The 3 Sets You Need in Your Collection For the Holidays

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The 3 Sets You Need in Your Collection For the Holidays

One of our most popular deals is back. It’s time to build your own set for the holidays! You can stock up on all your favorite oils and blends that you reach for all the time. Or you can branch out and try something new. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new favorite! If you need a little inspiration, we’ve put together three sets that you need in your collection this holiday season.


The Holiday Classics

Plant Therapy Holiday Sets and Diffusers

Creating a festive, holiday mood is as easy as adding some essential oils to your diffuser! Conjure of the aroma of a freshly cut Christmas tree or fill your home with the scents of holiday treats. With nine limited-edition holiday blends to choose from, plus some pretty fantastic singles, this set features just a few oils that are sure to spread some Christmas cheer.

Holly Berries, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Holiday Season, Frosted Mint, and Douglas Fir.

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The Winter Blues

Plant Therapy Spruce Black Essential Oil

Winter can be wonderful… freshly fallen snow, lights everywhere, crisp fresh air in the morning. But it can also be, well, dark and cold. The lack of sunshine and warmth can leave many of us feeling a little bit blue. The great oils in this set can add a little pep to your step while you wait for winter to thaw out.

Blues Buster, Spruce Black, Grapefruit Pink, Energy, Bergamot, and Sandalwood Australian.

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Staying Healthy

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter and Immune Aid

Try as you might, it sometimes seems as if getting sick is an inevitable part of the holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be! Armed with this set of essential oils, you can help protect yourself from germs, ease the symptoms of the sniffles and get back on your feet in no time.

Germ Fighter, Sniffle Stopper, Immune Aid, Rosalina, Saro, and Defender.

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  • I cannot wait to get my first order!! I sold Young Living for awhile, but honestly, I couldn’t afford it myself, so I didn’t feel right trying to sell it to others!! I am excited to open my first order and enjoy the scents!! Thank you!

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