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June Horoscope: Essential Oils by Astrological Sign

June Horoscope: Essential Oils by Astrological Sign

It’s time for your June Horoscope! We’re pairing up essential oils with astrological events to assist you on your path. Take a look at all our past horoscopes so you can find more great oils for your sign!

*All essential oil recommendations are based on horoscopes retrieved from Astrology.com

June Horoscope: Aries, Taurus, Gemini


For Aries, June kicks off with a sun-Venus conjunction on the 3rd, which will help you in social engagements that could lead to new friendships. On the sixth, a sun-Mars square could prove to be a trying time for you, but you’ll make it through stronger than before.

And of course, the Mercury retrograde starts on the 17th —  be careful. Normally, you might be great at getting things done quickly and efficiently, but now is not the time for quick-fixes. Try to slow down, be deliberate, and avoid any shortcuts in work-related matters, and especially in relationships.

Venus enters Gemini on the 24th, so that should mean that any relationship troubles you’ve been having will begin to resolve. Just try not to rush it — at least not until mighty Mars enters your sign on the 27th. Then you can take the lead and show off some of your ingenuity and bravery.

  • Blue Tansy: This captivating essential oil is well known for helping with self-esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm. Perfect for the sun-Mars square on the sixth.
  • Balance: Use this blend to slow down during the Mercury retrograde. Carry this roll-on with you when you’re on the go.



The fifth brings a full-moon lunar eclipse in reactionary Sagittarius, and is a good reason to avoid making any big decisions for a while, even though you’ll want to just YOLO during this lunation. You might still have difficulty making good decisions with the sun-Neptune square on the 11th, so continue to try and hold back on impulsivity.

On the 20th, a solar eclipse in sensitive Cancer will make you question newer relationships you’ve been fostering. Trust your intuition during this time, and take a minute to ask big questions about new people in your life. When Neptune retrogrades in Pisces on the 22nd, you’ll find yourself playing a little defense. Mistakes and regrets that you’ve hidden away could suddenly be revealed. Your June Horoscope might not be the most uplifting right now, but don’t worry, you’ve got great things on the horizon, Taurus.

  • Buddha Wood: Early this month, you could benefit from a balanced, meditative mindset (don’t YOLO, Taurus!).
  • Chill Out: Mistakes and regrets rising to the surface? Let it all go with this blend.



The charm and wit of a sun-Venus conjunction in your sign on June third enhances those desirable traits for you. But look out, because Venus is retrograde, and your past might come back to bite you. Just take it as it comes, be true to yourself and don’t let what’s already done get the best of you. The power of a sun-Mars square on the sixth will make things a bit rough for you. Your social engagements will feel mostly negative and you’ll be quick to anger. Take a breath, and shift your vantage point as often as you need to.

On the 17th the Mercury Retrograde in home-body Cancer could complicate plans you have for home improvements or other tasks related to your domicile. It might be best to take a break, or just go with the flow in the face of adversity. June 24th brings finance-focused Venus into your sign, making this a great time for money-minded planning. Build that budget, start an emergency fund, or even start investing.

  • Clary Sage: Use this calming oil to help ease emotionality during the sun-Mars square or find clarity during the Mercury Retrograde.
  • Brain Aid: Getting your money together? Use Brain Aid while you research your best budget. Carry it with you in a personal inhaler, or a roll-on.

Cancer, Leo, Virgo


June fifth brings a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, so your emotions will be unpredictable. Try not to make any big decisions right now. Those rampant emotions will lead right into a disorienting sun-Neptune square on the seventh, encouraging procrastination and avoidance of any decisions at all. Try to find some balance.

The summer solstice occurs just as the Sun enters your sign on the 20th. This new season is the perfect time to unabashedly show off your abilities. Do something big to show yourself, and others, just how special you are. The energy of a Mars and Aries combo on the 27th will give you a huge boost of confidence. You can do anything, and so you should! Let the haters hate while they watch you accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

  • Ylang Ylang Complete:  Use Ylang Ylang to help form a peaceful foundation when your emotions feel unstable in early June.
  • Pink GrapefruitYou’ll be taking charge from the 20th till the end of June, and this could be exhausting. Use Pink Grapefruit to recharge your batteries



Explore new relationships when the Sun joins affectionate Venus and uninhibited Gemini on the third. Since Venus is also in retrograde, you’ll be thinking about the past a lot, so use that to your advantage and let lessons from the past guide decisions about your future. Due to the full moon eclipse in Sagittarius on the fifth, you might be extremely impulsive and spontaneous, and that could be bad. Now’s a good time to second-guess your motivations behind making quick decisions.

The dreaded Mercury retrograde in Cancer starts on the 17th and will disrupt any plans you might have made. Just take it easy right now and don’t try to organize any large events — especially those that involve family. Have you been struggling with a difficult relationship? When loving Venus enters talkative Gemini on the 24th, you’ll have an opportunity to make things right. If you did something wrong, maybe now’s the time to say you’re sorry. If you were wronged, it might be time to offer forgiveness. This will be difficult, sure, but you’ll feel better once things are back on track.

  • Basil Linalool: Need a little help slowing down during the eclipse in Sagittarius? This oil can help bring calm and focus to an impulsive mind.
  • Loving CompassionDon’t skip out on an opportunity to restore a damaged relationship on the 24th. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little compassion to yourself and others, right?



When the sun and Venus conjoin with Gemini on the third, you’ll make exciting new connections. Be open to them, because these new people could lead to something amazing. On the sixth, a sun-Mars square often incites a disruptive sense of competition between people, but for Virgo, it’s an opportunity to work wonders. With the right mindset, you’ll leap over barriers and burst through oppressive ceilings. Just stay focused and determined.

Mercury’s retrograde on the 17th will make things difficult (no surprise there). Just trust your gut-instinct, Virgo, and you can power through any disagreeable situations. When tender Venus joins Gemini on the 24th be prepared for positive developments in your love life, as well as your financial situation. Be open, be ready, and enjoy yourself.

The 27th brings about a powerful combination with Mars entering Aries. This is your chance to finish projects and ideas that fell by the wayside, and start on exciting new ones!

  • Hocus Focus: Stay focused during the disruption of the sun-Mars square on the sixth so that you can come out ahead.
  • Ho Wood: Use Ho Wood to promote relaxation and deal with the difficulties Mercury in retrograde will create.

June: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius


A Saggitarius full moon eclipse on the fifth will have a significant effect on you, but you might not see the results for a while. The energy created by the eclipse will be erratic too, so maybe avoid making any big decisions for a while. A confusing sun-Neptune square crops up on the 11th, leading to some disorientation and an inability to focus. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do, and that’s probably a good plan for you right now.

A boost in creativity (especially regarding family affairs) is something you should take advantage of during the Cancer new moon on the 20th. You have a lot to offer your loved ones, and your creative flow could help them a great deal right now. When warmhearted Venus enters outspoken Gemini on the 24th, both your personal finances and your love life will be reinvigorated. Use this time to get more acquainted and make some positive forward progress.

  • Clarity: Early to mid-June is going to be a bit confusing for you, so it’s the perfect time to seek some clarity.
  • Joyful Creation: Use this blend to maintain that creative flow during the Cancer new moon on the 20th.



Early June brings Scorpio the impulsivity of a full moon eclipse in Sagittarius on the fifth. This could be fun for you, but also disastrous to any plans you might have made. The sun-Neptune square on the 11th is going to be disorienting and confusing. Want answers? Now’s probably not the time to expect them. Take advantage of your intuitive prowess, Scorpio, and let it guide out of difficult situations.

A new moon in dramatic Cancer on the 20th will make you feel emotional, especially in regards to new situations. But if you let your creative self shine and embrace diversity and adversity, this could all turn out great! Mars (your co-ruler) enters Aries on the 27th and the power this combination provides is nothing to scoff at. It’s time to stop procrastinating, and get things done, Scorpio.

  • Clear IntuitionHone your intuitive powers with this amazing blend during the sun-Neptune square.
  • PetitgrainPetitgrain is a great choice to help ease intense emotions, so try it out on the 20th.



Early June will be a bit of a rollercoaster for you, Sagittarius. Because of the full moon eclipse in your fiery sign on the 5th, you’ll want to be impulsive and reactionary — try not to be. Think about long-term consequences over short-term results. The wild ride that started earlier this month might pick up speed when  Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th.  Things won’t go as planned, and you’re going to be hypersensitive to that. Rely on your intuition to get you through the worst of it.

Some clarity will be afforded to you on the 22nd when the idealist Neptune retrogrades in Pisces. This might be a bit jarring initially, because seeing the truth of the matter isn’t always how you want to see it, but if you’re open to this new clarity, it can be highly beneficial.

With a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto on the 30th, your optimism will be restored and you’ll see just how far you can go with a little bit of confidence. Aim high and enjoy your lofty achievements!

  • Meditation: Your wild ride through mid-June necessitates a bit of mindfulness. Use this blend to help with that.
  • Juniper Berry: You might need to double-up on calming, meditative oils this month, and Juniper Berry is a great choice for that.

Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


Love and money, Capricorn. June starts for you with a sun-Venus conjunction in Gemini that will open you up to new beneficial opportunities with friends, lovers, and finances. Don’t be greedy! Sagittarius’ full moon eclipse on the fifth will encourage impulsivity, which is not necessarily a bad thing. just exercise caution and weigh the benefits of momentary fun versus long-term consequences.

When Mercury retrogrades in domiciliary Cancer on the 17th, you should anticipate communicative difficulties related to the homelife (and beyond). Make an extra effort to be clear and considerate when conversing, and don’t let misinterpretations bog you down too much. On the 24th Venus will complete its retrograde in Gemini and your love and money issues will begin to stabilize. Ignore the urge to make sudden changes. Just enjoy the good fortune and the fruits of your labor from the beginning of this month and wait for things to calm down.

  • EnergyEnergy will help you follow up on all the opportunities that June provides, Capricorn.
  • Bergamot: Use Bergamot to support your mental health and clarity of mind during the Mercury retrograde.



It’ll be hard for you to make a decision and stick to it because of a sun-Mars square in perplexed Pisces on the 6th. Maybe take a moment to just “be” and don’t try to solve any major problems or make any big moves in regards to money or romance. Your indecisiveness will be hard to shake with a sun-Neptune square on the 11th, but now your intuition should be working a little better, so let it guide you and just keep on truckin’.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle on the 17th brings it into sensitive Cancer, which isn’t going to help with this confusing time at all, but hey, at least you still have your intuitive abilities. On the 27th, powerful Mars joins with intense Aries and now you can finally shake free of all the doubt and indecision that has plagued this month. Stand up straight, put your best foot forward, take the lead and you’ll find yourself making some serious progress toward your life goals.

  • Citrus Burst: You could definitely use some assistance with your decision-making process this month. Citrus Burst’s uplifting, stimulating, and invigorating benefits can help get you out of the funk.
  • Blues Buster: You might be feeling down with all the confusion. Use Blues Buster to help lift your spirits.



June sixth brings a vocal Gemini sun into a square with combative Mars creating a hostile environment that you aren’t going to like. The competitive nature of this situation will really drag you down, Pisces, and though a reclusive response might feel like the proper reaction, it will only draw unwanted attention. Stay in the game! Continuing into the 11th, the sun squares with Neptune in your gentle sign. Decision-making will be difficult for you and there will be little hope of you hiding away from some difficult situations.

Thankfully, you’ll be feeling better with a new moon in Cancer on the 20th. Someone close to you is going to have a profound and positive experience that is sure to restore your optimism about the future. On the 22nd, Neptune goes retrograde in your daydreaming sign, giving you a clear picture of what’s really going on in the world. You’ll be disappointed with this sudden dose of clarity, but not necessarily surprised. You knew that you couldn’t hide away forever, and you’ll be pleased when you realize that things aren’t as bad as you thought they might be.

  • Grounded FoundationYou’ll be out of your comfort zone for most of this month, so you’ll want to set up a solid foundation to deal with whatever happens.
  • Vetiver: This oil can help you to achieve balance, stimulate your senses, or get some much-needed sleep — all things a Pisces might need help with this month.

Thanks for reading! Have a comment on your June Horoscope or an oil recommendation for people who share your sign? Post it below!


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    1. We’re so glad you loved them! Unfortunately, not enough people were reading them, so we couldn’t justify continuing with the series. But we are looking for other fun ways to combine your horoscope with essential oils!

  • I am a Cancer and have been trying to make a last min decision about my 40th bday trip since Hawaii is closed. Now i understand a little more why nothing seems to workout. Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang all month long!!!!!

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