children, our KidSafe Immune Boom is just as effective.


Fight Those Germs

While you’re taking care of your immune system, it’s important to protect your family from germs. Each oil in Germ Fighter and KidSafe Germ Destroyer helps keep your family healthy and recover faster if they do catch seasonal illnesses. Plus they make fantastic additions to DIY hand sanitizers and household cleaners.


Make Some DIYs

Speaking of DIY hand sanitizer, it’s easier than you think! All you need is your favorite germ-fighting synergy and some Aloe Jelly. Just combine 18 drops of Germ Fighter, Germ Destroyer or Defender to 4oz of Aloe Jelly. You can have a natural hand sanitizer nearby any time you need it.


Cozy Up Your Home

What would fall be without those familiar, warm scents? It’s the perfect time to add some spice to your diffuser blends. Cinnamon Leaf smells just like grandma’s kitchen and helps protect from seasonal illnesses when diffused. Nutmeg, Allspice and Clove are also great options for adding a bit of warmth to your home.


Soften the Skin

Woman applying white cream to leg

The changing temperature after the end of summer often leads to dryer skin. Our Olive Lotion not only makes a great base for your favorite essential oils but also has a rich, silky texture that is good for all skin types. You can also get the same lotion prediluted with Lavender, Peppermint or Tea Tree essential oils.

4 thoughts on “End of Summer Sale: What You Need Going Into Fall”

  1. I may have to pick up cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg to create a fall blend. I don’t think I realized there was a nutmeg essential oil!!

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