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Naturally Blended

The Summertime Set & Our Favorite Outdoor DIYs

Summertime Set

Our Summertime Set is here just in time for blue skies, beach days, and family vacays! This is a limited-edition set of three essential oil blends that you can use to supplement your favorite DIYs and all the things that summer brings.



This blend uses oils like Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, Frankincense and more to create a citrusy-sweet floral scent with woodsy backnotes. In other words, Sunshine smells like summer and helps create a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for an afternoon siesta. The blend is uplifting and bright, but also calming and soothing — just like the perfect summer day.

Some Things to Know

Beach Day

Beach Day

Can’t make it to the beach? That’s all right, let Plant Therapy bring the beach to you! With fresh-scented Cypress, citrusy Orange, woodsy Copaiba, spicy Black Pepper, Coriander, and calming Roman Chamomile, you can have a beach day anyplace, anytime. Like the salty air of your favorite sandy retreat, Beach Day is invigorating and promotes easier breathing.

Some Things to Know

Mountain Air

Mountain Air

Summertime is filled with outdoor activities. To help you unwind after a busy day of ball games, beach parties, and summer fun, use Mountain Air for a well-deserved peaceful break. The calming and soothing scents of Bergamot, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Atlas Cedarwood, and Lavender make a blend that’s reminiscent of weekends spent at a lakeside mountain retreat. Close your eyes and imagine fireflies dancing and a cool evening breeze sweeping in from the countryside.

Some Things to Know

Woman reading on the beach

Outdoor DIYs

Our Summertime Set can bring the scents of summer inside. But what about when you’re out and about in the great outdoors? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite DIYs to use while you enjoy the best parts of summer.

Summer Dreams Body Spray

This body spray keeps you smelling fabulously fresh and ready to keep those fun-filled summer days and nights going. Use Mountain Air, Beach Day, or Sunshine!

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Combine one of the Summer Blends with your Everclear. Pour into your 100 mL glass bottle and add water to fill. Shake well, then use!

Sun Soother

Get a bit too much sun? Try using this Sun Soother DIY to help with the discomfort that goes with the burn.

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Dilute in an ounce of Aloe Vera Jelly and gently apply where it’s needed.

shield me
Non-Toxic Natural Pest Spray

Mosquitoes, sand gnats and chiggers, oh my! Bugs can really put a damper on summer evenings relaxing by the water. Ward off buzzing summertime threats with this great-smelling Natural Pest Spray.

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:  

Add 72 drops of Nature Shield to 1 ounce of Everclear to your bottle. Let the mixture sit while the essential oils meld with the Everclear. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake well.

OR, try out our Outdoor Essential Oil Wipes.

Summer Nights Body Oil

Nourish and rejuvenate your summertime skin with this light, moisturizing body oil.

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix your essential oils with your carrier oil in a small bowl, then pour it into your pump bottle. Apply to dry areas for silky, smooth, and fantastically scented skin.

Want more outdoor DIYs? Peruse blog entries like this one, or check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!

87 thoughts on “The Summertime Set & Our Favorite Outdoor DIYs”

  1. Reading this post made me want this set! Summer is my favorite season and this would only make it better

  2. I need this set! our plans got cancelled, but this blends can help us feeel that we are in our favorite vacation spot!… Thanks for all the info posted!

  3. I love the recipe for the bug spray and the body spray. I love using peppermint as well to ward off summer pests.

  4. love how recipes are included withe the oils you order. makes life much easier! than you for having a fantastic product.

  5. The best at informative details about the good and overall benefits from Eos. These new summery products sure would create the best environment

    1. You’re definitely not missing something. The alcohol content evaporates incredibly quickly and acts as a great preservative and emulsifier for your oils. But we also recognize that using Everclear with your kiddos is a completely personal choice. There is a possibility of absorbing some of the alcohol but it would likely take a very high percentage (more than the 25% we use in our recipes) of it to have an effect. We recommend personal research and doing what you feel is best for your own family.

  6. Wonderful blog especially at this time of quarantine. This a especially hard on me now more than ever as I am suffering from a vertebral fracture at L1. My oils are helping me cope.

  7. They all sound wonderful. Hoping to get the Beach oil during JCAM! PT has the best information for their products!

    1. Lavender really is the best when it comes to burns. But if it’s not an option, then use more drops of Frankincense and Helichrysum to make up the difference.

  8. So happy to find new blends that are dog safe & better yet an entire set! Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for listening! Hope this will continue. It’s so frustrating when new blends come out that but for 1 ingredient I can’t diffuse. Thanks also for making June’s OotM pup & pony safe too!

  9. So excited to have found this company and the fact they have seasonal releases (because I’m all about holidays and seasons) make me love them more!

    1. You can either use the highest proof alcohol you can find or use witch hazel with Polysorbate 20 as an emulsifier.

    1. If you can’t get Everclear, you can either use the highest proof vodka you can find or witch hazel and Polysorbate 20.

  10. I’m glad this set is Pup and Pony Safe! It’s rare to find the whole set safe for dogs. They sound lovely! Also, appreciate the sun burn recipe! Just moved to the lake and I really need it!

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