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Plant Therapy Peach Artemisia

July Oil of the Month Reveal: Peach Artemisia

Our Oil of the Month Club is back with another amazing and completely unique essential oil! Peach Artemisia has a fruity, herbaceous aroma and is grown right here in the USA.

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Plant Therapy Peach Artemisia

Peach Artemisia

Peach Artemisia, also known as Owyhee, is a fruity artemisia found in the Owyhee region of the western United States. This oil is steam distilled from plants that grow in the wilds of Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho. This Oil of the Month has a silky, delicate aroma with a nuanced honey scent. The top note is fruity with a hint of balsamic, while the peachy backnote gives it its name. It is an ideal oil for DIY perfumes or cologne blends.

Peach Artemisia has many therapeutic benefits to complement its unique scent. When used topically, Peach Artemisia offers restorative properties that help with redness and irritation on the surface, while soothing sore muscles and joints underneath. To apply topically, dilute to 2-3% in a carrier. When used for diffusing, Peach Artemisia is also a calming oil that can help ease anxiety and promote deep, restful sleep. Diffuse 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water or use in a personal inhaler before bed.

Peach Artemisia

Sunburn Soother Jelly

What You’ll Need:

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What You’ll Do:

Combine essential oils with your Aloe Jelly. Apply to sunburned skin for some soothing relief.


Some Things to Know

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16 thoughts on “July Oil of the Month Reveal: Peach Artemisia”

  • I’ve had this for months but never used, I guess because I was using a lot of my summer blends and then we went into the fall and then winter. But today I decided to give it a try, today being January 23, 2021. I hate when I diffuse premade blends, singles or my own blend to barely smell the fragrance in my room. While the opposite is true of this blend. I might’ve used a little too much in the diffuser however peach Artemisia was permeating thru the air heavily, but finally an EO that I smell when I walked into the room. It definitely smelled a bit chemical but then I started to smell the peach aroma. Think of puréed baby food peaches or when you go peach picking and the ones crushed on the floor sitting in the heat day after day, that type of a smell. I felt like I was getting a little headache, read some reviews and I added 4 drops fir needle which altered that chemical smell immediately. now it’s a harmonious blend that I will use in the summer, but definitely less drops of the peach artemisia

  • This is a great oil for sore muscles! I mixed it was Olive Lotion. I got almost immediate relief. It has a herbal smell to me.

  • I completely understand why people have a mixed response to this oil. 🙂 I grew up in the western Treasure Valley of Idaho – directly across from the Owyhee mountains – and the scent was on the air throughout my childhood. I grew to love it. And I was so excited that it was the oil of the month for my birthday month this year. 🙂 I live in southern Oregon now, and as soon as I opened the bottle I was transported back to the desert I love and miss so much. But yes, it does take a bit of getting used to. And it does have chemical notes to it. I would suggest that people blend it for their diffuser. For me, blending it with a citrus oil brings out the peach notes. And a woodsy oil masks the notes that people described as “chemical”. But I love it purely by itself. Thank you so much for theis special oil!

  • I love this oil!! But I love most all artemesia. Will this be available to purchase in larger quantities.

    1. We don’t have immediate plans to bring this oil back. But there’s the possibility it’ll come back in the future!

  • I looooooove this! When i first smelled it from the bottle i felt like I don’t like it. But when i tried diffusing it, it was very calming and relaxing. I only need to add a drop or two and the peach smell fills the room. I like how it calms my senses. I will try making a roller blend for muscle soreness with this one. And i hope they will make this available in the market, as i am already half with my bottle.

  • It is not to be used overwhelmingly and it smells like a variation of artemisia. Very lovely, dreamy, and magical. It is the native artemisia plant of Hawaii and I am too happy with it. If anyone doesn’t want theirs, mail it my way.

  • 1st month with Oil of the Month Club……..was kinda……no pretty much a disappointment! That smell……YUCK! …I can say though that when I inhaled slowly……a few times……I did smell faint peach note. Great benefits so gunna mix with alllittle something!!….I hate the taste of my App] Cider vinegar is not real pleasant tasting but I do a shot every day!

  • This was my first oil of the month oil. I am sadly disappointed. The first sniff caused a gag reflex. Confused as to the absence of peach fragrance, I dropped a few drops in my diffuser. Still, the smell is unbearable. Hints of chemical, plastic, or something of the like is filling my room…no peachy, fruity, or sweetness smell whatsoever. I canceled my subscription. I will stick to scents I know to be pleasing.

  • Wish I could agree with posted comments from others. For me and my family, we thought this oil smelled (stank) a lot like certain types of plastics used to enclose food. I used a small amount in my diffuser thinking that the “many layers of complexity” would come out; but, no luck and not a hint of the peachiness at the backend that I had expected. It only triggered an asthma attack for me. Win some, lose some. This one definitely needs to get lost.

  • I am so excited about this oil! It’s properties are amazing and it has a deep pleasant layered sent. Thank you!!!!

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