Let's Do the Monster Mash: Spooktacular KidSafe Blends for Halloween!

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Let’s Do the Monster Mash: Spooktacular KidSafe Blends for Halloween!

It’s time to meet our latest Halloween set
You’ll find frightfully fun blends that you won’t soon forget

But have no fear, they’re safe for the little ones
And grownups too, this set is for everyone

Now gather round as we tell the eerie tale
Of everything that these blends do entail

They’ll set the mood with their frightfully fun scents
For all your spooky Halloween events

There’s no turning back now, the Monster Mash has just begun
It will catch on like a flash, this spectacular graveyard fun

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Zombie Blood

Let's Do the Monster Mash: Spooktacular KidSafe Blends for Halloween!

Never before has a blend been undead
But say hello to Zombie Blood my friend

This ghoulish treat is an uplifting, immune-boosting blend with a sweet and fruity aroma. The combination of Blood Orange, Frankincense, Lavandin, and Pink Grapefruit will have everyone doing the Monster Mash. To make a frightfully fun cleaning spray, add 15 drops of Zombie Blood and one tablespoon of Castile Soap or dishwashing liquid to 4 ounces of distilled water. Just spray and wipe to help keep your home clean during times of seasonal illnesses.


Witches Brew

Let's Do the Monster Mash: Spooktacular KidSafe Blends for Halloween!

Double double toil and trouble
It is Witches Brew in this cauldron that bubbles

With a sweet, peppery herbal scent, this brew is the perfect addition to your potions cabinet. Cardamom, Cedarwood Atlas, and Rosalina support the respiratory system, while Sweet Orange, Cardamom, Cedarwood Atlas, and Pink Berries CO2 are crafted to uplift the senses and provide emotional support during this spooky season.


Headless Horseman

Let's Do the Monster Mash: Spooktacular KidSafe Blends for Halloween!

Hailing from a land known as Sleepy Hollow
The Headless Horseman’s tale is one that should be followed

His spooky look is more than a little deceiving, Headless Horseman is actually a spicy floral blend that works mysterious magic to help with rough, reddened skin or oily skin that is prone to blemishes. Blood Orange and Cypress are uplifting and provide emotional support, while Bergamot, Copaiba, Lavender, and Petitgrain ease worry and are great for promoting healthy skin.


Advice, recipes, and oily friends galore
Are sure to be found in our Facebook group, SEOR

But if it’s fun and spooky activities you seek
Head to our Downloads page to find something truly unique 

And just when you thought the Halloween treats must end
You discovered our playlist where ghastly tunes do portend

The coming of the Monster Mash
Forever known as the frightfully fantastic graveyard smash



3 thoughts on “Let’s Do the Monster Mash: Spooktacular KidSafe Blends for Halloween!”

  • I love the monster mash set. It’s a great addition to my winter arsenal for immunity and respiratory health plus they smell great. I only wish there was a printable.fact sheet to go with each of the oils. Took a while to find out what each was good for once the set became unavailable.

  • As always, I LOVE the music playlist!! Who chooses the songs? So many are my favorites. I make sure I listen to the Monster Mash every Halloween. The Headless Horseman blend sounds divine!

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