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Get Your Feet Off the Dash Wipes and Other DIYs for Dads

Get Your Feet Off the Dash Wipes & Other DIYs for Dads

Dads. They are there for us. And whether they’re strong and silent, or talkative and charismatic, dads have good advice when we’re in need. They are great teachers of life lessons and do-it-yourself car and home repairs and so much more. Dad taught us a lot, but most importantly, he taught us to keep our feet off the dashboard, turn the lights off when we leave a room, and to never, ever, touch the thermostat. Grab a blanket or throw on some shorts for crying out loud, money doesn’t grow on trees! And now, you can save a little money too with these quirky DIYs for dads.

And there’s another thing that rings true for dads, whether your dad is biological, a teacher, mentor, brother, or even your boss, they’re hard to shop for. Even when we think we’ve finally found the perfect gift, they receive it with a smile, then 5 years later it’s still collecting cobwebs in a closet, right? Let’s try something else.  A couple of practical Dad-centered DIYs can be found below, and we’re including printable labels so you can slap those on and personalize them as you see fit.

Get Your Feet off the Dash Wipes

Get Your Feet Off The Dash Wipes

Make your favorite driver his very own custom-scented dash cleaning wipes. These things do a great job getting rid of dirt, restoring shine, and smelling great (and manly). Dash wipes are one of our favorite DIYs for dads.

  • 1 large container with lid
  • 1 roll thick paper towels
  • 3 Tbsp Hazelnut Carrier Oil
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 9 drops Wood Spice

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What You’ll Do

Combine essential oils with the carrier oil. Then add all liquid ingredients to the large container and mix well. Cut the roll of paper towels in half with a serrated knife and remove the cardboard roll from the middle. Add the towels to your jar, put the lid on, and shake till the towels are saturated. Starting with the innermost towel, remove one at a time and use on dad’s dashboard, seats, or other surfaces.  store in the fridge and use within a week.

For a printable version, click here

Get Your Feet Off the Dash and Other DIYs for Dads

Man-Hands Healing Balm

Is Lavender good for the skin? Yes. Does Lavender smell more…. feminine? Also, yes. So get Dad some healing balm that will be good to his rough hands after a long day of work and leave him smelling like a manly man who does man stuff.

What You’ll Need:

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What You’ll Do:

Melt Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Beeswax over a double boiler. Remove from heat and add Jojoba Oil and essential oils. Stir well and pour it into your containers. Allow to cool before use.

Printable labels can be found here.

Don’t Touch the Thermostat Deodorant

Dad gets pretty serious about the thermostat. He’s not made of money, you know. So he might be sweating a bit much in the summer heat. That’s okay, the family can save money, and dad can smell great with this cooling deodorant DIY!

What you’ll need

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What You’ll Do

Over a double boiler melt Beeswax Pearls and Shea Butter. Remove from heat and whisk in dry ingredients and essential oils. Pour into an empty deodorant tube and let sit until hard.


Get Off My Lawn Diffuser Blend

Dads put a lot of work into the lawn, so don’t go messing it up by walking all over it! Use this blend to create the soothing aroma of fresh-cut grass on a warm summer day.

What You’ll Need:

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What You’ll Do:

Add essential oils to your diffuser and enjoy the fresh-cut grass fragrance.

Want more DIYs? Check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!


3 thoughts on “Get Your Feet Off the Dash Wipes & Other DIYs for Dads”

  • For the dash wipes, can this be converted into a spray format to use with a cloth? Also, what other oil would work since I don’t have hazelnut. Is a preservative needed?

    1. Yep, you can use whatever carrier oil you like. And while it would work as a spray, you risk getting some on your car windows, which may be harder to get off. A preservative is not needed as long as you store it in the fridge and use it within one week. Or you can add a preservative to extend the shelf life.

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