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Top 4 Ways to Use Ho Wood Essential Oil


Ho Wood

Latin name: Cinnamomum camphora

Aroma Description: Woody, floral and camphorous scent


Therapeutic benefits

  • Promotes a relaxing and peaceful environment.
  • Incredibly calming due to its high linalool content.
  • Leaves a pleasant cooling effect on the skin when applied topically.
  • Helps soothe red and itchy skin.
  • Helps ease respiratory symptoms resulting from the common cold and seasonal allergies


Yes! Ho Wood IS KidSafe. 

Top 4 Ways to Use Ho Wood: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Dilution instructions:

Dilute to 2-5% in a carrier oil and apply to red or irritated skin.


Diffusion instructions:

Add a few drops to your diffuser to enjoy the relaxing benefits. Blend with Lavender for an incredibly calming blend or with a citrus oil for an uplifting yet relaxing blend.


Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Basil Linalool,  Atlas Cedarwood, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary 1,8-Cineole, Australian Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang Complete.


Additional reading


Ho Wood essential oil has many amazing benefits, not to mention a soft woodsy aroma with a hint of floral. It’s also a great alternative to Rosewood Oil, which is a threatened species and should be avoided. It is also worth noting that our Ho Wood has had safrole (a carcinogen) removed, making it smell better and also making it safer for use.


All About the Linalool

Woman standing in front of the window in the morning

As essential oils go, Ho Wood has one of the highest quantities of Linalool out there. Linalool is the chemical constituent that is known for its ability to help calm, relax and soothe anxiety. It’s also found in other calming oils like Lavender, Thyme Linalool and Coriander Seed. The result is an oil that is perfect for helping you feel calm and relaxed after a long day. Try adding it to your favorite bubble bath for a soothing experience or diffuse it 30 minutes before bedtime to help you unwind. For those that can’t do Lavender but still need a calming oil, this is a great substitute.


Calm and Cool

Essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols can help with dry skin

In addition to be incredibly calming, Ho Wood is also one of a few oils that has a cooling effect on the skin when applied topically. Peppermint is usually the go-to for this because of its menthol content. However Ho Wood contains enough camphor to produce a similar if milder sensation. This makes it a fantastic choice to help soothe red, itchy or irritated skin. For example, try whipping up our Cuticle Balm for the next time your cuticles need some TLC.


Bye, Bye Colds

woman in bed with a cold

This oil is also definitely one you want to have on hand when cold season shows up. Ho Wood can help ease your breathing and support your respiratory system. And when you’re struggling with your cold, you need all the help you can get to help with the sniffles and congestion. The best part is it also great for easing similar symptoms that result from seasonal allergies.


More Positivity, Please

woman meditating with headphones

The Linalool content that makes Ho Wood so excellent for relaxation also makes it a very peaceful oil. It can help ease anxiety and assist with a positive change in outlook. When you’re looking to create an uplifting and comforting atmosphere, try diffusing with a citrus oil such as Bergamot, Grapefruit or Mandarin.

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16 thoughts on “Top 4 Ways to Use Ho Wood Essential Oil”

  • Thank you for this article. This is a nice less expensive oil that has so many uses, obviously. I have so much to learn about what to use and how to use what I have. I really appreciate these spotlights.

  • Looking forward to receiving Ho Wood essential oil. I am excited to try in a sleep aid night time blend. Thank you for all the information on this wonderful essential oil.

  • Ho Wood is my favorite essential oil. There is just something about the scent that soothes me. I imagine Heaven smelling like this. ha ha I use it with Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Vetiver for linen spray before bed.

  • I do not have this oil but reading about it has opened my mind. At this day an age one could use this to relax and stay calm. I do Yoga and will try to purchase this down the road.

  • I have had Ho Wood for a few months, but forgot what to use it for! Love this post and will use it more often now! 🙂 <3

    1. Haha, I do that, too! Get all excited about an oil and order it, then have to go and look it up to see what it/s for.

  • I have ho wood and have added it to some facial diy but it’s not gotten much use. I never knew how many uses it had. So excited to add it my night time blends and my cold blends. Thanks for all the info.

  • I love Ho Wood. I use it in sleep blends, and I also use it in lotions to just help relieve daily stress. It has such a nice, gentle scent, it blends well with so many other oils, and is nice to use by itself.
    And, it is in my favorite Plant Therapy sleep blend.

  • I love ho wood. I use it in all my night time blends for my kids, with some lavender and sometimes a little vetiver. I didn’t know about it’s ability to support colds, so will be trying that next time too. Thanks PT

  • Hi wood has become my go to for those that aren’t fond of lavender. It’s cooling effect is extremely plesant and the calming effects it’s had on my autistic grandson have really proven it to be a winner! Thank You PT for providing this amazing oil!

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