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January Horoscope: Essential Oils by Astrological Sign

January Horoscope: Essential Oils by Astrological Sign

With the start of a new year, many look to our horoscopes to see what the next year holds. They give us a glimpse into your love life, career, travel, new opportunities, and all the exciting possibilities that might come your way. And for those of you that follow your horoscopes, we’ve selected the best essential oils to combine with your personal horoscope based on your sign. Now let’s see what January 2020 holds.

*All essential oil recommendations are based on horoscopes retrieved from Astrology.com


This year starts with an exciting moon in your bold sign. So it’s time to dive right with your goals and resolutions. Nothing can stop you! Then on the 12th, Mercury, responsible for communications, meets up with Saturn leading to some important and deep conversations. It then squares with Uranus, urging you to switch things up with your routine and how you communicate. Then finally Venus and Mars square up on the 26th. It’s important not to become too assertive, especially with your significant others.

  • Clarity: Helps boost memory and mental focus, which is important for all the conversations ahead.
  • Patchouli: With a rich scent, it is great for relieving worry and tension, which is helpful if you’re at odds with your significant other.



The month starts out with the emotional moon in your sign. Give yourself a minute to settle into the new year and new routines. On the 10th, the lunar eclipse and the moon in Cancer may bring about some new and intense emotions. Give yourself space to sort through these feelings without caring too much about what others think. Then on the 13th, Venus pairs up with Pisces giving you excess compassion and creativity to express. Don’t hold back! On the 26th with the Venus and Mars square up, be sure not to be too aggressive with those around you.

  • Bergamot: While you’re getting settled, enjoy the calming benefits from this light citrusy aroma.
  • Loving Compassion: Let the compassion flow with this blend that encourages a joyful outlook and positive energy.



The month begins with the moon passing through your sign. This can mean a great opportunity for new experiences and curiosity. Embrace the new in your life and take all the new information in. The Sun and Moon come together in Capricorn on the 10th and remind you to use your rationality and reasonability, just be sure to not go off on tangents. On the 16th, Mercury enters Aquarius providing incredible opportunities to explore your intellectual side and network with others. Finally, on the 26th, Venus and Mars meet and increase the tension and frustration in your romantic life. Be careful not to lose control.

  • Lime: As you explore new experiences, enjoy the uplifting and invigorating citrus aroma.
  • Basil Linalool: Known for its mind-clearing benefits, it can help as you use your intellectual side.


The emotional Moon enters your sign combined with a lunar eclipse, making the moon your mood ruler. But don’t worry, it’s balanced by the Capricorn sun which creates a harmony that you’ve been seeking. On the 13th, the powerful Sun-Pluto connection creates an ability for you to affect your own outcome. If there’s a time to start living and do what you want, now’s it. Then on the 20th, the sun enters the innovative Aquarius, giving you the chance to try new experiences and make new friends.

  • Coffee: Warm and invigorating, it can give a boost as you pursue new adventures.
  • Orange Sweet: Enjoy the uplifting aroma of this “happy oil” as you try new things and meet new people.



Your month begins with Mercury meeting up with Jupiter, creating limitless opportunities. Embrace your outgoing personality and get excited about new connections and social opportunities. On the 11th, the emotional moon moves into your sign. Prepare to be the center of attention. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn begins on the 13th reminding you of your responsibilities and your to-do list. Make sure to stay energized. The month ends with the new moon in Aquarius, keep an open mind for the quirky fun coming back into your life.

  • Lemon Essence: Intensely fresh, this bright and energizing oil will be only matched by your outgoing spirit.
  • Kumquat: A quirky fun time deserves a quirky fun citrus oil!



On the 10th, the sun conjoins with Mercury in Capricorn to help give you the drive to get things done and be efficient. Also in Capricorn, Mercury and Saturn come together on the 12th. This can bring about mental challenges, but don’t worry. You’ll be up to the challenge. On the 13th, the emotional moon comes into your more practical sign allowing you to get things done and stay organized. When the new moon enters Aquarius on the 24th, it could be just what you need to break out of a rut and explore new possibilities.

  • May Chang: With a grassy lemony scent, it promotes mental and physical wellbeing, which will help as you’re being productive.
  • Peppermint Western US: Enjoy the smooth, fresh aroma that invigorates when you’re trying to break out of a rut.


With a full moon and a lunar eclipse in Cancer, now’s the time to create a safe environment for you and those you love. On the 13th, the sun will come into conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn creating opportunities to manifest your personal power and desires. When Mercury and Uranus square up on the 18th, it can shake up your routine and mess with technology and communications, so don’t forget to follow up in person.  Finally, on the 26th, Venus and Mars squaring up will bring passion to your mind. Just don’t be afraid to make your move and ask for what you want.

  • Clary Sage: Enjoy the calming and balance benefits when your communications feel out of sorts.
  • Sandalwood: Calming and relaxing, this soft woodsy oil can also help set a romantic atmosphere.



Your month starts out with your home planet Mars pairing up with Saggitarius on the 3rd encouraging you to expand your horizons and explore the world around you. Then on the 12th, Mercury crosses paths with Pluto, intensifying your thoughts and communications. Don’t be afraid to go deeper with those around you. When the sun shines brightly in Aquarius starting on the 20th, use this time to switch things up, explore your creativity and be the one-of-a-kind Scorpio we all know and love.

  • Amyris: Create a relaxing, stress-free environment while you go deeper with your friends and family.
  • Tangerine: Bright and fresh, it’s not your average citrus to go with the unique Scorpio.



While it might not be the most conventional pairing, Mars moves into Saggitarius on the 3rd, giving you energy and drive to accomplish your goals. On the 10th, the moon is in the more sensitive Cancer, providing the opportunity for you to form deeper emotional bonds. When Venus enters Pisces on the 13th, it will bring out your romantic side. On the 19th, the moon pairs with your sign. So get ready for an adventure, just don’t forget to take care of things before you leave.

  • Tropical Passion: The bright, exotic blend will be bright and energizing as you tackle your goals.
  • Cardamom: Can help uplift and even promote a romantic atmosphere.


With the sun and Mars in conjunction on the 10th, you’ll be able to tackle problems and find new solutions. Make the most of this time to cross things off your list.  On the 12th, Mercury conjoins with your home planet Saturn in your sign, it’s time to get to work. There’s more creative thinking and problem solving headed your way. When then moon moves into your sign on the 21st, your emotions will stay calm when others might run high. On the 28th, Mars squares up with Neptune, love and money won’t be easy, especially if things aren’t what they seemed.

  • Grapefruit Pink: Enjoy the bright fresh citrus aroma to help give you a boost as you go for your goals.
  • Rose: Can help soothe emotions when things feel overwhelming.



On the 19th, the full moon in Cancer, bringing about a range of emotions, just make sure to enjoy the ride. When Mercury enters your sign on the 16th, technology is your friend. Now’s the time to explore innovations and new gadgets. On the 18th, Mercury squares up with your home planet Uranus, be sure to stay flexible as plans may change unexpectedly. When the sun enters your sign on the 20th, it’s your time to shine. Make new friends and show off your hidden talents.

  • Peru Balsam: Create a calm, inviting atmosphere that can help soothe emotions and calm nerves.
  • Citrus Burst: The fresh inspiring scent of citrus will be just what you need when you expand your horizons.



With the full moon and lunar eclipse in the Cancer sign on the 10th, it will bring depth to your emotions helping you to sort out your worries. On the 13th, Venus pairs with your sign, allowing you to open up and be compassionate with those you love most. The moon enters your sign on the 26th, providing heightened sensitivity and intuition. Be prepared for the Mars-Neptune square on the 28th. It will bring about distrust and suspicion, remember to ask yourself if it’s warranted.

  • Cedarwood: Create an inviting, calm atmosphere while you sort through emotions.
  • Clear Intuition: Use this synergy to quiet the conscious mind and encourage introspection.

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