Which Germ-Busting, Immune-Boosting Blend Should You Choose?

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Which Germ-Busting, Immune-Boosting Blend Should You Choose?

Plant Therapy Immune Aid, Germ Fighter & Defender

Plant Therapy believes in giving our customers the best experience possible while helping them achieve a fulfilling, amazing life. And part of that is living happy, healthy lives. We offer several germ-busting and immune-boosting blends to help support and strengthen the body and overall wellbeing. Let’s take a look at some of these incredible blends so you can decide which one is right for you and your family.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Essential Oil Blend

Germ Fighter

Germ Fighter was created to protect you from seasonal threats and symptoms that occur during times like winter (or really any time). It’s packed full of some of the strongest essential oil plants and nature has to offer. Germ Fighter will help keep your body on high alert once exposed to unwanted threats such as illness. To help keep yourself well, mix one drop of Germ Fighter into one tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil and massage into your feet before bed, and again upon waking. Germ Fighter also smells great when diffused! Just be sure to diffuse it in small increments (we recommend 15 minutes on, 30-60 minutes off), and to keep it away from children.

Plant Therapy Germ Destroyer Essential Oil Blend

Germ Destroyer

Germ Destroyer is our KidSafe equivalent of Germ Fighter. It boasts ingredients like Sweet Marjoram, Spruce, and Rosalina which are gentle enough for children, yet highly effective and powerful against the small things that hold you down during times of unwanted threats. Not only are these oils great for children, but they are also perfect for adults as well. Rest assured that with our Germ Destroyer blend, your whole family will be on the road to good health and wellbeing. Using our Germ Destroyer blend is simple. Apply a 2-3% dilution to your child’s chest using one of your favorite unscented lotions or creams. Alternatively, use our Germ Destroyer blend in all of your favorite household-cleaning DIYs for year-round support. 

Plant Therapy immune-boosting Immune Aid Essential Oil Blend

Immune Aid

Let’s face it. As an adult, you probably do things that aren’t the greatest for your body or your immune system. Long hours at work, living on coffee, and maintaining high levels of pressure caring for your home and family all contribute to an immune system that is shot and needs a boost. That’s where Plant Therapy’s Immune Aid comes in. A special team of aromatherapists created this blend to help keep you healthy and to support the overall function of your immune system. This immune-boosting blend helps lift you up, energize you, and get you to where you need to be. It’s perfect for day-to-day support before your body becomes exposed to unwanted threats. Apply it to your neck and chest diluted to 2% in your favorite carrier oil, or diffuse it into the air.

Plant Therapy Immune Boom Essential Oil Blend

Immune Boom

Immune Boom is our KidSafe equivalent of Immune Aid. It’s the perfect choice to help keep your children healthy by supporting a regular immune system through times of stress, the challenges of school, and just everyday life. To help support a healthy immune system for your child, we recommend diffusing a few drops of Immune Boom in your home in the morning before school. You can also dilute our KidSafe Immune Boom into your favorite carrier oil at a 2-4% dilution and apply it down your child’s spine and on the tops of their feet. 

Plant Therapy Defender Essential Oil Roll-On


Our KidSafe Defender is an alternative to Immune Boom for those who don’t like the distinctly Dill aroma that our Immune Boom boasts. Defender, much like Immune Boom, helps support your children and family against the threat of seasonal illnesses with the immune-supportive essential oils of Blood Orange, Frankincense, Lavandin, Juniper, and more. Defender works perfectly diffused or applied to the chest and spine at a 2-4% dilution using your favorite carrier oil. 

No matter which way you decide to go, all these blends are amazing ways to help support the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

225 thoughts on “Which Germ-Busting, Immune-Boosting Blend Should You Choose?”

  1. Defender is my favorite! It smells amazing and it’s kid safe. My kids love it too. I have it diluted in a roller and apply it to the back of our necks every other day during cold season.

  2. Definitely want to try Germ Destroyer and Defender – definitely want to give our immune systems any help they can get right now 🙂

  3. This comment is a request for information on how to answer the question after reading the content. I read everything about the different immune building and protecting blends, but I couldn’t answer the question. I clicked on the line where the answer goes, then got kicked back to the content about the blends again all three times I tried to answer.
    How can I get my points?
    Thank you.

  4. I have tried immune boom, germ destroyer, germ fighter and Immune Aid and I love them all. I just need to try defender

  5. I will enjoy using Immune aid and germ buster. I much appreciate having this info so I will be successful in using these products.

  6. i like to diffuse immune boom or Germ Destroyer as I have small grandchildren visit frequently I really appreciate the KidsSafe formulas.

  7. We only need a couple of drops (2-3 )in the diffuser and Germ Fighter takes care of us as we go about our day!!

  8. Love both Germ Fighter and Immune Aid. Have been my go to blends for the last couple of years during the flu season and they have proven to be very effective!

    1. I purchased Germ Fighter and Immune aid last month, and am very happy with both blends. I’ve been diffusing the Immune Aid throughout the house during the day, and cleaning with the Germ Fighter. I have also made foaming hand soap with the Germ Fighter blend added to it. Both blends smell great while fighting germs and boosting immunity!

  9. Germ fighter is a little strong smelling for me and when i have the grandkids over however germ destroyer smells great! And i feel like its a great oil for boosting immunity and killing germs.

  10. I mix defender and or immune aide with my scent free lotion and apply it after every shower.
    I love the protection benefits and the way I smell.

  11. We use germ fighter everyday in the diffuser. But have germ destroyer ready to be ordered along with many other goodies and I can not wait!!. I am personally just truly beginning my Essential Oil journey with the oil company I have come to love.

  12. I have put both (Germ Fighter & Immune Aid) on my wish list for the next time I place an order. I’m a big fan of diffusing these

  13. I have all of these and use them depending on whether they’re for me or for my children, but hands down the one I reach for the most is germ fighter! I just love it diffused.

  14. I love Germ Fighter! We have diffused it multiple times when a family member was sick and have successfully stopped the illness with one person!

  15. I have yet to purchase/try immune aid. I love germ fighter and defender. Defender has such a calming effect while germ fighter has a spicey fiesty aroma. I have used both daily/nightly. Love these blends.

  16. I’ve used defender and germ destroyer, my favorite of the two I think is defender mostly because I love the scent, but they both work great!

  17. I make sure my husband and I always have both germ fighter and immune aid on hand! Germ fighter and organic lemon go into our hand sanitizer bottles and immune aid is often in our diffuser as my husband has asthma and a compromised immune system.

  18. I would probably try the Immune Aid for myself since I’m usually working myself way too hard on too little sleep. I’d do Germ Destroyer for my kids because kids are gross and like to stick their fingers in their faces 😉

  19. I love Germ Fighter! I use this in our diffusers and also in all my natural cleaning products. I’m thinking I need to try the Defender blend soon too!

  20. I have been using both the immune aid and germ fighter. I mix them in lotion and put on my feet at night before bed.

  21. I love diffusing Germ Destroyer! It’s definitely our favorite. But I also like to alternate diffusing Defender with a couple of drops of Orange Sweet.

  22. For myself it would be immune Aid. Both my children are adults now and therefore (until grandchildren come which better not be soon) I have no need for the child safe things. I do however have asthma which hinders my immune system a little bit more than average.

  23. I have not tried Immune-Aid yet but I plan to at some point. I love using Germ Destroyer for my daughter and Germ Fighter if my husband or I am sick! It smells really good and it helps you when you’re sick and it’s great for cleaning and disinfecting.

  24. Germ Fighter and Defender are my favorites!!!! I would recommend to everyone!! Thank you PT for the information!

  25. I have not tried the defender blend but I love all the oils that it is made of so I think that will be my next choice.

  26. I diffuser germ fighter in my house every night before we go to bed. It’s nice waking up to a fresh house knowing it’s working while we are sleeping! My daughter even put a bottle in her room and uses it while she sleeps. She is my germiphobe and it seems to give her peace of mind that it’s fighting for her.

  27. Love the Germ Fighter. We use it in our floor cleaner to provide an extra layer of disinfecting and add a clean scent to our home.

  28. Germ Fighter has the best scent, IMO. We love to diffuse this one during cold season. I use both of the kids safe blends on my kids whenever anyone in the house is sick. If I feel something coming on, I will use them as well. The immune boom def has a dill scent, but isn’t unbearable for us. I think defender is my least favorite scent, so I prefer to mix some lemon in with it when diffusing or using for cleaning.

  29. I have the Germ Fighter, used it to make a homemade room spray, it’s a really nice blend, but go easy on it, it’s potent (in a good way)! Next I will try the Defender as its got a combination of scents I’ve been wanting to try.

  30. Thank you for this information. It is very usually. I will be purchasing Germ Destroyer for my kids. I look forward to receiving my order.

    1. Germ Fighter has some very intense oils in the blend like Cinnamon and Clove. Because of that, they also have the most potential to cause irritation. Also, diffusing intermittently is all you need to enjoy the benefits (and it helps keeps you from going nose-blind).

  31. I have only tried Immune Aid and Germ Fighter which are both great. I would go with Germ Fighter because it smells so intensely good!

  32. Germ Destroyer is the synergy that speaks to me. I haven’t tried Rosalina yet, but I really like the combination of Sweet Marjoram and Spruce – can’t go wrong there!

  33. Unfortunately my husband didn’t like the smell of organic immune boom. We replaced it with defender and everyone was happy. I sometimes add a touch of sweet orange or bergamot and it’s heaven.

  34. We love Germ Destroyer for our whole family but I’m interested in trying Defender as well. We have Immune Boom, but not everyone in the family loves the dill in it.

  35. Germ fighter is our go-to, and it has come in clutch during the current pandemic; we have made our own hand sanitizers with this oil and we also use it in a roll-on a couple times throughout the day.

  36. I have germ defender and germ destroyer but haven’t tried the others! I use the non roller version for a multi purpose cleaning spray and added to liquid soap.

  37. I have been using Planet Fitness for a whole month now .i feel so positive whenever i pit on my Germ Fighter every time i step out of the house.especially in these rough times ,It has the ability to block and protect our bodies .Immune aid has also been alot of helped i feel my body much more alerted and up to any challenges.

  38. I love germ fighter, but I have an infant now, so I just bought the kid safe versions. I’m excited to start using those!

  39. I absolutely love Germ Fighter and Immune Aid! They are 2 of my favorite go to oils! I use them every day!

  40. I REALLY

    I really love Defender because of it’s fresh, clean scent! i find with the others that the cloves and cinnamon really just don’t agree with me.

  41. Germfighter is my choice! Definitely it is the best and the strongest defend option! It is a must in every family.

  42. Germ fighter is my favorite, I love the strong scent that’s how you know it’s working! All of these options are great depending on your specific situation.

  43. I use Germ Fighter whenever I feel something coming on or if I’ve been around someone who’s sick. I rarely get as sick as those around me now.

  44. In my preschool classroom, I alternate between Germ Destroyer and Immune Bloom (along with Calming the Child). Immune Bloom smells great!

  45. In my preschool classroom, I often alternate between Germ Destroyer and Immune Bloom (along with Calming the Child). Immune Bloom smells great!

  46. This was a great read. I have. recently purchased immune boom from you and absolutely love it. The kids as well. I like the smell of the dill in it.

  47. I love to diffuse germ fighter for the benefits and the smell! I also use it in all of my homemade cleaning products so I know that everything is being killed without having to use harsh chemicals.

  48. I like the Immune Aid diffused with a few drops of sweet orange and Germ Fighter diluted in a roller to apply daily to the bottom of my feet to stay healthy.

  49. I use germ fighter in my diffuser at work. The smell is nice and and it helps not just me but my coworkers !

  50. Although they’re all important, immune boom is what we use. We want to help support our immune system so that it can fight all the sickness going around

  51. I was already carrying inhalers and roll-ons each for Germ Fighter and Immune Aid. Now I’m making hubby use them too! Love PT and the great information they share. Thank you!

  52. I love Germ Fighter, Immune Aid, and Defender. However, I had the first two during chemo and used them a lot, so now I add a couple drops of orange to them so the smell doesn’t remind me of being ill during treatment. I’ve also been using Defender more lately since there’s no association between that and chemo.

  53. I love PT oils to make my own thieves oil blend with clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Plant Therapy oils are the best!

  54. We use Germ Fighter and Gem Defender for the kids. I’ll have to try Immune Boom in our home office, I love any citrus smell during the spring 🙂

  55. Very Helpful article, especially during these times. I’m an educator and this will be great for the classroom.

  56. Just got my Germ Fighter Synergy 30ml blend in the mail. Looking forward to diffusing and massaging it onto my feet! Is this one that I can use in a roll on? How many drops for a two ounce bottle?

    1. You can definitely use it in a roll-on! We recommend a 0.5-2% dilution for topical use. Try using 18 drops in a 2-ounce bottle for a 1% dilution.

  57. Thank you for this article. I am surprised plant therapy produce so many blend that include germ fighter, immune booster and defender.

  58. Just ordered our oils included are the germ fighter and the kids have a couple too. Looking forward to trying out Plant therapy for the 1st time.

  59. This was very helpful and informative. The hardest part about picking some blends is what the do and the ingredients in them.

  60. Such a good refresher for the use of these synergies. I have most of these but seem to have to come back to the website after not using one or another for a time. I appreciate the break down!

  61. I would love to know which of these blends would be best to use in a diffuser necklace to stay healthy during this time.

    1. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. But Immune Aid is always a great option to help boost your immune system so you can stay healthy.

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