How to Choose the Right Diffuser for You

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choosing a diffuser

How to Choose the Right Diffuser for You

So you’ve heard about essential oils, you bought your first bottle of Lavender, and now you’re stuck trying to choose an essential oil diffuser. We hear you. Choosing a diffuser can seem overwhelming, even for regular essential oil users. But we’re here to guide you step by step through the diffuser choosing process!

There are some important questions to ask yourself before you choose an essential oil diffuser:


How Big is Your Space?

diffuser new years resolution get organizedDon’t worry, whether you have a mansion or a tiny house, there’s an essential oil diffuser for you!

If you have a small apartment, rent a room, or own a tiny house: Smaller spaces mean more options since you won’t have as much area to cover.

If you have a space big enough for a family: A big space means either a larger diffuser or multiple medium-sized diffusers to cover the area. Try these suggestions:

If you want to diffuse in a specific room: If you’re just looking to take the odor out of your bathroom, a smaller diffuser or DIY passive diffusion option is for you. Try these suggestions:

If you spend a lot of time in your car: If you spend a lot of time commuting (shout out to our Seattle readers!) that time spent in the car can be valuable diffusion time. Check out these options:


Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Woman relaxing at homeAre you a homebody, or are you always on the go? Keep this question in mind! Where you spend your time is important when investing in a diffuser.

If you’re a die-hard homebody: If your idea of a good time is a night with Netflix and a glass of wine, then choose a diffuser that you can use at home to fill the room. Try this diffuser on for size:

If you’re on your feet all day: Are you always on the go? That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from essential oils! Try a personal aromatherapy inhaler for on-the-go use.

If you’re always in the car: Choose a diffuser that lets you use your car’s features to turn your commute into a therapeutic experience. Try one of these options:


Do You Have Kids?

how to choose a diffuserThis is actually a really important factor to consider when choosing a diffuser.

If you have toddlers under two: We don’t recommend using essential oils with children under two years old. So when it comes to diffusers, it’s best to keep your essential oils as something you can enjoy personally. Try a passive aromatherapy inhaler so you can get the benefits of your oils, without diffusing around your baby.

If you have kids between 2-10 years old: Congratulations! You can use certain essential oils (anything branded KidSafe from our website) with your children!

And for this age, you absolutely want our Forest Friends Diffuser! It has three adorable interchangeable ears and plays soft music.

And remember, no matter what diffuser you choose, you’re going to love essential oils!


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