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Essential Oils and the Enneagram

The “ennea…what”??? Chances are you’ve never heard of this strange word before and you’re wondering what the heck it could possibly have to do with essential oils. And for those of you who know exactly what it is and are excitedly shouting out your type, wing, and favorite Enneagram-related Instagram account, we can’t wait to show you a new way to support your Enneagram journey. But before we go any further, let’s start with the basics.


What is the Enneagram?

Aromatherapy by personality type: The Enneagram

In the most basic sense, it’s a personality test. But unlike those ones that tell you which Disney Princess you are or which European castle should be your home, the Enneagram helps you move into self-awareness so that you can better relate to yourself, your family and the world. If you are unsure which of the nine types you are, it would still be a good idea to take a test before you go further. You can find a quick, free test here. And for those that don’t do things halfway, you can take a paid, 45-minute test from the Enneagram Institute.


The History of the Enneagram

The word “enneagram” comes from the Greek, “ennea” meaning nine and “gramma” meaning something written or drawn. The history of the Enneagram has been traced all the way back to Pythagorean mathematicians and ancient wisdom to medieval Christianity and Jesuits and has now found its way here in modern psychology and spirituality. The Enneagram as we know it is a result of Oscar Ichazo and his teachings. Born in Bolivia, he traveled South America and Asia putting together what he learned so he could come back to Chile and later America to teach the beginnings of the modern Enneagram [1].


What Does This Mean for You?

As fun as personality tests are, you might be wondering what this has to do with you or even aromatherapy. And that is a valid question. What sets the Enneagram apart is that it doesn’t just show you more information about yourself, but it also shows you how to grow. And one way it does this is to focus more on our faults than the good things about each type. As painful as it is to take a hard look at our not so great parts, it gives us the tools to recognize when we aren’t being healthy versions of ourselves. And aromatherapy can be just one tool to help you in your journey of self-discovery and improvement. Since there is an abundance of resources out there to help you understand your type, we’ll focus primarily on the aromatherapy side of things. Now, let’s finally get to the good stuff!


The Nine Types

Plant Therapy CBD

Type 1: The Reformer

Type 1s are idealistic and principled. And quite frankly, they’re also perfectionists. This allows them to be careful, meticulous. and fair judges. They have a desire for the truth and what is right. Type 1s also desire to make a difference in the world and this core mission is what drives them in what they do. When 1s are at their best and headed towards growth, they take on the good traits of 7s, becoming less critical and taking in more of the joy and spontaneity of life. In times of stress, they move towards 4s, becoming moody, insecure and feel misunderstood.

Type 1s can be fair, wise and discerning, offering a great deal of wisdom and idealism. They strive to make a difference and create a better place in the world. At the same time, 1s can take out their criticism on others and feel resentful when the rest of the world doesn’t live up to the high standards they impose on themselves [2].


Aromatherapy for Type 1s:

Plant Therapy Sandalwood Australian

For Type 1s, the struggle will be to ignore the inner critic, relax and let go of harsh standards that can lead to resentment and even anger. Essentials oils can be a valuable resource in helping you along your journey. One particular synergy that would be useful for Type 1 is Chill Out. It was specifically created to create a sense of peace and calm while easing agitation. It starts with Tangerine, a bright, refreshing oil that can help clear the mind and reduce nervous tension. Ylang Ylang, with its sweet, exotic scent, both helps reduce worry and calm the mind. Patchouli, Orange Sweet, and Blue Tansy round out this incredible blend.


Other helpful oils for 1s:

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot: with a unique citrus scent, this oil can help ease the worry and give a mental boost. This will be helpful for 1s who are learning to relax and be less critical.

Petitgrain: this oil is great for helping when your emotions are all over the place. It will help bring calm and balance when the inner critic is running rampant.

Sandalwood: both varieties of Sandalwood are wonderful for relieving tension and soothing agitation. They would also be a great addition to meditation practices.

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Type 2: The Helper

If you’re looking for a Type 2, you’ll find them helping. They are warm, empathetic and take great pleasure in caring for those around them. They enjoy giving freely to those around them and enjoy being appreciated in return. Their motivation comes from a deep desire to be loved and feel connected to those around them. When moving in growth, they take on some of the best parts of 4s: emotional self-awareness and routinely practicing self-care. However, in stress, they move towards the negative of 8s becoming more aggressive and domineering.

Healthy 2s are truly selfless, while unhealthy 2s use their innate gift for helping others to get their own emotional needs met. They want to feel needed. This can often lead to 2s being manipulative and even codependent. It is important for 2s to evaluate their motives when they go out of their way to help people. Do the truly want to help or do the expect something in return? It’s also incredibly important to practice self-care as they can often overextend themselves [2].


Aromatherapy for Type 2s:

Relax Synergy Blend

Type 2s must stop and take time for their own emotional wellbeing. Helping others and sensing their needs is truly valuable, but if 2s don’t stop to take care of themselves, they’ll burn out and often end up hurting those closest to them. To help you become more in tune with your own needs and replenish your inner stores, use Relax. It was designed specifically to help create a calm, peaceful state of mind and provide emotional support after a trying day. It contains Lavender and Marjoram, both of which are fantastic oils for relaxation. While Mandarin, Patchouli, Chamomile, and Geranium round out this incredible blend. It’s excellent diffused, but also can help your self-care routine in other ways, like being added to a bubble bath or massage oil.

Other helpful oils for 2s:

Davana Essential Oil

Ho Wood: incredibly high in Linalool, it’s a fantastic oil for creating a calm, peaceful environment. Its scent is also quite versatile, making great for a relaxing blend with Lavender or a more uplifting blend with a citrus oil like Orange or Bergamot.

Davana: this exotic oil has a unique, almost fruity aroma and is fantastic when it comes to emotional concerns. It can help soothe nerves and restore calm when you’re feeling overlooked. Davana is also useful for restoring your emotional reserves.

Elemi: both grounding and balancing, Elemi is a great choice to help bring 2s back to center when they’re moving into stress and unhealthy habits. And for those times that helping those around you takes a physical toll, it can also help soothe overexerted and sore muscles.

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Type 3: The Achiever

Type 3s are natural go-getters. They are charming, charismatic and at times, incredibly competitive. They’re good at whatever they set their minds to and have the ambition to back it up. You’ll find 3s are also incredibly adaptable. They know how to roll with the punches while making sure things still get done. Type 3s are also very image-conscious and aware of appearances. Success is extremely important to them they value the admiration of others. In growth, they take on the best traits of 6s, becoming cooperative and humble. While in stress, they move towards 9s, becoming apathetic and worn out.

The challenge for 3s is to become more in touch with themselves. Instead of merely projecting confidence and success and adapting their identity for each situation, it is important to understand what their soul truly longs for. If they spend so much time striving to meet the expectations of others and the societal ideal of success, they’ll burn out and stop trying [2].


Aromatherapy for 3s:

Several People practicing meditation

For Type 3s, it is important to not lose themselves in the quest for more. It can be easy to not only forget what you really want out of life but also forget to connect with those around you. Take time for self-reflection with Meditation. Even if meditation isn’t your thing, this blend can be a useful ally while you take time to analyze and reflect on yourself and your true desires. The combination of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Frankincense, Orange Sweet, plus a few others, work together to create calm alertness. It will help you reach a more meditative state of mind and connect with yourself.


Other helpful oils for 3s:

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo: also known as “holy wood”, this oil has a rich woodsy aroma and is known for its calming and cleansing abilities. It helps ward off negativity and bring calm. It’s great for times of meditation and self-reflection.

Buddha Wood: another great woodsy oil, Buddha Wood is both grounding and balancing and helps those who want to practice mindfulness and stay in the moment.

Bergamot: delightfully citrusy, this oil is great for giving a mental boost and reducing worry. It’s also versatile and blends well with many other oils.

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Type 4: The Individualist

Type 4s are sensitive, artistic types. They crave authenticity in their relationships and desire to make a lasting impact in the world. And being The Individualist, they strive for uniqueness in whatever they do. They are in touch with their feelings and feel everything very deeply. The desire for uniqueness goes hand in hand with often feeling misunderstood. Type 4s will often go through life feeling like they are defective or lacking and that no one will ever truly get them. In growth, they take on the more balanced, objective traits of 1s. In stress, 4s can become the needy, clingy unhealthy version of a 2.

The challenge for 4s is to process their emotions, but not let them become the source of their reality. It is far to easy to get so caught up that they lose productivity. Take time to “do” instead of just “feel”. It’s also important to focus on themselves. But instead of dwelling on what they lack or feel others do better, build up their self-esteem on things they do well [2].


Aromatherapy for 4s:

Woman relaxing listening to music

As 4s work to make sure emotions don’t dictate their reality, it is important not to get lost in inaction and insecurities. The Self Esteem blend was designed to provide a boost of confidence whenever you might need one. It can help you tackle new tasks and experiences and feel self-assured while you do it. This blend combines rare Blue Tansy, which is cherished for its abilities to ease worry and melt away nervous tension, with soothing Spruce, uplifting Frankincense Carteri and calming Ho Wood.


Other helpful oils for 4s:

Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil

Neroli: Type 4s value uniqueness, so it would make sense that they get a unique floral. Neroli has a lovely orange blossom aroma that is both comforting and helps promote positive emotions and a peaceful outlook.

Frankincense Carteri: is a great oil for helping during times of grief and sorrow. As 4s know, not all emotions are positive. And Frankincense can help provide a space to process the deep and difficult feelings while providing comfort.

Pink Grapefruit: Along with the oils that help 4s with their emotions, Pink Grapefruit is a bright, sparkling, citrus oil that can help lighten mental fog and moodiness. It’s a great choice for when they need to start doing, instead of just feeling.

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Type 5: The Investigator

Plant Therapy CBD full-spectrum vs broad-spectrumIt will come as no surprise that Type 5s are the thinkers. They are curious about the world around them and want to know how everything works. These intellectual types pursue knowledge above all else and spend a great deal of time observing. This desire to observe and understand the world around them can manifest as also being cold, withdrawn and secretive. In growth, they take on the traits of a healthy 8, becoming decisive and confident. However, in stress, 5s move towards 7s and become more scattered and manic.

The challenge for 5s is to not always retreat into their minds and explore ideas, but also to explore new relationships and make some trusted friendships. The intense energy with which you pursue knowledge can also explode in unhealthy ways. It’s important to take time to relax and care for your physical body and create an outlet for this intensity [2].


Aromatherapy for 5s:

happy place essential oil blend

Type 5s have a unique intensity with their mental pursuits that can boil over into other areas of their life. Without a healthy outlet, they can retreat and become hyperactive. Our Happy Place blend is designed to help deal with the symptoms of agitation and restlessness. It will also help encourage a positive mood as 5s work to develop new relationships. It blends the uplifting benefits of Bergamot, the calming properties of Lavender and Roman Chamomile, along with the balancing properties of Frankincense Carteri, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Clary Sage.


Other helpful oils for 5s:

Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil

Balm Mint Bush: with a refreshing, eucalyptus-like minty aroma, this oil is well known for being both uplifting and revitalizing. Type 5s can use it to help promote a clear mind while enjoying the energizing benefits to help with physical activities.

Coriander Seed: this exotic oil is has a number of helpful benefits. It helps elevate mood, calms frazzled nerves, helps with mental focus and aids in relaxation before sleep. Type 5s can use Coriander Seed with their mental pursuits while taking advantage of the calming and relaxing benefits.

Patchouli: with a warm, rich earthy aroma, Patchouli can help alleviate nervous tension and worry. It’s also useful for promoting focus during times of meditation.

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Type 6: The Loyalist

Type 6s are dedicated, loyal and hardworking. They will stick by their friends and their beliefs in thick and thin. They value security and long for the support of those around them. Type 6s also evaluate the world around so they can assess the dangers and anticipate a worst-case scenario. While this does allow them to be incredibly prepared, it also means 6s are prone to anxiety and worrying. At times, they doubt their own judgment and rely on their support system for advice. In times of stress, they’ll take on the competitive, overly confident nature of 3s. But when 6s operate in growth, they take on the best parts of 9s, becoming more relaxed and positive.

The challenge for 6s is to work through their anxieties. Yes, the world can be a scary place, and 6s will be anxious about it. But it is important to not let the anxiety and worry take over and remain nameless, hovering over everything. Type 6s also need to learn to trust their own instincts instead of relying so heavily on those around them [2].


Aromatherapy for 6s:

No Worries Essential Oil Blend

As 6s learn to manage their anxieties and insecurities, essential oils can be a great help. No Worries is a fantastic blend to help calm the mind and soothe those frazzled nerves. This will help not only with the worry itself but also help as 6s learn to trust their own judgment and become independent thinkers. It features calming Ho Wood, happy and uplifting Orange Sweet, relaxing Coriander Seed and soothing Amyris. The result is a woodsy, sweet, citrusy aroma that helps promote relaxation and uplift the spirit.


Other helpful oils for 6s:

Saro Essential OIl

Lavender: what other oil is more synonymous with calm and relaxation than Lavender? Its herbaceous aroma and high Linalool content make it useful for creating a peaceful, tranquil environment.

Saro: this lesser-known oil has a number of therapeutic benefits, including its ability to help stave off worry. It’s uplifting and revitalizing to the soul, which can help when you’re feeling down.

Geranium Egyptian: with a fresh, sweet, green, herbaceous scent, Geranium is an excellent choice for helping reduce tension and stress from everyday life.

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Type 7s: The Enthusiast

Top 5 CBD Myths Debunked & ExplainedAs the name suggests, Type 7s are enthusiastic about life. They are curious, optimistic, spontaneous and fun-loving. They’re constantly busy looking for the next exciting experience, craving new stimuli. They also love to keep their options open and remain free for the next adventure. Although sometimes the constant need to to be busy leads to 7s overcommitting themselves, becoming scattered. And like 6s, 7s have a deep anxiety that they can’t trust their own decisions. They end up running from it by being busy all the time or by trying to experience everything so they don’t miss out. In times of growth, healthy 7s take on the more focused nature of 5s. When they are unhealthy, 7s move towards 1s and become hyper-critical.

The challenge for 7s is to slow down. Giving in to every impulse and trying to experience all the things will leave them ultimately unsatisfied. By checking impulses, carefully choosing experiences and enjoying the small things, 7s can learn to trust in their own decisions and have a more fulfilling, rewarding life [2].


Aromatherapy for 7s:

woman sitting on her couch relaxing

Slowing down is no easy feat for those who are always on the hunt for something new and exciting. But it is something that can help 7s in choosing meaningful experiences and ultimately feeling more content. Calming the Child is an excellent choice for this. With a sweet, happy scent, this blend helps slow down revved-up minds and emotions. The combination of Tangerine, Mandarin, Lavender, and Chamomile helps promote a tranquil environment where 7s can focus on what really matters.


Other helpful oils for 7s:

Blue Cypress Essential Oil from Plant Therapy

Sweet Orange: with a light citrus scent, it is even called the “happy oil”. But it is also very useful for promoting a calm environment that can help relieve some of the underlying worries that plague 7s.

Blue Cypress: this oil features a wonderfully woodsy aroma, not to mention a distinct color. It is great for helping ease restlessness and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Ylang Ylang: exotic and heady, this floral oil is incredibly useful as it encourages full-body relaxation as well as soothes worry. It’s an ideal choice when you’re looking to ease nervous tension but keep an uplifting atmosphere.

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Type 8: The Challenger

Bold, brash and decisive, Type 8s grab life by the horns. They value their independence and self-sufficiency. Never one to hold back, they can be straight-talking to the point of confrontational. But 8s also have a soft spot for the weak and defenseless around them and are always ready to stand up for justice. They will use their charisma and strength to protect others. But in their desire to boldly tackle whatever challenges they desire, they can often bulldoze those around them, all the while doing everything they can to not appear weak. In times of growth, healthy 8s take on the best parts of 2s, becoming more caring and empathetic. However unhealthy 8s take on the negative qualities of a 5, becoming secretive and isolated.

The challenge for 8s to take a step back. It’s natural to always take charge and always speak your mind. But without restraint, it will be all too easy to walk over those close to you, whether at work or at home. It’s also important to let down the tough, self-reliant exterior every once in a while.  No man is an island. And showing value and vulnerability to the relationships that matter will help those relationships thrive [2].


Aromatherapy for 8s:

woman relaxing at work

Stepping back isn’t easy for 8s. Essential oils can help bring a sense of wellbeing and peace while they exercise restraint. Our Tranquil blend was created to do just that. Expertly blending Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Grapefruit, the result is a blend that will help put you at ease and promote mental relaxation.


Other helpful oils for 8s:

Sandalwood Essential Oil bottles

Patchouli: this oil is well-loved for its rich, earthy aroma and its ability to ease nervous tension and create a soothing environment.

Cedarwood Texas: with a sweet, soft, balsamic wood scent, this variety of Cedarwood is a perfect choice to help promote calmness and ward off negative thoughts.

Spearmint: a gentler alternative to Peppermint, the sweet minty aroma can help ease both emotional and physical tension.

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Type 9: The Peacemaker

Type 9s are easy-going, good-natured and value harmony in their lives. They are supportive and trusting. Wanting to avoid conflict, they have the ability to bring people together. However, they can also lose themselves in the process. In their pursuit of harmony, they can make themselves blind the negative in the world. Type 9s are also prone to complacency and a willingness to just go with the flow. When 9s are at their healthiest, they take on the energy and confidence of 3s. However, in stress, they move towards 6s, becoming anxious and worries.

The challenge for 9s is to take a more active role in their own lives. It’s easy for them to drift into inaction. Not only is movement, exercise and caring for the physical body important, but it’s also key for 9s to speak their minds and engage with the people around them. And as hard as it might be, 9s must learn to face the more difficult emotions and events that life may bring [2].


Aromatherapy for 9s:

plant therapy energy synergy roll on

The struggle for 9s is to get moving and get and in touch with their own minds. Our Energy blend is perfect for giving both a mental boost and helping provide physical energy. It combines Orange
Blood, Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger, Eucalyptus, and Geranium. The result is an energizing and stimulating blend that can help 9s when they need that extra push.


Other helpful oils for 9s:

Kumquat essential oil

Lemon: with an instantly recognizable zesty citrus scent, Lemon is refreshing, energizing, and uplifting.

Spruce Black: this oil has a fantastic fresh, crisp, woody aroma. Its uplifting aroma can help fight fatigue and energize the senses.

Kumquat: cold-pressed from the exotic fruit, Kumquat essential oil can help create a fresh, positive environment. It’s also great for giving a boost energy when you need it.

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To join a fun community of essential oil lovers, make sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!


[1] Enneagram History & Origins,

[2] Enneagram Type Descriptions,


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  • Love this! It is very helpful, not only to be able to have a direction for new oils to try for myself, but also for my family.

  • I have done the Enneagram before… 10 years ago I was a solid 1-Reformer. Five years ago I was more 6-ish (Loyalist). Tonite, with the free test, I am a 9-Peacemaker or a 1. It’s good to have some go-to oils for when being me is too overwhelming. Thank you.

  • These are great! I didn’t know about some of these oils and blends. Happy place is now on my list. We have lots of 5s in our house.

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    This was a fun, and enlightening, experience.

  • I’m a 2! This spoke to me, and nailed my oils too! HoWoodnis my favorite calming oil! I’m off to order some Davana right now to try!

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