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The Top 6 CBD Questions: Answered

Since launching our new CBD line, we’ve been doing our very best to provide continuing education for our customers as you try out this exciting new addition to your natural health routine.

Today we’re going to cover and expand on the top six questions we’ve been hearing from our customers about CBD.

1. Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

The top question, the one on everyone’s mind when they start using CBD is this: Will CBD cause me to fail a drug test? After all, no one wants to lose their job!

It’s fair to say you probably won’t fail a drug test using Plant Therapy’s Broad Spectrum CBD. Our Broad Spectrum CBD is THC-free. But passing or failing a drug test does depend on the kind of test being performed.

There are two types of drug tests. The first type of drug test looks for cannabidiol, which is a phytocannabinoid. This test is no longer federally legal. That said, some companies may not have updated their testing requirements to meet the new legal standards.

Most workplace drug screens and tests target Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) and do not target or detect the presence of cannabidiol (CBD) or other legal natural hemp-based constituents. So we really recommend checking with your employer to learn which type of drug test they perform if you’re choosing to use CBD, just to make sure.

Full Spectrum CBD, on the other hand, may cause you to fail a drug test as it contains less than 0.3% of THC, the amount that is federally legal.

You can learn more about how CBD works with drug testing in our blog post: Will CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

2. How do you know there’s no THC in your broad-spectrum CBD?

This question is actually simple to answer: Because we test every batch of our CBD.

Every batch of our CBD is not only tested for the percentages of cannabinoids and lack of THC, but we also test for heavy metals and pesticides. Also, our CBD undergoes a GC/MS test to determine which other beneficial chemical constituents are present.

But we go one step further! Just click on any Plant Therapy product page for CBD and check out the “test reports” tab. We share every set of test results with our customers in an effort to offer transparency regarding this new and somewhat controversial topic.

If you’re still curious, head over and read even more about broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD.

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3. Can I use your broad-spectrum CBD tincture topically?

We actually can speak to this topic and have gone into more detail in this previous blog post. The answer is that while it won’t hurt you to use Plant Therapy’s CBD topically (it is a natural product after all!), it isn’t the most effective use of your product. Here at Plant Therapy, we wanted to make sure that our first CBD product was the most effective product to pass on to our customers! Using our CBD tinctures topically results in lower absorption rates, which means less of the beneficial cannabinoids get into your system.

You can read even more about topical vs. sublingual CBD use in our blog post: Topical Vs. Sublingual Ways to Use CBD.

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4. Can I take too much CBD, and if I do, what happens?

The answer to this question actually has two parts: How much CBD is considered “too much” and what happens if you take it?

How much CBD is “too much”?

The very first thing we have to mention is that there aren’t many studies that have been done on so-called toxic levels of CBD. Ethically, those kinds of studies would be hard to justify. But one study done in 2011 defined a “toxic” serving of CBD to be somewhere around 20,000 mg, taken all at once.

That means you would have to ingest between 8 and 200 entire bottles of CBD tinctures all at once, depending on strength.

The bottom line: When you take the recommended serving sizes of CBD, or even above, an average CBD consumer doesn’t need to worry about taking too much.

The second piece: What would happen if you took “too much” CBD?

I have good news for you: Unlike many other substances, even a toxic dose of CBD (20,000 mg) is not usually considered fatal. The general consensus among both industry experts and the World Health Organization is that even a toxic-level dose of CBD would only most likely cause extreme drowsiness, lethargy, stomach issues, and possible disorientation.

This means you can experiment with a serving size that works for your body without fear of an overdose.

And of course, please don’t try taking 20,000 mg of CBD at once.

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5. Can I use CBD tinctures in cooking?

This may be tempting – adding CBD to your coffee or baked goods might initially sound like a good idea – hold off.

While technically it’s possible to add CBD tinctures to your food, it’s not the best way to use this product. While CBD can theoretically be added to almost anything, heat may degrade the cannabinoid content. Additionally, eating CBD in your food is not the best way to absorb beneficial cannabinoids. For these reasons, we don’t recommend cooking with CBD. Instead, take a sublingual dose before eating to get the most out of your tincture.

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6. Will CBD interact with my other medications?

CBD does have the potential to interact with other medications. It can potentially interfere with the efficacy of some medications, while for other medications it may make the effects stronger. Please make sure you consult with your healthcare professional if you are taking any prescription medications!

We know that when it comes to CBD, there are always more questions to ask. If you’d like to read more about CBD, check out these other blog posts:


4 thoughts on “The Top 6 CBD Questions: Answered”

  • What spectrum Cbd would someone use for seizures, if they are taking prescription medication and want to get off of big pharma?

    1. You would want to talk to your doctor about this as that is not something we would recommend doing. Thank you!

  • Received products I ordered but I did not get any literature on how to take Tension Relief. What is 2-5%. That does not explain how many drops to take and if it is in water or under the tongue.

    1. Hi Maria, Tension Relief is an essential oil blend that is meant to be used topically and should not be ingested. You can read more about why we don’t recommend ingesting essential oils here. To use Tension Relief, you would add 9-19 drops (a 2-4% dilution) to one tablespoon of carrier oil or lotion and massage onto any affected areas. You can always reach out to our customer satisfaction team at [email protected].

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