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Our Best DIYs for the New Shipping Tubes

Plant Therapy is committed to being a sustainable and environmentally friendly company, while still providing top-notch customer service. And we’re always looking for ways to improve! To better protect our products during shipping and to move to more recyclable materials, we’re introducing new shipping tubes.

We’re excited that these shipping containers will be recyclable, but we’re even more excited by all the different ways they can be reused. Check out a few of our favorite DIY ideas! 

Passive diffuser with shipping tube and himilayan salt

Tube Passive Diffuser DIY

Looking for a temporary passive diffuser for your latest favorite essential oil? Use our shipping tubes to make an easy-peasy, cost-effective passive diffuser.

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Add some Pink Himalayan Salt to the tube. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oils. Cover the top with the sheer fabric and secure it with a rubber band. Place the passive diffuser on your desk, bedside table, or even in your car’s cupholder. Shake to refresh the scent as needed.

Kids desk organizer made of shipping tubes

Kids Desk Organizer

Are you homeschooling this year? Or do your kiddos need a more organized space to do their homework? Pencils, pens, color crayons, and other little pieces can clutter up any size workspace. Create custom storage solutions out of shipping tubes and give your kids a clean area to work! 

What you’ll need:

  • Box lid or tray
  • PT shipping tubes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon, paint, or glitter

What you’ll do:

Decorate the shipping tubes with paper, glitter, ribbon,  paint, or whatever you like. Glue the bottom of the tubes to the top of your lid or tray. Use the organizer to store markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, or any other craft supplies.

DIY windsock

Do It Yourself Windsock

With quarantine and social distancing, a lot of us have had to get creative to keep the kids occupied and happy. If you’re running out of ideas, our tubes are the perfect size for making windsocks! Putting it together and decorating is indoor fun, playing with it is outdoor fun. The best of both worlds! 

What you’ll need:

  • PT shipping tubes
  • Colorful streamer
  • Paint
  • String

What you’ll do:

Paint or decorate the shipping tube however you like. Once dry, poke two holes in the bottom of the tube. Thread a string through both holes and knot together so you have a large loop to use as a hanger. Then tape one end of a 12-18 inch streamer inside the tube. Repeat until you have several streamers coming out of the tube. If it’s being hung indoors, you can add a few drops of your favorite KidSafe blend directly to the top of the windsock creating a colorful passive diffuser for little one’s bedroom.

Shipping tubes arranged by size in descending order

Simple Storage

Almost everyone has that one junk drawer (usually in the kitchen) that has random odds and ends that don’t have a spot in the rest of your house. It’s messy and inconvenient, but where else are you going to but your two random batteries and three bobby pins? Try using our new shipping tubes to create order and organization in your junk drawer. 

What you’ll need:

  • PT shipping tubes
  • Odds and ends

What you’ll do:

Use the tubes to store and organize your hard to find odds and ends like bobby pins, thumbtacks, nails, tiny legos, Barbie shoes, essential oil roll-ons, spare keys, paper clips, and whatever else you can’t seem to find when you need it! Label, color, or decorate the tubes to signify their contents. 

Little girl decorating shipping tube

You can also try using the tubes for: 

  • A tiny Piggy Bank
  • On-the-go tissue holder
  • Easy to-go container for doggy treats
  • Napkin rings (decorate for some added glitz and glam)
  • Halloween candy tubes (color the outside and fill with candy)


Do you have more ideas or DIYs for shipping tubes? Share how you use these nifty little tubes in the comments!


51 thoughts on “Our Best DIYs for the New Shipping Tubes”

  • Bring back the tubes! We love these for so many reasons and I’m hoarding the last few I hid. Pretty, pretty, pleeeease…

  • I cover these tubes and their lids with natural-looking rope or twine. All you need is some white craft glue and the wrapping material of your choice. A set of these looks great on my bathroom counter, and I can have them all over my house because the jute I’m using is decor-neutral. Definitely going to make some salt diffusers this way!

  • I put Q-tips in them for traveling and to keep one on my small bathroom counter since it doesn’t take up much room

  • I would like to use these as plant starters. Can someone tell me if i can stick these straight in the ground? (Minus the plastic window of course). Thanks!

  • Thanks for the tips! I’m using it to store my international coins from my travels and also for my mini coin collection.

  • Any ideas for the OOTM boxes? I have kept every one, I know there have got to be some cook ideas out there somewhere …

  • These tubes are great. I made a passive difusser. I just popped out the clear window on the top, cut a piece of thin silk scarf material just a little bigger than the tube. After filling and several drops of PT EO, carefully place the fabric on tube and with a turning motion, turn the top onto the tube. Neater than fabric and rubber band. But the fabric must be very thin.

  • Love the new colorful tubes!! Idea’s are brewing.
    Toothpick carrier, mini maracas for little one’s, mini sewing kit for car, mini diffuser (drop favorite oil onto cotton pad/ball/gauze, put into tube, poke tiny holes in plastic see through lid to diffuse).
    Thank you PT.

  • Wow…such a great, eco-friendly change and I love all of the ideas for re-use. Just another reason why Plant Therapy is the best. Thank you!

  • I just got my order with the amazing tubes today!! First thing we started talking about how we can use the tubes. Playing with Christmas ideas right now, will let you know later what we decide. Thanks so much for your creative packaging!! Reusable tubes! It’s genius!

  • I love to travel . I will will use the containers for Qtips, cotton balls, and many other toiletries . They will be great in campers and other RVs. Thank you for going green!

  • At first I thought these were a waste of packaging. I’ve changed my mind after reading your blog. They are super cute and I will find a re-purpose for them!

  • What great ideas!! Didn’t realize these were new shipping tubes. Like others said, I thought it was just what the cleaner and bottles were being shipped in. Looking forward to trying these ideas and finding other ways to use the tubes. Thanks PT for great products and ideas!!

  • I love the idea of these little tubes to protect the oils during shipping! And they seem so easy to DIY into handy little *things*. I don’t have children. Any suggestions on any more *grown up* DIYs? I’d LOVE to hear some ideas !

  • Amazing ideas! Makes me want to buy larger items so I can get bigger tubes! I didn’t mind the bubble wrap too much bc I always reuse them but this looks so much nicer.

  • I was first introduced to the new tubes when I ordered the Defender Cleaner. I thought it was such nice packaging, but thought it was specific to the cleaners and the glass spray bottle. I recently ordered the passive lotus diffuser with one bottle of oil as a gift. When the shipment arrived and the oil was in this beautiful packaging, I was like, Oh Yes!!! This is the perfect presentation for a lovely gift and I just adore this blog post with the wonderful ideas for reuse.

  • I purchased some oils for my daughter, sent directly to her house 4 hours away. She Face Timed me while she was opening the packages. We were both so shocked! Will be sharing this with her as she is big on going green. Thank you for the creative ideas!

  • These are *great* ideas! I am so excited to learn about the new shipping tubes – though popping bubble wrap is like therapy for me (silly but true!), I’d much rather sustainable, recyclable shipping containers be used whenever possible. Thank you, Plant Therapy!

  • My husband saw my last shipment and he was like,”How much did you spend on these?!” and then he saw the tubes and he was like,”Oh wow, look at those cool containers…” and then everything was ok…

  • I especially like the Simple Storage idea. I’m sure there are lots of ways to reuse these tubes. I think the tubes are a good idea.

  • I love the new shippjng tubes. I like that they have a clear top so I can store my oil bottle in the tube bu th can still tell what oil is in there. Also if I have an open bottle, the packaging will help protect it from excess oxygen and slow oxidation. THANK YOU PT!

  • I plan to decorate them with vinyl scraps and then personalize them. I can then put in a DIY as a Christmas present.

  • What cute ideas.
    I was thinking of trying them, next spring, for plant starters for the garden.
    I also just love the idea of storing my oils in them.

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