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Naturally Blended

Post Pool Party Soothing Gel DIY

Soothing Gel DIY

What could be more quintessentially summer than a pool party! You can soak in the summer sun while you relax on a floaty, dangle your feet in the water or do a cannonball off the diving board. But as fun as it is to spend time at the pool, your skin might be in need of some extra care. Maybe you spent too much time in the sun without refreshing your sunscreen or maybe the chlorine has left your skin feeling dry and irritated. Treat your skin to this moisturizing and soothing Post Pool Party Soothing Gel. It starts by combining our ultra-soothing Aloe Jelly, which already works wonders for sunburns, with Sunflower Oil, which is packed with vitamins A, B, D, and E for extra skin conditioning. Plus Lavender, Manuka, and Sandalwood essential oils all bring their calming, soothing, and restorative properties to the mix.  

Post Pool Party Soothing Gel DIY

Post Pool Party Soothing Gel

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix ingredients, add to a 4-oz flip-top bottle, and shake well. Add a small amount to your hand and massage it into your skin after swimming.

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9 thoughts on “Post Pool Party Soothing Gel DIY”

  1. Thank you for the recipe. I’ve been using oregano oil to help alleviate sunburn. I look forward to trying this recipe soon.

  2. For the Post Pool Party Soothing Gel, if you have Lavender Aloe Jelly, do you still add the essential oils? Can you sub sunflower for meadowfoam or Almond?

    1. If you have Lavender Aloe Jelly, you can leave out the Lavender Essential Oil and just add the other two oils. And you can definitely substitute Sunflower for either of the carriers you have on hand.

  3. Ah, I needed this last week. I had a terrible sunburn, However aloe jelly and Lavender Infused Frankincense did the trick! Know I know what to use for next time!

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