March Oil of the Month Reveal: Decalepis Hamiltonii Absolute

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Decalepis Hamiltonii

March Oil of the Month Reveal: Decalepis Hamiltonii Absolute

Decalepis Hamiltonii is March’s Oil of the Month! Also known as Swallow Root and Vanipotent, this is a truly unique and exotic oil that we are excited to present to you.

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Decalepis Hamiltonii Absolute

Decalepis Hamiltonii is a shrub that can be found climbing up the rocky slopes in southern India. Because of the difficult terrain where this plant is found,  Decalepis Hamiltonii is mostly harvested in the wild or cultivated by local tribespeople. Once the root is extracted into an absolute, what’s left is an aroma of sweet gourmand and vanilla. That oh-so-pleasing fragrance is one of the many amazing things about this month’s oil.

In India,  the Ayurvedic system of medicine values this plant due to its many distinctive benefits. You can use it to ease stomach issues and stimulate the appetite. Simply mix a couple drops with your carrier oil and massage into the abdomen. You can also apply it to aged or damaged skin to promote healing.  When diffused, Decalepis Hamiltonii can also help calm the nerves. To create a relaxing and soothing blend, try combining it with Sandalwood, Bergamot, Orange or Vetiver.

As a fun little side note, a study published by the Journal of Pharmacy and Bio Allied Sciences found that extracts from this plant protect against age-related oxidative stress in rat brains. Because of their study, those scientists have suggested that Decalepis Hamiltonii can be used to treat neurological disorders. Now, we’re not saying that this essential oil can reverse aging . . . but it’d be pretty sweet if it did!

Please note, like our other absolutes, Decalepis Hamiltonii can become solid at temperatures below 72 degrees. If this happens, simply warm it in your hands or place it in an airtight plastic bag and submerge in warm water.

Absolute-ly Soothing Roll-On Blend

A sweet, woodsy blend with a hint of citrus to help you relax.

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Fill the roll-on bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Add Decalepis Hamiltonii and other essential oils. Roll on to wrists, back of neck or tops of feet.

*This blend is at a 3% dilution.

Some Things to Know

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15 thoughts on “March Oil of the Month Reveal: Decalepis Hamiltonii Absolute”

  • This is a very nice vanilla like scent. So far, it is the only 2020 Oil of the Month I’ve enjoyed. The others, including this new one in January and April are not great and not pleasant. February was way too overpowering. I really hope the rest of year yields better results like this oil. I always prefer single oils than blends. Blends are so personal and I prefer to make my own. While I have been pretty darn disappointed with the OOTM purchases, I would totally consider this one as a purchase if I ran out. It’s sweet and nutty. Good vanilla substitute.

  • I became an oil of the month club member and received this oil. I love it so much and want to buy a couple of bottles. Please tell me this is possible.

  • I love the fragrance of this oil, it is so lovely. I can’t wait to use it in home made products. Reminds me a little of sweet vanilla flowers.

  • I just signed up for oil of the month, can I still receive this one for March or will I get the April month oil?

    1. If you signed up today, you’ll receive April’s Oil of the Month, which hasn’t been revealed yet.

  • This really a lovely and special oil. I am looking forward to warmer temps where I don’t have to warm it. If I want to use it at bedtime I put all the other oils in the diffuser and then put this oils under me next to my heated bed pad for a minute or two to warm it up and then add a drop to the other oils.

    1. That’s a great way to warm the oil, Barbara. And hang in there, warmer weather is right around the corner!

  • The description of this oil during a live feed convinced me to be a member of the OOTM Club. I got the oil and I absolutely love it. I diffused it and then I had to go make a root beer float!. To me it smelled a lot like a root beer float!

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