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Time to Say Goodbye to Evoke Natural Scents

Over the past year, we’ve introduced nine Evoke natural scents. Each one created for their unique, complex aromas and ability to bring the emotion of fragrance into your home. What makes them unique is that they are created from natural aromatic components of essential oils (or isolates). These unique blends include many all-natural fragrances designed specially to create beautiful scents for diffusion, applying topically, or enjoying in your aromatherapy necklace or personal inhaler.

And now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites! But keep in mind, once these fragrances sell out, they’re gone for good. Don’t miss out on these incredible fragrances!



Evoke Natural Fragrance Sets

  • Excite: Your enthusiasm will bubble over when you smell our Excite Blend. Excite is woody and fresh, with notes of tangy tangerine, peppered rose, green foliage, and warm cedar woods. The hints of black pepper and tea tree make this blend an exciting addition to any collection.
  • Jubilation: Find joy every day with our Jubilation Blend. With notes of lush berries and crushed peppercorn, Grandiflora rose and luminous musks, this blend is complex and beautiful. Combined with fresh and floral scents, this blend is a lovely addition to any home fragrance collection.
  • Revere: A blend that recalls love and admiration, this floral yet spicy blend will entice you with notes of apple blossoms and citrus, along with rose absolute, dewy greens, and soft musks. Spice up your collection with this seductive blend.



Evoke Natural Fragrance Sets

  • Spirit: This blend is lively and warm, spirit-filled and woody, with notes of caramelized sugar, bourbon whiskey, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla balsam. The hints of lemon bitters, cinnamon leaf, and cedarwood make this a warm and complex blend.
  • Verve: Verve is woody and sweet, and sparkles with notes of lemon fizz and cardamom, along with sweet tobacco notes, warm sultry woods, and a hint of amber and vanilla. This blend embodies vitality, and a sexy, sweet feeling.
  • Zest: Fresh and spicy scents make this blend a delightful addition to any natural scent collection. With notes of peppercorn, juniper berry, and aquatic florals mixed with lime zest, lemon peel, and ambery musk tones, this blend feels exciting and vivacious.



Evoke Natural Fragrance Sets

  • Vital: Give your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere with the spicy, fresh, citrus aroma of Vital Natural Scent! This vibrant burst of fragrance will help eliminate unwanted odors and make your place the most inviting house on the block. With the lovely notes of fresh clove, zesty lime, and warming ginger root, this complex blend is a must-have for any home fragrance collection.
  • Fresh: Like throwing open the windows on a beautiful day, our Fresh Natural Scent infuses your home with a wonderfully clean and inviting atmosphere. Its lush, fruity notes and beautiful, creamy finish breathe life into stale air to refresh your home with renewed energy!
  • Lively: Encourage fresh energy and enliven the atmosphere of your home with our Lively Natural Scent. As its truly complex aroma unfolds, your home will enjoy a whole new upbeat vibe. Its bright and tangy top notes develop into an intricate aromatic profile with lovely hints of warm ginger and earthy cedarwood. This is a beautifully bright and spirited home fragrance you’re sure to love!


Evoke & Emotion

Plant Therapy Evoke natural scents woman smelling evoke

Fragrances can have an incredible link with our mind and memory. We know that you can repeatedly pair a chosen scent with good feelings or memories already occurring in your home to create these powerful paired connections in your brain.

Use Excite as a chic handmade perfume to make your boyfriend miss you when you’re on a work trip. Diffuse Jubilation during the holiday season every year on Christmas Eve to pair those feelings of hope and anticipation for Christmas morning with the distinctive scent. Use Verve when you’re entertaining your friends for game or movie night, and soon everyone will say “what’s that smell? It smells amazing, just like [your name here]’s house!” Your home will become cemented in your loved one’s minds with the unique scent of your choosing.

Read more about Evoke and classical conditioning here.


Evoke & Romance

Evoke: Romance and scent

Linking scent and memory can be a powerful tool. But you can also use this pairing to create special moments with your significant other. For example, try having your man sniff each Evoke scent and pick his favorite on you.

  • Create a rollerball for yourself using his (or her) favorite scent, and wear it around them.
  • Make a simple perfume spray and spray it on your hair.
  • Borrow his hoodie and wear your favorite scent, then give it back smelling like your signature Evoke perfume.
  • Leave him notes letting him know you’re thinking of him, scented with his favorite Evoke blend.

Pair these scent cues with small romantic gestures like lingering kisses or running your fingers through his hair. Nuzzle up under his chin and let him breathe in the scent that will become your signature.

Read more about creating romantic moments with Evoke here.

If you like discovering some fun DIYs, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!


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