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CS Cares essential oil blend

Celebrating Our Customer Satisfaction Team

It’s Customer Service Appreciation Week, so we’re taking this time to celebrate our Customer Satisfaction Team and the individuals who make it exceptional. There’s a lot that goes into making Plant Therapy a success, from quality oils to clean ingredients to free shipping, but none of it would be possible without our dedicated team that is there to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your order and answer any questions you may have. That’s just the start of what makes our Customer Satisfaction Team a cut above the rest.

Real People, Every Time

Whenever you reach out to our CS Team, whether through email, chat, or over the phone, you’ll be talking to a real person every single time. If you’re a frequent customer, you might even get to talk to the same CS person on a regular basis! To learn more about the individuals who work so hard to make each and every purchase a success, click here. You can learn more about their favorite essential oils and what they do for fun when they’re not at PT. Each person is integral to making the team something truly exceptional. 


Customer Satisfaction

We couldn’t call the team “Customer Satisfaction” without making sure you’re 100% satisfied with every purchase. That’s why our CS Team is there for you when things don’t go as planned. We know that sometimes buying essential oils online can be a bit of a guessing game. Will you love it? Or will it be one of those oils your nose just doesn’t agree with? We also understand that something can go wrong after the package leaves our warehouse. Maybe your package got damaged in transit and your precious new body oil leaked. Or maybe it got lost somewhere along the way. Either way, our Customer Satisfaction Team will make it right and make your day better.

CS Cares

What They Do Best

What if your questions don’t have to do with an order? Our CS team members are trained and knowledgeable, with a few even working on becoming certified aromatherapists. If you need help finding the right essential oil for your needs or you’re not sure how to use one of the oils you already have, they’re here to help. And it’s not just limited to essential oils! If you have any questions about CBD, body care, DIY ingredients, or household cleaners, they’ve got answers.

And once an order leaves the warehouse, it might be out of our hands literally, but it’s not out of our hands in a figurative sense. If anything goes wrong between the time we send it off and when it arrives on your doorstep, we can track your order and send out a replacement before you can say “essential oils.”

More than any other department, Customer Satisfaction has their pulse on what you, our customers, want from your products. Not only do they answer questions and make sure you’re happy with your order, but they also pay attention to what you care about, gather that feedback, and share it with the rest of the organization. Plant Therapy has made many changes based on the valuable feedback that our CS Team is able to provide.

Above all, we want every interaction you have with Plant Therapy to be a pleasant one. Even if you’re contacting CS about a negative experience, we’re going to do everything in our power to turn in it into a positive one.

Plant Therapy Stickers


Who doesn’t love opening those delightful green packages so you can smell all your oily goodness? To make that experience just a little more magical, we add a little something special: stickers! Our CS Team has its own special stash to send out when something goes ary or just to brighten your day. 

*Even though we love handing out stickers or even trying to fill special requests, our first goal is to make sure your oily goodies are packed correctly and arrive safely at your doorstep. Try as we might, you might not always get a sticker with your order or get the sticker you requested.


CS Cares

All of this brings us to CS Cares, a blend lovingly created by our CS Team to show our customers how much we care. Dreamed up by Michael from CS, it combines Lemon, Lime Steam Distilled, Tangerine, Tea Tree, Ho Wood, and Black Pepper. The resulting blend is sweet, fruity, zesty, and reminiscent of a colorful candy. CS Cares is our way of saying thank you for being amazing customers. We hope it brightens your day with its uplifting, happy aroma.

Some Things to Know

  • Shelf life: 1-2 years
  • Kid Safe: Yes
  • Pregnancy Safe: Yes
  • Nursing Safe: Yes
  • Pup & Pony Safe: No
  • Ingredients: Lemon, Lime SD, Tangerine, Tea Tree, Ho Wood, and Black Pepper.

Have a story about how CS went above and beyond for you? Share it below in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Customer Satisfaction Team”

  • Plant Therapy’s customer service is awesome. I’ve had questions and when you call you always get to talk to a real person. And they’re so kind and helpful. It means so much. Especially now a days when everything is automated and they never understand you. Or you can never get in touch with someone. Thank you customer service team for all you do and thank you Plant Therapy

    1. CS Cares was definitely a popular hit. It won’t be coming back this year, but it might in the future!

  • They really are Customer Satisfaction Team. I am regularly ordering from Europe and there were some hick-ups with several orders (one got lost, I usually need additional paperwork…) but they ALWAYS made sure everything worked out. They are definitely reason PT is so widely loved!

  • Great CS.
    Last week I placed and order and when I got home from work and saw a flat envelope; I knew something was really wrong. The envelope had broken and my precious order was lost 🙁
    So I called CS (Sam was very helpful= THANK YOU!) and without a doubt they sent me a new order. Did I mention that I am in LOVE wit PT !!!
    Best company! Best oils! Best CS!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • The best CS experienced ever! Kayla I think is her name. My order got lost a long the way and my order was very important for me since we’re moving to our new home. I ordered the new set of the cleaning products and was really looking forward to use it for the new house since I have a toddler and i’m pregnant so no no to chemicals for us. She made it really easy for me to just replaced my order so I don’t have to get stressout knowing my condition. I can’t thank her enough. I couldn’t believed how fast she resolved my concern. Again the best CS ever!

  • It’s rare that I’ve needed to contact the CS team. The times I have, they’ve been super friendly, helpful, and quickly solve my issue. They are always a pleasure to talk to!

  • I have always had great experiences when reaching out to CS. They truly go above and beyond, exceeding my expectations every time. Not only do you provide quality product, but your customer service is hands down the best around. I always feel confident with my PT purchases. Thank you!

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