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April Horoscope: Essential Oils by Astrological Sign

Welcome to our April Horoscope! Each month, we will go through astrological events and signs, pairing them with essential oils and blends to help you on your journey. Be sure to check back on the first of every month for your new horoscope.

*All essential oil recommendations are based on horoscopes retrieved from Astrology.com

Essential Oils by Astrological Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini


Marching on from the 21st of last month, your sign continues to dominate April’s horoscope until the 19th. With the Venus-Saturn trine on the fourth, your financial affairs and love life will find enduring stability. Aries tend to have an impulsive drive and ambition that might come off as crass to co-workers and friends. So during the square between Mars and Uranus on the seventh, exercise a bit of caution as you feel the need to rid yourself of restrictions and obstacles.

When Mercury enters your sign on the tenth, you’ll feel free to speak bluntly, which can be good or bad depending on the audience. As you near the end of April, a Sun-Uranus conjunction brings the spontaneity you love so much. Enjoy!

  • Sensual: This stimulating blend can help you enjoy the renewed vitality that your love life might experience.
  • Meditation: As you remove obstacles and fulfill your desire to speak bluntly, Meditation can help you to do so conscientiously.



The month of April brings plenty of opportunities for the Taurus when it comes to money and relationships. On the third, Venus joins with Gemini and will assist you with logical thinking, especially when it comes to romance and finances. When Mercury enters Aries on the tenth, you’ll feel self-assured and confident in communication. Try not to let your confidence come off as arrogance.

When April 19th rolls around, the Sun enters Taurus and should calm things down a bit. It’s a great time to relax, wine and dine, and treat yo’self overall. But make it a short break, because the new moon on the 22nd will inspire you to find creative new ways to make money.

  • Brain Aid: Because you’re making money moves, our Brain Aid blend can help keep your mind sharp. Carry it with you in a personal inhaler, or a roll-on.
  • Lavender: Capitalize on the calm you experience when the Sun enters Taurus by using Lavender to bring your relaxation to the next level.



In early April you will find many new and exciting choices headed your way. But decision-making can be tough with so many options, and long-term planning isn’t always easy for you. Take a deep breath, and exercise some careful consideration for what comes next. Fortunately, on April third the conjunction of Mercury (your ruler) and Neptune will elevate your intuition, helping you find your way.

On the tenth, Mercury enters Aries and you’ll do away with political correctness by saying what you mean, unfiltered. Use this time to forge new friendships with people who share your values and vision. And when Mercury moves into Taurus on the 27th, really dig in and lay some foundations for your new friendships.

  • Invigor Aid: This blend can help bring about mental alertness and agility while you’re confronting new opportunities.
  • Blood Orange: If you’re stressing out about forming new friendships or devising long-term plans, use Blood Orange to help ease nervous tension and lighten up the mood.

Essential Oils by Astrological Sign: Cancer, Leo, Virgo


On the fourth, the Venus-Saturn trine is ripe with opportunities to bolster your personal relationships. So this is a good time to try out different vantage points to rediscover what those relationships mean to you, and what you mean to them. On the seventh, a Libra full moon will afford you even more clarity toward your intimate, as well as professional relationships.

As the month progresses, beware of the overconfident attitude that might arise during the Sun-Jupiter square, and be careful with any addictive substances as you feel the urge to overdo things. As the month concludes, be mindful of your level of safety and security and really think about what you need to feel stable.

  • Clarity: As you take another look at your relationships, why not give your mental focus an added boost with this decisive blend?
  • Eucalyptus Globulus: Double-down on clarity and mental acuity with this popular essential oil.



Leo’s April horoscope could be exciting or stressful. You might feel the need to rid yourself of any limiting factors and do something truly spontaneous and extreme. Because of that, be careful not to go too far.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 11th, you’ll also feel a bit less reserved when speaking. This candid communication could manifest in unfortunate ways, so try to be courteous during interactions with others. Alternatively, this sudden burst of confidence might work to your advantage if harnessed properly. Use it! As you near the end of the month, take advantage of the grounding energy produced when Taurus enters the Sun (you might just need it).

  • Fantastic Franks: All hail the king! This blend of four different species of Frankincense is perfect for helping a stressed-out Leo’s sense of well-being.
  • Blues Buster: You might be feeling down if you’ve gone a little too far with your spontaneous decisions or conversations. That’s okay. Use Blues Buster to help lift your spirits.



Your leader Mercury will be conjoining with Neptune at the onset of April, so your ideas and feelings will be difficult to convey. But fear not, because when Mercury enters Aries on the tenth, a complete reversal of this troubling trend will take place. Now is the time to be direct and deliberate and to neatly sidestep anyone or anything that stands in your way.

Later on in the month, you’ll feel a strong desire to seek the pleasure and leisure that you deserve. So enjoy yourself, because very soon a new moon will remind you to stay focused on your goals and push you to keep working at them.

  • Basil Linalool: Expressing your ideas and feelings requires a little brainpower. Use Basil to promote calm, focus and relaxation.
  • Vetiver: This oil can help you to achieve balance and can stimulate your senses. Or you can use it at bedtime to help bring about a calm mind.

Essential Oils by Astrological Sign: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Opportunities abound for you in early April. It’s a good idea to pay attention to new options in love and finance as they present themselves to you. Be careful not to get sidetracked! The seventh of April will bring a full moon in your balanced sign and if there are any new endings (or new beginnings), this will help you come to terms with that.

About midmonth, the Sun will square with Jupiter, bringing you confidence and optimism. So you should try to be resilient and hold fast to those features because the slightest change might disrupt your positive mindset.

  • Hocus Focus: Need help when overwhelmed with opportunity? Keep your eyes on the prize and stay on-task with this energizing blend.
  • Blue Tansy: This captivating essential oil is well known for helping with self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm. Perfect for you when the Sun is squaring with Jupiter this month.



Because of the Venus-Saturn trine, the start of April will be an ideal time for you to reflect on your commitments, both professional and private. Use this as an opportunity to make big decisions and sign those dotted lines on beneficial agreements.

A square between Mars (your co-ruler) and Uranus on the seventh could work well with your new plans. You’ll have a boost of inspiration and the determination to help you follow-through. Try to recall that determination midmonth, when the square between the Sun and Pluto (your other ruler) will expose suppressed memories and thoughts. Face them head-on and come out stronger for it. As April concludes, Mercury will enter Taurus, strengthening your resiliency, and highlighting your innate ability to express ideas clearly and effectively.

  • Chill Out: Negative thoughts rising to the surface? This blend was created to evoke a sense of peace and calm, which could be great for this April horoscope.
  • Ylang Ylang Complete: When reflecting on your commitments, and making new ones, Ylang Ylang can help center the mind and bring on a sense of peace.



With the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on the fourth, you will have an elevated drive for getting things done. Hold on to that, because the Sun-Jupiter square on the 15th will cause dramatic highs and lows, and it might be difficult to maintain the work tempo you started with.

On the 22nd, a new moon in Taurus affords you the time you need to find a more stable environment, so enjoy that mini-vacay. Mercury moves into Taurus a few days later, however, and this movement usually slows communications down even more. You should pay attention and be careful not to let it slow you down too much.

  • Wood Spice: This blend is perfectly-suited for soothing an overactive mind.
  • Lime: Known best for uplifting and clearing the mind, use Lime to achieve a balance between your highs and lows.

Essential Oils by Astrological Sign: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


The Venus-Saturn trine on April 4th is your chance to approach financial, professional, and romantic investments with renewed vigor. Dive deep and get it done! On the tenth, you’ll feel a sudden shift in your willingness to self-disclose. So you’ll probably tell people openly what you want and need, and get plenty of stuff off your chest. Enjoy the lightened load!

As you move further along, the 21st brings a Sun-Saturn square that might snap back on you a bit. Here, your duties will likely outweigh your desires, and though it might not be enjoyable, it will be fulfilling. So come at it with a smile. When Mercury enters Taurus on the 27th, things will slow down for you and let you reign in unrealistic dreams or goals.

  • Coffee: Use Coffee essential oil as a stimulating pick-me-up throughout the day.
  • Pink Grapefruit: You might feel fatigued from digging into your financial and emotional investments. Use Pink Grapefruit to put some pep in your step.



Venus moves into Gemini on the third, so you’ll feel detached from financial and romantic relationships. Your thoughts could be scattered and your focus constantly shifting. This loosened-up, somewhat chaotic mindset might be worsened with a square between Mars and Uranus on the seventh. What few rules and regulations you were paying attention to before, might really fall by the wayside now. To be safe, try to get back in-step as much as you can.

On the 19th, the Sun will enter Taurus and your psyche will yearn to find a more traditional, old-fashioned way to behave. You’ll be looking for comfort and security (and that’s okay). As April comes to a close, the Sun-Uranus conjunction will instill in you a desire to right the wrongs of the world. You can help, and you’ll enjoy doing it.

  • Clear Intuition: According to your April horoscope, you might want to use this blend to quiet the mind and encourage introspection.
  • Clary Sage: Find yourself in a calming, soothing atmosphere with help from the ever-so-popular Clary Sage.



Your April horoscope is highlighted by a dramatically heightened imagination. Your dreams and visions could be extremely stimulating. This is the time for creative types to do what they do best. On the tenth, you can really flesh out all of those fantastical ideas, because when Mercury enters Aries, your energy will become aggressive and expressive.

On the 15th, a Sun-Jupiter square could lead a vulnerable Pisces to feel uncertain about the direction they’re headed in. Try not to question your good fortune and don’t worry about the future. When Mercury enters Taurus, you’ll have ample opportunity to really sit down and think things through. Take your time, breathe deep, and find your center.

  • Balance: Slow down a little so that you can really harness your creativity with this calming blend. Carry this roll-on with you when you’re on the go.
  • Joyful Creation: Use this blend to help nurture inspired creativity, and joyfully move forward past uncertainty.


April 2020 Astrological Events

  • 3rd: Venus enters Gemini
  • 7th: Full Moon in Libra
  • 11th: Mercury enters Aries
  • 19th: Sun enters Taurus
  • 28th: Mercury enters Taurus

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