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Which CBD+iso Product Should You Choose?

Plant Therapy is beyond excited to introduce to you CBD+iso! It combines CBD with a different isolate to help with specific issues that we all face. The Quiet Mind Collection is designed to help with stress, the Rest Easy Collection with sleep, and the Intense Relief Collection with pain. We go into a lot more detail about CBD, the different isolates, and the different collections here. We recommend starting there and coming back once you’ve finished.

If you’ve read all about CBD and you’re excited to try CBD+iso… but you’re not quite sure where to start, we can help! With three different collections and several kinds of products, it can definitely be a little overwhelming. All you need to do is ask yourself a few short questions and you’ll be ready to go.

Plant Therapy CBD+iso Oil Drops

Why Do You Want to Take CBD?

This one is pretty straightforward. Most people who try CBD (or are already taking CBD) have something specific in mind. And it might be as simple as overall health and wellbeing, or it might be one area that’s giving you trouble. The three CBD+iso collections target three issues: sleep, stress, and pain. If one of those jumps out at you, then you’re halfway there! If you experience disruptions in your sleep patterns, then start with one of the Rest Easy products. Or if stress and anxiety are bothersome, reach for Quiet Mind. And if you’re dealing with pain, then try Intense Relief. And if you’re just wanting more of a general CBD product, then our Everyday Wellness line has what you need.

CBD+iso Softgels

What Intensity Are You Dealing With?

Now that you know what CBD+iso collection to start with, you’re probably wondering what strength you should go with. To figure this out, you’ll need to answer two questions: have you ever taken CBD before and how intense is the issue you’re dealing with. If you’re new to CBD, it’s always a good idea to start small and work your way up (even if you feel like your concern is very intense indeed). Once you’ve worked out where you are with those two questions, check out the different kinds of products available in each collection.

Plant Therapy CBD+iso Roll-Ons

What’s Available in Each Collection?

There are quite a few supplement and topical options for each collection! Our Everday Wellness products feature only CBD, while CBD+iso includes CBD plus CBC, CBG, or CBN Isolates. You can read more about the different isolates and how they work together here. We’ve broken down what’s available and who it might be ideal for. Check it out:

  • Softgels: Ideal for CBD beginners, softgels are easy to take and are a great strength if you’re starting out with CBD or CBD+iso.
  • 500 mg Oil Drops: This strength is another fantastic option for beginners or anyone whose issue gives them trouble only occasionally. All of the CBD+iso oil drops also include 250 mg of the isolate specific to that collection. The oil drops are designed to be taken sublingually.
  • 1000 mg Oil Drops: If you’re more familiar with CBD, 1000 mg Oil Drops are a great place to start. They’re also ideal for someone whose issue is more persistent.
  • 2500 mg Oil Drops: If you love your CBD or feel your issue is at maximum, then 2500 mg CBD is for you. For those with less CBD experience, you might consider starting at 1000 mg and working your way up to this strength.
  • Body Oil: Topical products are another great choice for beginners. These body oils contain 150 mg CBD + 50 mg isolate, as well as carefully chosen essential oils. Body oils are ideal for full-body relaxation as well as massage. 
  • Roll-On: The CBD+iso roll-ons are at a higher strength, with 500 mg CBD + 100 mg isolate, than the Everday Wellness Roll-Ons which only have 200 mg CBD. This makes them well suited to spot applications as opposed to full-body applications. They’re great for beginners and seasoned CBD users alike.
  • Balms: Only available as part of the Intense Relief and Everyday Wellness collections, the Rapid Relief Balm, which includes an isolate, is available in tins or tubes in different strengths. It really boils down to which method of application is easiest for you. Or check out the Deep Relief Balms from Everyday Wellness.

CBD+iso Rest Easy Collection

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match!

The beauty of CBD+iso is that many of these products are designed to be used simultaneously. You can use a tincture and a roll-on, or a softgel and a body oil… or whatever combination you like! It allows for customization based on what works for you and what issues you’re dealing with. And you’re not limited to sticking within a collection. If you find work particularly stressful, you could use the Stress Roll-On to help you during the day and take the Quiet Mind Oil Drops before bed to help unwind. The possibilities are endless. And if you’re worried about taking too much CBD, it takes roughly 20,000 mg taken all at once to reach a toxic dose. Even then, you’ll be queasy and not feel great, but that’s about it. As long as you don’t start chugging bottles of the oil drops, you’ll be great.

Still Not Sure?

We hope this helped give a good idea of where to start. But if you’re still not sure what’s the best option for you, we have some amazing resources for you. You can take an interactive quiz or follow this handy flow chart. If you’re truly stumped, our Customer Satisfaction Team is always here to help you with any questions or concerns.


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