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Naturally Blended

Natural Solutions for Headache Relief

woman in bed with a headache

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you have probably tried everything you could to eliminate downtime associated with your achy head (not to mention all the other symptoms that come with it). Whether you deal with cluster headaches, tension headaches, or migraines, there are a few natural things you can try to help get back up on your feet and live your life to the fullest. Here are some simple, natural solutions you can use at home, in the office, or on the go next time you feel a headache coming on.


Drink Lots of Water

There are two main reasons to drink water when you suffer from chronic headaches. The first reason being that dehydration and water deprivation can actually cause the onset of headaches. [1] The second reason is that drinking water and staying hydrated can lessen the effects headaches have on our bodies and can reduce overall downtime. [2] Talk about a win-win!

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Get a Sufficient Amount of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep wreaks havoc on your whole body. If you are not getting at least six hours of sleep, your body isn’t going to function to its full potential which, in some people, can lead to headaches, lack of energy, and more. Luckily, we have a detailed guide on how to support healthy sleep here. If you know you haven’t slept well and a headache strikes, try taking an hour-long nap to help reset the body. 


Use a Cold Compress

Applying an ice pack or cold compress is an easy, effective way to reduce inflammation. In turn, this can help alleviate the discomfort of a headache. Just remove an ice pack or compress from the freezer, wrap it in a small towel, and apply to the back of the neck, your forehead, or gently on your temples. 

Plant Therapy KidSafe Knockin' Noggin Essential Oil Blend

Apply Essential Oils

One of our goals at Plant Therapy is to provide our customers with products they can use to better themselves and live healthier fuller lives. One way we accomplish this goal is by creating blends that can help ease some of the day-to-day issues you may encounter, such as headaches. Knockin’ Noggin, Tension Tamer, and Tension Relief are three blends we created that can help and are definitely worth checking out. To use, you just dilute to 1% and apply to the back of the neck and your temples. Or spring for the roll-ons to have them on hand and ready-to-go.

For those of you who enjoy blending your own essential oils, never fear. There are many different essential oils that are known to be beneficial to those who suffer from frequent headaches. Here is a list of essential oils you might consider:


Peppermint is beneficial for those who suffer from headaches for two reasons. The first reason is that it can help relieve the acute pain associated with headaches when diluted and applied to the back of the neck and the temples. It can also help reduce nausea, a common side-effect of headaches. [3] [4]


Lavender can help reduce stress levels and provide an overall calming environment which can help prevent and reduce the overall effects of a headache. [5] When blended with Peppermint, it is sure to help relax the body and reduce the discomfort experienced with your headache. 

woman sitting on her couch, relaxed

But, Wait!

It’s important to remember that essential oils are not for everyone when it comes to headaches. Those who suffer from chronic migraines may have different triggers, including strong smells which could make the pain and discomfort worse. Because of this, we recommend starting with one or two oils at a time and at very low levels. If you experience any enhanced discomfort, please discontinue use. If you don’t, you can experiment to find the blend that helps you most.

139 thoughts on “Natural Solutions for Headache Relief”

    1. Hi Shaundra, Lavender is pregnancy and nursing safe and Peppermint is pregnancy safe. You can find a list of all pregnancy and nursing safe oils here.

  1. I appreciate the way the article offered a variety of suggestions, including the recommendation to start with low amounts of oils.
    Another benefit I’ve found with peppermint is that the aroma can help open sinuses (but I don’t recommend using it on your face). The key is to treat any headache when you first notice any twinge of pain.

  2. Thank you so much for all the information.
    I get headaches pretty much every day, sometimes they are just a headache. But other times I wanna just scream. But I instead I cry because of the pain.
    I’ve never tried a cold pack before, I always use a warm heating pad. Or I take a warm/hot shower.
    I do drink lots of water. I have used the peppermint oil, but it doesn’t work on me. I will have to look into the the other oils you recommended.

  3. Love this information. I have been recommending Plant Therapy Oils to everyone I know. They have made such a difference for me.

  4. Love to use lavender & peppermint in a roller, and hydration! I’d be interested in trying one of your synergy blends listed too!

  5. very seldom do I get a headache. Oddly enough, I woke up with one this morning in the back of my head. And here I am reading this information on this very day. I have a roller bottle with just peppermint. Had I realized this morning, I would have used it on the back of my neck. My headache has left me by now at 5pm. It took a couple of hours to leave. I will add lavender to this roller and have it ready for when I have another attack. I feel confident that relief will be much quicker than when I drink water alone.

  6. I love peppermint, lavender and lemon for tension and allergy headaches. Never thought to apply to back of neck, so appreciate and will try that tip.

  7. This is a very helpful and insightful article, thank you! I have found that Rapid Relief Roll On helps when I feel the onset of a headache, but if it is full blown, it doesn’t make it go away at that point. However, it will take the edge off.

  8. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer also – 50+ years. I’ve found that a drop of peppermint on my thumb and pressed to the roof of my mouth for 30 seconds is VERY helpful. I wish I’d known that 10, 20, 30, or 40 years ago!!!

  9. I find I am ususally dehydrated… drinking water helps alot and if not then a blend with peppermint at the back of my neck helps

  10. Love me some peppermint oil for a headache it really works and when I feel stress coming on lavender helps the peppermint get rid of it all!!

  11. I like Rosemary ct camphor and Frankincense along with Peppermint and Lavender (or Spike Lavender) for headaches–I try to keep an inhaler fresh with me at all times. But in a pinch a bit of Peppermint in Jojoba rubbed into the temples brings quick relief from my tension headaches.

  12. Great tips! Drinking water usually helps me. I can usually tell when I’m dehydrated. Are any of these blends pregnancy safe?

  13. I always have a roller of peppermint oil on hand just for headaches! Lavender oil was the first oil I really ever used, it got me hooked on essential oils!

  14. This is great! I suffer from headaches often and I already have peppermint and lavender on hand. I’ll definitely be trying this out.

  15. Thank you for the tips. My daughter suffers from headaches. Since she has been home from college, she said she has had a headache everyday. I have peppermint & lavender on hand, so I will try this until I order “Knocking Noggin”.

  16. Peppermint oil is always my go to for headaches and body aches. I find that wetting the tips of my fingers or hands before applying the peppermint oil intensifies the relief.

  17. Love it! I’ve found a peppermint and lemon blend to be helpful in the past but have not really tried lavender. Definitely have to give that a try too!

  18. Thanks for the useful information. I do suffer from frequent headaches. I’m looking forward to trying the blends you have to help ease them.

  19. I don’t regularly have headaches, but tension can get to me. Reading this has helped me be aware of how I can self care. I have way too many kids to be down with a headache. Maybe I can give up the meds ???

  20. I suffer chronic headaches. Water is usually my first thing I check: Have I consumed enough? Then ice packs also work so well for me, and peppermint essential oil. I hate the smell of lavender, though 🙂 It doesn’t calm me down (lol). I love peppermint because it helps my headaches, relaxes me, and helps when I have nausea.

  21. If I get a sinus headache, nausea often occurs as well. I find that a very hot washcloth compress (as hot as you can tolerate), left on the forehead until it cools, provides relief. Most often, the procedure must be repeated a few times as soon as the washcloth cools. Peppermint will help calm the stomach, also.

  22. Tension Tamer has been great for tension headaches. So glad y’all had recommended this to me previously though a chat with customer service!

  23. Great advice I love that Plant Therapy takes an interest in informing me on how to use these amazing oils. Thank youn

  24. Great advice. I love that Plant Therapy is also interested in informing me on how to use these amazing oils. Thank you

  25. I love that you note that some people have tough reactions to strong smells. When an oil is too strong, I dilute it a bit more to diffuse it and it won’t overwhelm the air.

  26. I have experienced migraines, severe and tension headaches for many years and I wish I had known about essential oils then! I am so blessed that I now have Plant Therapy as the only oils that I use and can get rid of those annoying headaches! Thank God for Plant Therapy and all the information they provide on their site! I learn more about essential oils every time I’m on this amazing site! Thank you Plant Therapy!

  27. I never would of thought to combine lavender and peppermint together. Both are very necessary oils for a variety of purposes. Thanks for the information!

  28. I have tried peppermint to relieve headaches before, but I’ve never tried combining lavender and peppermint for relieving headaches. Thanks for the tip!

  29. Very helpful tips. I appreciate so much how your company takes time to write helpful articles to inform your customers.

    1. I have found that both peppermint and lavender oils are helpful for headaches. I use a warm compress instead of a cool compress, it works much better for me!

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