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Plant Therapy’s Commitment to Affordable Quality

When it comes to essential oils, we know most people have one concern on their minds: purity. And understandably so! Using 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils means you get everything good from those oils… and avoid becoming one of the cautionary tales you read about on the internet where Peppermint is cut with water or a blend is mostly coconut oil or Rose is actually Geranium.

And if you spend enough time shopping around, you might think that you’d need to pay a little higher price tag to get that purity. Au contraire!  Pure essential oils have a cost, but at a certain point, you stop paying for the oil in the bottle and start paying for the name on the bottle.

Plant Therapy has always been committed to bringing our customers pure, quality essential oils at a price that won’t break the bank. We believe essential oils and their many wonderful benefits should be accessible to everyone. We work very hard to keep our costs down and simplify the supply chain so that that savings can be passed onto you. Here are a few of the ways that we have been able to keep our costs down so we can offer you a quality and affordable essential oils.

Ylang Ylang Distillery

Direct Relationships

Sourcing essential oils is something that we take very seriously. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop direct relationships with farms, growers, and suppliers around the world. These connections allow us to ensure that we’re getting pure essential oils directly from the source. And because these oils don’t pass through several hands to get to us, it doesn’t needlessly inflate the price and keeps things affordable.

Once we’re sent a batch of oil, we put it through rigorous testing. And if it doesn’t match our high standards, we send it back. 

You can read more about some of the travels, adventures, and connections we’ve made over the years as we’ve sourced truly exquisite essential oils:

Affordable Oregano and Cinnamon essential oils

Bottled in Twin Falls

Once we source our essential oils, all of the bottling, packaging, fulfillment, and shipping is done right here in Twin Falls, Idaho. This allows us to maintain strict quality control over our products, whether it’s the essential oils or body care. And by taking care of the entire process in one location, from putting our products into the bottles and sealing the caps to getting them ready to ship to your doorstep, we’re able to keep our costs down and pass that savings down to you so you have access to an affordable product.

But that’s not the only thing that happens in our Twin Falls headquarters! Our customer satisfaction team, product development team, and executive team are also located in the same building. This allows for open communication and collaboration between all the departments.

Plant Therapy Affordable Immune Aid, Germ Fighter & Defender

Direct to Consumer

And last but certainly not least, we offer directly to consumer prices. In addition to getting our essential oils directly from the source, we offer them directly to you. And that’s why there are no middlemen or retailers or distributors or an upline to inflate the final price that you pay. We also don’t have a sales team or commissions or sales incentive giveaways that will try to encourage you into buying more oils than you need or rope you into buying a minimum every month. The result is an affordable price for your essential oils.

Certified Aromatherapists on Staff

While keeping things affordable will always be at the forefront of what we do, it wouldn’t mean anything if we weren’t also offering pure oils, precisely formulated blends, safety information, and clean ingredients in our body care. By employing several certified aromatherapists, our experts are part of the entire process ensuring exceptional product quality at every step. And we’ll always be honest about what our essential oils can, and can’t, do.

All of these measures combined have allowed us to offer affordable essential oils. Whenever we are able to save, we make sure to pass that savings onto you. 

How did you find PT? Tell us in the comments!


193 thoughts on “Plant Therapy’s Commitment to Affordable Quality”

  • I’ve always been pleased with both the quality and price from Plant Therapy. I first discovered plant therapy when looking for geranium and was so pleased I added other oils, which I almost always repurchase here.

  • I am so grateful for you guys! I had been eyeing some of those well known expensive companies, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay those high prices. Finally after a couple years it dawned on me to check on the internet, that there had to be some other good companies that were more affordable, but still high quality. And finally there was!! So appreciate you!

  • I’m so happy I found Plant Therapy. I was introduced to essential oils through a friend who uses one of the MLM companies. I loved all the benefits of the oils but I couldn’t justify the cost. I did a lot of research and found plant therapy and I’ve never been disappointed. I can trust the quality of the oils, the customer service is awesome. And the prices are so affordable. Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • I was unhappy with the brand of EO I had been using. I did research and found PT. With my first order I immediately discovered the quality of the oils. I didn’t like the smell of Lavender until I received PT’s. I love it now! I also appreciate the low price. Thank you!

  • I was researching prices on a bunch of oils by brand and PT always was a better value. I already had oils from the store but had never done much with them except diffuse. Hubby wanted me to buy his mom a diffuser set and PT was having their JCAM sale. Got a great deal and I added an oil for me that I loved. t
    That hooked me so I bought my own diffuser set. Haven’t looked back!

  • I love this company so much. I was surprised to see the added unnecessary bottle packaging in my last order. Seems like an extra cost to consumers down the road or cost that could be saved and passed on to – anyone – and or an extra cost to the environment when we are supposed to be more aware of that. Again, I love your products and oils.

    1. Hi Kacey, this packaging is actually replacing the old plastic bubble wrap we used to use. Our goal with the tubes was to provide more sustainable packaging as it is both recyclable and reusable. It’s also just one option we’re exploring and you may see other packaging later. But if you’re looking for some fun ways to reuse them, check out this post!

  • I watched an Essential Oil presentation by a couple who promote essential oil for daily use but do not promote a brand. They recommend to do your research. In researching the top 10 brands I was happy to find a couple with great products thah also ships to Canada.

  • PT was mentioned in a facebook group I’m in. I was not happy with the prices at MLMs, so I did a little research. So glad I found PT! I made Bestie in about seven months because I’m so pleased with the oils here!

  • I was referred to Plant Therapy from a friend at church. I have enjoyed the oils you create for the last several years. I love the aroma of several ones all by themselves and enjoy the purity of it. I am a big daily user of the Clary Sage. Turning 50 can have several disadvantages, but the Clary Sage helped calm the system. Thank you for the knowledge of the essential oils you produce and carry. Thank you for the speedy delivery and affordable prices. May the Lord enrichly bless you and your families.

  • I researched a lot for a company that was budget friendly and still met my needs and wants. Plant therapy has done that and more!! Life is so much easier, shopping with you!!

  • I’m so excited to try my oils! I learned about plant therapy through friends. I love that they have great oils without breaking the bank!

  • Loved all the oils I have received till date. I am about to order the lotus diffuser so that I can smell the oils while I am working on my desk. Thanks for the most amazing oils!!

  • I can’t even remember how I found PT, but now that I have, I won’t order from another company 🙂 I love them for all of my personal blends, roller balls, and gifts for friends. Quality and peace of mind without that hefty price tag of that other company

  • I can’t wait to try PT! Just ordered some lavender, the fruit set, and a lotus diffuser. I found PT on a top 10 EO site and by word of mouth.

  • I was just getting into oils a few years ago. I am such a researcher and review reader. I was a little concerned about MLMs and wanted to trust my gut when I made a purchase. I found you through Google and have been with you ever since.

  • I got into EO through a MLM friend, I loved the oils but I needed more education and the things they were promoting did not resonated with me. I decided to do my own research and I came across PT and since then I have love their products very much

  • I did extensive research, because just like everyone else, I wanted the best for a reasonable price. I bought many oils from Plant Therapy and I have to say I appreciate the quality and the ethics behind this brand. Thank you! Don’t ever change.

  • I was searching for naturals things to try for my health and found about EO. My sister at the same time, was enrolling herself in a MLM company and I joined her. I didn’t like the way everyone seems to think they know how to use EO. So I started to google about other companies. I found your website and I loved the transparency about what can and what can’t do an essential oil. Also the line for children….the prices, the customer service, the shipping…. even though I still get some oils from the other company, I’m in love with Plant Therapy. I think over time I will get totally used to and then buy all my oils with you guys.

  • I found Harvest Moon in a search on Amazon – and I LOVE it!!! The quality of the oil is superior to what I had been using so I immediately signed up for the oil of the month club. Super excited.

  • I used to use MLM, and found Plant Therapy on line. You are a fantastic company and I have more oils then I carry to admit to!

  • I found plant therapy while doing my research on essential oil companies online. I was looking for something that is great quality and won’t break the bank! I have been very happy with all my oils I have ordered from here !

  • Found from a family member and then again by doing research on reputable EO companies. It’s nice to by everyday oils at an affordable price and when I want.

  • This is the first company I bought from and one of the first I go to when looking for an oil or wanting to learn more about an oil. I appreciate all the details they give about the oil and the testing results that they share. I highly recommend them! I’m so glad that my daugther in law introduced me to them.

  • My company moved to the new building and added a break room but more like a meditation room . We had a salt lamp indoor water fountain meditation music comfortable seating and of course a diffuser. I would take a break a few times a day and enjoyed the essential oil. I know it’s the Tara Inn young living and did not want to pay the prices so I googled other essential oil companies and plant therapy popped up. I went to the website read more about you took a chance, fell in love I haven’t stopped purchasing since my journey began with essential oils in March. I love your products especially my 00TM. I run to the mailbox like a little girl.

  • I learned about PT oils on Facebook and then Rakuten. I had been using Edens Garden oils up to then. I am very happy with my change to PT Essential oils.

  • every time my children get sick with fever, cough or running nose, i use the essential oil from PT instead of medicine.
    the best oils for home fresh smell and making my own cleaning supplies

  • Hi.
    I found out about Plant therapy through a mom in one of my local mom’s group. My little’s were sick at that time and it wasn’t getting better and I wanted to do everything natural as possible. That mom suggested to diffuse GERM FIGHTER as she claimed that her kids have never been sick during flu season. (ofcourse, she used other things to boost their immune system along with Eos.) She also said it is affordable than the MLM brands and loved Plant therapy brand.
    Recently, I read alot about the benefits of EOs. I love that you have an organic brand. I just bought a set and received them two days back. I can’t wait to do so many DIYs.

  • If I remember right, I found PT on a natural living blog. I’ve been a happy customer for several years now!

  • I found out about PT in a holistic group I was in. Thank you for your commitment to good quality oils. In the words of Tony The Tiger, they are ggrrreat!

  • I discovered PT after posting for recommendations.
    My friend recommended PT. My daughter HAS ADHD and I was searching for natural affordable oils.
    Thanks I will continue to be a customer.

  • The husband found you several years ago. I asked for an “essential oil kit” for Christmas. He researched, as he usually does with all of his purchases and chose Plant Thereapy. We have been customers ever since that Christmas.

  • I found Plant Therapy through a “Home bundle” sale. I like the “Kidsafe” essential oils blends and rollers. My kids know what each roller bottle is for now. Germ Destroyer, Nighty Night, Poop Ease, etc. Thank you for having the Germ Destroyer in stock when we ran low for the COVID-19 breakout. I knew where to go to get oils and Hand Sanitizer.
    The recent addition of your Aroma Plush Pal are amazing. My kids LOVE them. They can cuddle in bed while getting the oils too.

  • I’ve used essential oils for about 4 years now and just recently I decided to do an updated research of top brands and Plant Therapy came up on 7 out of 9 reviews! I do like some blends from a couple MLM oil companies but they are far too expensive for me to continually order. I truly believe Plant Therapy’s quality is as good as those major MLM companies, but much more affordable.

  • I was another person who almost signed up under one of the MLM companies. I couldn’t bring myself a commit either. I started looking for other companies. I started searching non-mlm company essential oils. I happened upon a great blog post that listed the top 5 best quality oil companies that were NOT MLM. Plant Therapy was one of their suggestions. I did some looking into Plant Therapy, found the blogs and learning center and was hooked. I made my first order and the rest is history. I love Plant Therapy oils and I make sure I tell everyone when they ask where I buy my oils… they get the Plant Therapy speech from me. Thanks for being the great company that you are.

  • I was researching essential oil companies and came across a blog by an aromatherapist who was comparing essential oil companies, and she rated Plant Therapy as one of the best.

  • I have been using Plant Therapy Oils for over a year now and I am very happy with them. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  • I’m not sure exactly how I found PT but I was researching oils and ordered from several different companies. I’m sold on Plant Therapy!

  • I’m so happy I found this company! I have been purchasing from PT for over six years now. I am always pleased with their customer service and of course the quality and price of their oils! Thank you so much!

  • A Friend shared it with me. I used Young Living prior but was always disappointed with the customer service and high prices. PT has amazing customer service and the orders come so promptly and always well packaged. It is such a delight to order from PT, even exciting each time I put an order together.

  • I was taking an Aromatherapy Certification course and needed some essential oils. Yours were and are the most affordable of any companies I have researched and purchased from.

  • I found PT by searching for reputable and affordable EO’s on the web. I found your company and am so pleased that I did!

  • Learned about PT several years ago from a blog I can’t remember and decided to order. Love the products, esp the kid-safe oils, and the service has been excellent.

  • Absolutely love Plant Therapy! Especially the kids safe roll on’s and i have either germ destroyer or defender running in my diffuser everyday!

  • Glad I found yall. A friend recommended PT to me and I liked the product info about testing (and the batch info available immediately) I also like that yall mark your essential oils kid safe, that’s always a concern and I always forget with my other bottles which ones are safe or not. So thanks for the friendly reminder right on the bottle! Your blends are very affordable as well!

  • I was very new to oils less than 2 years ago. I was ordering from another company and wanted something better. I literally had no clue about PT. I checked out a few oils I was in need of and ordered them. I said I had nothing to loose. Since then I have not looked back nor have I ordered oils anywhere else. I am so blessed to have found PT!!

  • I like Plant Therapy for the quality of its products, good prices, and rewards programs. Also, I like their blogs and they always bring new products.

  • I found Plant Therapy while looking for an alternative to the MLMs out there. I have to say I was skeptical due to their prices! After ordering a trial assortment , I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, aromas and pricing!

  • I was introduced to Plant Therapy by my sister about a year ago. I had been wanting to try essential oils for quite some time, but was overwhelmed by the process of choosing a MLM and/or navigating the pressured sales tactics. Plant Therapy is fantastic. The quality is great, the information is up to date and trustworthy, and their customer service staff have been incredible. I feel cared for here, not pressured to purchase more/differently than I want. Thanks to the whole team!

  • I found PT about 3 years ago from a Ultimate Oils Bundle. I was hooked instantly! I love the quality and affordability. The DIY’s are an awesome bonus.

  • Found PT through a Wellness Mama (Katie Wells) recommendation. So happy I did! Before I was using oils from MLM companies that I could barely afford.

  • I found plant therapy as I looked for alternatives to the leading oily MLMs. I have been using your products for the last almost four years, and have LOVED them! Thank you!

  • Doing my research on Google on different company’s. You guys seemed too good to be true but to my surprise, years later, you guys are still that good. Thank you so much! God bless

  • I have been using essential oils and herbs for years and was part of a pyramid that was ridiculous. I met someone who owns a shop and she started to educate me and introduce me to plant therapy. I love their products and use them all the time. I love that they are expanding to other things, like lotions, body care and cleaners because I remained with this pyramid company because they offered lotions and cleaners that I could not get on here. Now I am able to step completely away from that very expensive product to a product that is just as good if not better, and be able afford to order more often then I could with the multi level marketing product.

  • I am so happy to have found Plant Therapy. I love the Kid Safe line, never have to worry using any of their oils with the Kid Safe marking on the labels! I really love the blends, my husband got on board when I put oils in our diffuser at night. He loves anything with Vetiver in it. It makes it easy to buy a blend with it in it already! Way to go Plant Therapy!!!!

  • I’m new to EO’s. I was looking up recipes for homemade natural ingredient facial moisturizer and the article that I was reading mentioned Plant Therapy in it. So I looked on the website , and liked what I saw, so I ordered from them.

  • Researched a lot essential oil company.
    I came a cross PT.
    I Loved all the Great information and products I have purchased

  • Plant Therapy came very highly recommended in a crunchy mom group I follow on Facebook. I decided to check them out, and loved them so much I now sell it in by business!! I love the information that is on their site, and I love the fact that they educate others on safe use, great recipes, and intent to offer education on essential oils for all who are searching. Excellent company, excellent quality, excellent prices!!!

  • Plant Therapy is a company I trust. Their oils are excellent, pricing is fair, and policy of transparency is a rare thing in today’s businesses.
    Way to go PT!

  • I am so happy that I found plant therapy ! I was searching really good quality oils for myself and my family .I knew quality and purity is very important. Otherwise does not make any sense to use it. I googled for quality and trusted oils and I found out that plant therapy one of them and to me it is the best one . They are so clear with their report in every single oil and trusted company. I read about the family and their goal about this business . It is really impressive . They do it for living that is true but they are working honestly and they always think about their costumer too.That is the best company in US !!

  • The products are reasonably priced with very good quality. I especially like the peppermint, lemon, spearmint and eucalyptus scents. The staff is also quite friendly.

  • I was looking for pure oils at a reasonable price and my niece referred me to Plant Therapy. I’ve been happy since then!

  • I love how open your website is with all the product details. I have been using another brand of essential oils and the prices are outrageous! PT has affordable prices and the best quality of oils I have found. I have done many hours of research and PT was my top pick.

  • When I began using essential oils, I bought oils at a local retailer. I felt the prices were a bit high and many of the oils were not organic, so I began searching online. I came across Plant Therapy and was impressed by the selection, quality and price. Plant Therapy is my number one choice for essential oils. I appreciate the detailed information provided on each product and I believe their customer service is excellent. I enjoy the products I purchase from Plant Therapy and I am very happy with the quality!

  • I discovered plant therapy through a blog concerning healthy essential oils. I’m super excited to try out your products!

  • I have always been interested in aromatherapy but could rarely find essential oils in my area. When MLM companies started selling oils I was excited, until I saw the prices. A couple years ago a new small store opened in my town, Luminous Life, and they sell Plant Therapy oils. The daughter told me all about your company how you are high quality but at affordable prices. I was so happy to find a reputable AND affordable brand! I bought my first oils right from the shop and even then there was a special going. After Covid the shop had to close and I found you even have free shipping! I really feel that is amazing for a company to offer. I have been able to build a little collection of oils and I am gratfeul I found PT!

  • I first learned about PT though my sisters was looking for something for affordable then a MLM oil company and found PT she fell in love and suggested I give it a try. I just placed my first order and can’t wait to try the oils!!!

  • Love PT. Already referred some friends and family. The blends smell so well and the best thing, they work. Soon due for another order. Keep it up, PT. ( the downside is that for Canada we need to have a bigger order to qualify for free shipping )

  • I was introduced to EOs about 10 years ago through a “make and take” party. The oils were from a MLM company that a friend was working for. I fell in love with aromatherapy but I just couldn’t afford to spend that amount of money on the oils. So I started researching for another source and I found Plant Therapy on Amazon. The EO that I purchased was excellent quality at a price I could afford. I went to the PT website and was amazed at all of the education and safety information. I remember thinking, “this company seems to actually care about its customers”. The rest is history. I went through the Plant Therapy “door” and never looked back.

  • I don’t recall how I found Plant Therapy I’ve been using oils for a long time and I’ve always been happy with the oils and the service!

  • I love PT!! My very first oil was given to me by a friend and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you for providing amazing ouls at affordable prices!

  • I love Plant Therapy. I’ve been using your essential oils for years and the fact that you create relationships with growers and give back to the community is just icing on the cake.

  • I think I was watching a video and they were using your carrier oils. That prompted me to check you guys out. I love all the oils I received from P.T., and the price is unbeatable. I know I can trust this company too. I still have my membership with an MLM, because I do still enjoy their oils, but I find myself buying more P.T. oils. Quality is great. I really think it’s neat that you have trained and knowledgeable aromatherapists working for you as well. The blog posts are helpful. Thank you!

  • My sister introduced me to eos when I visited her. When I got home I researched and didn’t like what I saw written about the MLM she gets her oils from. I did like what I saw written about PT, and here I am.

  • I started buying from a MLM company, but had never pulled the plug on becoming a “distributer” The oils were expensive so I started doing some research and loved Plant Therapy’s mission and felt good about the quality and the cost.

  • I have a friend who gifted me forever mom body butter and I have been addicted since. You’re oils are the purest and diffuse so wonderfully.

  • I have enjoyed essential oils for many years while using ones like youngliving and doterra. But I never thought some were not safe for my kids! I looked up safe oils on google and also purchased a kidsafe frankincense and love it. I cant wait to get my order. I even decided to get a set for my parents. Thank you for being so affordable and kidsafe!!

  • My friend gave me some essential oils from another MLM company, and when I wanted to refill the oils, I found PT while doing research on which company to buy from. I love PT because you don’t need to know someone who is ‘member’ to buy oils, and there is so much educational material in PT website and blogs. They always offer great sales, their products smell wonderful and they are so vigilant on safety! Can’t live without PT now!

  • i had been approached by a couple of friends who were promoting MLMs, so I did some research into the best. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this great non-MLM company that seemed to have the best prices AND the best quality. Plant Therapy is still #1 in my book!

  • Found PT through an internet search for a quality affordable non MLM company as I wanted better pricing. So far so good! Haven’t tried replacing a specific MLM blend with PT yet but all I have gotten I’m thrilled with.

  • My sister-in-law gave me the most wonderful Plant therapy diffuser and Nighty Night as a birthday present. I have since then expanded my Oil treasure box and probably indulge too often. They just smell so wonderful.

  • My best friend recommended your products, especially the Kid Safe ones. I have been using your products for 2 years now and love them! And I love my rose colored, large diffuser! Now it’s time for some fall scents to ring in the change of season!

  • I love PT!! I have so many oils, and I continue to buy favorites and try new ones. I first discovered PT through a site that offered discounts on EO’s. It’s been some years now… IMO nothing compares. I have tried MLM companies but found that PT has better quality single oils AND blends than most companies. I recommend this company to everyone I meet that shows an interest in oils. PT can count on me!

  • I was part of a MLM and overbought to save. I saw Plant Therapy online and gave it a try. I fell in love with the product. The options are convenient on purchasing different sizes and the price of course. But quality is exceptional. I just love Plant therapy!

  • I love PT oils. I , as well as many others started oils with an MLM. It’s been a learning experience for sure. The majority of my oils now come from PT. When I decided to make “the switch” I did a great deal of research as quality/purity are important to me – PT was the winner out of all the numerous oil companies out there. Products are great, prices are reasonable and shipping is free – can’t beat that!

  • I found PT through my search for certified organic, pure essential oils to use for my small candle making business. I had stumbled upon some really terrible brands and I had heard the name of plant therapy in the past so I gave it a go and they are all I use now! I can confidently tell my customers that they have a pure, clean burning candle with organic essential oils. Thanks, PT!

  • I found Plant Therapy while researching for pure essential oils that were Kid Safe. I have been so happy with PT. The quality is great, it is cost effective, and I love that the oils safe for my kids are marked Kids Safe! I also love the blog to find great DIY ideas!

  • I really enjoy Plant Therapy oils! I was using an MLM’s oils, but we just couldn’t afford to keep using them. I was devastated, so I started researching for pure quality essential oils. When I found Plant Therapy, I was ecstatic because finally there were quality oils that I could afford to get for my family! I also love that they have a kids line that I now use daily with my toddler!

  • I found Plant Therapy as soon as I started to get into the essential oil world, I don’t support MLMs and love the quality and price of theses oils.

  • Plant therapy is such a fantastic
    Company. Was getting oils from
    a MLM company before and so
    Happy to have found an honest place to buy oils. I always refer to friends and family. Your products work and at an affordable price. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work.

  • I first got to know about PT through Amazon USA website and that time, besides PT, I bought several brands so I could receive the package during my business trip to CA. Since then I left the company. However, I found that PT has its own website and actually can ship internationally. With loyalty program and some special days discount, it makes PT affordable again for me. in addition to that is the great and high level of customer service, makes me always want to buy from PT. 🙂

  • Here in Australia I am surrounded by people doing their business as a consultant for a MLM essential oil company, but I stay with PT and don’t have to think twice. I found PT when looking for information about essential oils and which company was trust-worthy. No doubt it’s PT ever since!!! I am so glad that now Dusk has a selective PT products on their shelves. I still prefer purchasing directly from PT but seeing PT products physically displayed in Australian market make me feel happy. That means there will be more and more people knowing about PT and how wonderful the company is.

  • I was searching multiple companies and was close to closing my search and going with a MLM when I found out about plant therapy and couldn’t stop learning about them and how customer informative they are. Was sold immediately and happy ever since customer service is awesome website is easy and informative and get what I need in awesome timing!!

  • I’ve unknowingly used Plant Therapy in the past when purchasing oils on Amazon and I was happy with the smell of the oils. Fast forward to end of 2019, I joined an MLM essential oil business. Over time I’ve been unsatisfied with the lack of transparency on product testing, poor customer service, and high prices with long shipping times. I started doing research on Plant Therapy over the last few days and I am truly impressed!! I just love how transparent you are with product testing and giving your customers the best prices. I love how Plant Therapy seems to put a focus on truly educating their customers so they can make the right purchasing decisions for themselves and their family. Thank you! I’m looking forward to buying more of your products.

  • I found PT on Facebook. I checked out the information on the website, and I was impressed. I placed an order for spearmint, and it smelled Devine. I have been ordering from PT,ever since!

  • I found pt while googling essential oil companies, so I ordered germ fighter and have been hooked ever since

  • I got to know about PT from an essential oil blog. I saw the product on the blog and decided to search on the internet. I visited the website and got well detailed information about the products. I am about to begin my journey on essential oil, but it unfortunate you don’t offer international shipping. I am in Africa and how can u help me. Cos I looking at starting it as a business here.

    1. Hi Regina! We do offer international shipping, although I know it may depend on which country you’re in. We also offer wholesale opportunities that might be a good option for you! Please reach out to our customer satisfaction team at [email protected] to see what shipping options are available for you.

  • I found Plant Therapy while googling for other oily brands and comparing price points versus effectiveness. So glad I found this company!

  • I have learned so very much by using your web site and I’m still learning each day I visit the site. The quality of the products is amazing. The recipes you post have enabled me to make some great products right here at home. I suffer from restless legs and my husband just ordered a cbd product for me to try. Today I am looking around the Plant Therapy web site and I see you have CBD products. Rest assured that I will be trying your product line before I buy anywhere else. With all that said, your prices are very competitive making my shopping experience on your website a great all around package.

  • I found you through an internet search while looking for a certain oil. I found your site pleAsing to look at, easy to navigate, good information and good prices. I also really liked the fact you are in twin falls, Idaho as I’m in Nevada and like to support those businesses close to me. I appreciate all of your efforts to offer great quality ingredients and sAfety information. Thank you!

  • I learned about the benefits of essential oils many years ago and purchased my first essential oil (frankincense) from a MLM. The oil was helpful but very expensive and I never purchased again. Fast forward to 2020 and my interest for information about essential oils was stirred. I began watching youtube videos (mostly by MLM sellers) and then searched for top rated essential oil companies. After reading about 10-12 different companies I chose three to pursue. They are Plant Therapy, Revive and Eden’s Garden. I have received my first Plant Therapy order and look forward to using the oils. I also want to mention that I watched a series of educational videos on youtube by Plant Therapy (by Retha Nesmith) and found them very helpful and interesting. I hope you continue to post similar videos!

  • I am not sure where I first found you since I have purchased from Walmart and Amazon . I liked the product so I googled you .

  • Don’t laugh folks. I found plant therapy on Amazon and didn’t even know anything about pure essential oils. The Education gained through plant therapy helped me tremendously when looking for essential oils. Glad I hooked up with a reliable company

  • I fount PT by doing research on several of the main companies selling oils after getting stuck with some terrible quality oils off amazon. I was delighted it wasn’t a MLM so I didn’t have to “buy in” to the company. Although now I’m so impressed by the products, customer care team, fulfillment, and customer engagement that I tell anyone who’s interested about how great PT is!

  • I had someone recommend Plant Therapy to me, that was all the way from Chicago, many years ago! I live not far NW on the Idaho/Oregon border. I’m glad that I was introduced to you and have to admit that I did sign up with a bigger company and found out that I just don’t like how they run their company and I really don’t like how they treat their customers that aren’t high ranking and making them money. I also find a lot of their recommendations on how to use oils very disturbing! Not very safe advise or teaching, according to aromatherapists I follow. I have come back to Plant Therapy because it just feels like home. This time I’m going to stay where I belong. Thank you for being such a caring company and bringing us quality products.

  • These are the reasons I love PT and why it’s a brand I recommend when people ask what essential oils I use in my business.

  • I almost signed up to an MLM under someone I follow, but I just couldn’t bring myself to push the submit button. I found Plant Therapy by sheer accident, and let me tell you – It is the happiest accident I could have made! I was always drilled if it’s not a big name, they don’t have quality. Boy, were they wrong. Every person I talk with knows by now PT has my heart, and so many have converted just knowing the information out there is to help us, NOT hurt us ❤️ Thank you for being awesome, affordable, and inspiring!

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