Sniffle Season: Which Oils Do You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet?

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Sniffle Season: Which Oils Do You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet?

With the changing of the seasons on the way, it ushers in an entirely different season: Sniffle Season. Runny nose, stuffy nose, rattling cough, trouble breathing… all these symptoms can make a passing cold seem so much worse. But a few well-chosen essential oils in your medicine cabinet can help ease the symptoms so you can back to enjoying life.


The Blends to Help Keep Sniffles Away

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Sniffle Season calls for Sniffle Stopper! This KidSafe blend is designed to help keep the head and respiratory tract clear. The combination of Fir Needle, Rosalina, Cypress, Spearmint and more not only have a cool, crisp and clean frosty winter forest aroma but will help you breathe better in no time.

If you don’t have to worry about young kids, Respir Aid is another fantastic synergy to help with the sniffles. It perfectly blends Eucalyptus, Pine, Peppermint and more to help clear congestion and breathe easier. Both these blends work well when diffused or even diluted in a carrier oil and used in a chest rub. And for those times when things feel worse than usual, try using 1-2 in a steam inhalation.


The Singles that Help Support Immune Health

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Synergies are indeed great. They take the guesswork out of everything. Just a few drops to your diffuser and you’re good to go. But having a good selection of singles on hand can be just as important. It allows you to craft blends based on your specific needs and preferences. Maybe Cypress clears you up every time so you decide to make a blend with that as the heart of it. And if Peppermint is overpowering for you, you can leave it out altogether. If you need a boost of spirits to go with your clearer airways, then you can always add some Orange Sweet or Saro. Here are a few of the best oils to help with the sniffles.

Rosalina has many of the same amazing respiratory benefits of Eucalyptus but is a much gentler option. It’s especially good for helping clear congestion and ease breathing. You can even make your own DIY Vapor Rub for this very purpose! Another benefit of Rosalina is that it helps boost your immune system, which is much needed if you’re out with a cold.

Plant Therapy Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil

Another great oil to have in your arsenal is Balm Mint Bush. It has a minty, almost Eucalyptus like aroma that makes it perfect for respiratory support. It can help clear congestion and ease respiratory agitation. An added benefit is that this oil can be quite energizing!

Hailing from Australia, Eucalyptus is well known for its ability to help with respiratory problems. The best part is that all three varieties can help. Use Dives if you need something KidSafe, Radiata for a softer aroma, or the classic Globulus for your respiratory needs.

Plant Therapy Saro Essential Oil

Both Cypress and Fir Needle are great additions to your medicine cabinet. They both have fresh, clean aromas and support respiratory health. You can add one (or both!)to your diffuser to help clear congestion and get you breathing again. Or use steam inhalation to ease symptoms even more.

And last but not least, we have the lesser-known, but no less valuable, Saro. Like the other oils on this list, it can help with breathing when you’re stuck with the sniffles. But this useful oil can also help ward off germs, boost your immune system and stave off worry when the cold gets you down.


21 thoughts on “Sniffle Season: Which Oils Do You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet?”

  • Respir-Aid is a must for me, I have a little asthma and it works wonders when I am stuffed up and getting sick. It opens up the passages so I don’t get sick. I love it.

  • I love Plant Therapy! Not only do you get the information you need on what oils work best for what, you also have the option of purchasing the Synergy blends. I am so happy I found this company! Thank you PT!

  • Plant Therapy always provides such useful information when it is needed the most. Rosalina and Saro sound like two oils that will boost my arsenal. Thank you for your timely post!

  • I just bought the 100ml bottle of respir-aid! I am constantly struggling with nose issues and I’m hoping this helps. But we also have 2 young girls. They have sniffle stopper for when they get sick but will Respir-aid hurt them if I diffuse it in common spaces like the family room?

    1. Hi Nicole, Respir-Aid is a fantastic oil to help with breathing issues for adults. However, we do not recommend diffusing in the common areas or anywhere your girls would be. It contains two very powerful essential oils (Peppermint and Eucalyptus Globulus) that are not KidSafe as they can cause breathing problems for young children. A personal aromatherapy inhaler or aromatherapy jewelry are both great options to help you use up your bottle and keep your young ones safe.

  • Cypress ends up being used the most here – in the diffuser, chest rubs, inhalers. Always blended with something else, but a solid base for the whole family.

  • A well timed blog post! I recently caught some sort of respiratory cold and have been making all sorts of concoctions. I had no idea Rosalina was so great for colds, I have been all about immune boost, eucalyptus and fir needle.

  • I am pretty new to oils and really only use in my diffuser and occasionally use a different brand that a friend recommended as a rub on my temples for migraine relief…peppermint and lavendar depending on the migraine . Could somebody please explain to me exactly when I need a “carrier” oil.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. We recommend diluting your essential oils in a carrier oil any time you want to use them topically. You can read more in-depth about why it’s important to dilute and how to dilute properly in this blog post.

    1. Glad I have read this article tonight. Kiddo and I are in dire need of a new sniffle blend. I have forgotten that Rosalina and Balm Mint Bush are great oils for such!

  • What a very timely post. My four year decided to bring a cold home from school and share it with the family….

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