Top 4 Ways to Use Thyme Thymol: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

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Top 4 Ways to Use Thyme Thymol: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Thyme Thymol

Latin name: Thymus vulgaris

Aroma Description: Powerful, sharp, warm-herbaceous scent


Therapeutic benefits

  • Supports a healthy immune system and helps clear the respiratory system during times of sickness.
  • Boosts the circulatory system and reduces muscular and digestive discomfort.
  • Helps energize and promote feelings of calm and peace.
  • Promotes clean air when diffused.
  • Useful for keeping bugs away from outdoor spaces.
  • Excellent addition to homemade cleaning recipes.
  • Can also help clear the skin of problems resulting from a hospital stay.



No! Thyme Thymol is NOT KidSafe. 

Top 4 Ways to Use Thyme Thymol: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Dilution instructions:

Because of possible skin irritations, dilute to a maximum of 1.3% in your favorite carrier oil.


Diffusion instructions:

Add 2-3 drops to your diffuser to help clear the air and create an energizing, calming atmosphere.


Oils to blend with:

Pink Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram Sweet, Oregano, Pine, Rosemary 1,8-Cineole and Vetiver.


Additional reading

One glance at the list of therapeutic benefits should have you already convinced that you need this oil in your collection. It is quite literally packed with benefits. For those wondering what the difference is between this Thyme and Thyme Linalool, it is merely a different chemotype. Both oils come from the same plant but are chemically different. Because of this, Thyme Linalool is gentler and better suited for topical use while Thyme Thymol, the stronger of the two, is used for its antibacterial properties and the many benefits listed.


Give Your Cleaning a Boost

Thyme Thymol is the perfect addition to your DIY cleaning recipes! It will help make sure your home stays clean and you stay healthy. In addition to being a fabulous surface cleaner, it can also help clean the air when diffused. Just make sure to use no more than three drops in your diffuser. It’s great to use year-round or whenever those unfortunate colds start making the rounds. It can also be useful to help clean minor cuts and scrapes, just be sure to dilute no more than 1.3% to help avoid skin irritation.


Give Your Immune System Support

Keeping your home clean is just one tool you can use to help avoid sicknesses this year. Making sure your immune system has the support it needs is just as crucial. Thyme Thymol is a great choice for this. And if you do happen to get sick, it’s also useful for helping to clear the respiratory system. Just add 2-3 drops to your diffuser. Try combining with along with Rosalina, Spruce, or Fir needle to help ease congestion and promote better air quality.


Give Yourself Energy

Perhaps one of the more surprising of Thyme Thymol is that it can be incredibly energizing! An added perk is that it also promotes feelings of calm and peace. This is ideal for those moments when you feel stressed and need a bit of calm, but also have to stay productive. For a nice, citrusy inhaler blend, try our Re-Energize Inhaler Blend. It combines Tangerine, Blood Orange and Thyme for an energizing aroma.


Give Your Muscles Some Relief

Woman holding her lower back on a running track

Because Thyme Thymol can help with circulation, it’s very useful for helping soothe sore muscles and digestive issues. Because the topical dilution rate for this oil is lower, try adding it to your favorite pain-relieving blends. For those times that your stomach is upset, dilute just one drop in an ounce of carrier oil and massage onto your abdomen in a clockwise manner.

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9 thoughts on “Top 4 Ways to Use Thyme Thymol: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  • This is great knowledge! I am looking forward to getting all my oils together like the oregano, basil, etc.. I’ll make sure thyme is included in that order!

  • I LOVE Thymol. My mom had a manicure and within a couple of months developed Onycholysis which is the painless separation of the nail from the nail bed, along with having a black fungus growing under them. I had read that Thymol and alcohol would help as a drying agent and clear things up in several months. I diluted Thymol in a roller ball with FCO and she has used it over the summer. Her nails are now beautiful again. No fungus and reattached. Now I am trying on my husbands ugly fungus toes. In three weeks I can see pink coming up from the cuticles. I am purchasing my second bottle and wont be without it.

  • I have had thyme for a while now and wasn’t sure how to use it. This was SO helpful!! I just happen to have a cold and tit is already in my diffuser 🙂

  • I use this in a capsule ( enteric coated) along with a couple others for stomach issues…. it works awesome for irritable bowl syndrome in stead of prescription medication!!! Love it . Glad to see there are so many other uses for it!!! Cathy

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