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New Linen & Room Sprays + Tips for Fresh Linens

Let’s talk linen and room sprays! There’s nothing better than flopping onto a fluffy bed and deeply inhaling the soft scent of freshly washed linens or stepping into your living room and breathing a subtle, pleasant aroma. Whether there’s a soft lavender, bright citrus, or a warm woodsy smell, it’s an extra added touch that makes your bedroom (or any room) feel cozy and magical. That’s why Plant Therapy has been hard at work formulating our new Linen and Room Sprays. With these sprays, your whole house can smell freshly washed, all the time! 

a woman spraying room spray in the kitchen

Four Linen and Room Spray Scents

Freshen any space in your home and all your linens with these amazing and versatile linen and room sprays. Our Eucalyptus Mint Blend is a fresh and delightful combination of mint and eucalyptus with soft, woody undertones. Our Pear Blossom Blend is a delicate balance of citrus and floral. The Magnolia Black Pepper gives you the perfect mix of citrus, floral and spice. And finally, Lemon Lavender is the refreshing and calming mix that’s just right for your bedding.

These sprays give you a burst of freshness whenever and wherever you need it. Spray in the air, use in your car, keep in the bathroom, or spritz directly on linens and other fabrics. Both sprays are good for making the whole house smell great so you can love every room as soon as you walk in. Plus, guests will remember how your whole house smelled like a fancy spa.

When used as a room spray, this product can safely be used in any household. However, when used as a pillow or linen spray, we do not recommend spraying directly on linens belonging to a pet or child under the age of 2 for Lemon Lavender and under the age of 5 for all other scents.

Linen and room spray

Meet the Ingredients

Plant Therapy only uses the best and cleanest ingredients in our products. These Linen and Room Sprays are no different. Our Linen and Room Sprays are powered by essential oils and made with plant-based ingredients. They are made without 1,4 dichlorobenzene, acetaldehyde, ammonia, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and triclosan. This clean and natural product is safe for most fabrics, but we recommend testing on a small, inconspicuous patch before joyfully spritzing in every corner. Shake well before use. To learn more about our thoughtfully chosen ingredients, visit these printable PDFs:

A woman spraying her towel with linen and room spray

Tips for Fresh Linens

Our Linen and Room Sprays are perfect for entire home freshness, but they’re also fantastic for keeping linens fresh and scented. Here are a few tips for snuggly and fresh linens that transform your bedroom into a dreamy getaway. 

1. Wash Your Sheets Regularly

This might be obvious, but laundering your sheets regularly is crucial to keeping them fluffy, smooth, and at peak comfort. Try adding sheets to your weekly laundry routine to keep them crisp and fresh. After laundering and drying your sheets, shake out kinks and fold them in a neat square for storage until your ready to use them next.

2. Use Linen Sprays for in Between Washes

You might have the most amazing scented laundry soap and dryer sheets, but even the best scents will fade after a day or two. To keep your linens fresh in-between washes, use linen spray. Try spritzing our Linen and Room Sprays on your sheets right after making the bed in the morning. To give the whole house a lovely aroma boost, spritz a few pumps into the air of your bedroom and bathrooms.

3. Store a Scented Sachet in the Linen Closet

For blankets, linens, towels, and other fabrics that aren’t currently being used try adding a DIY scented sachet to your closets and drawers. You can add your favorite scents to the sachet and keep your sheets and fabrics softly scented while in storage. When you’re ready to change sheets (or curtains, rugs, etc), your standbys will be fresh and ready for immediate use.

What other tips do you have for the perfect linens? Special folding techniques, preferred scents, or tried-and-true storage solutions? Tell us in the comments below!  


8 thoughts on “New Linen & Room Sprays + Tips for Fresh Linens”

  • I’m so happy to see PT expanding into household items and CBD! Thank you for the innovation and always keeping the littles (and for babies) in mind.

  • Looking forward to trying the Eucalyptus & Mint Spray. I run Lavendar and Peppermint at night to help my nose stay open and I imagine adding this spray will also be a huge benefit. My husband will like the Pear as he loves everything citrus.

    1. When used as a room spray, both Pear Blossom and Eucalyptus Mint can safely be used in any household. However, when used as a linen spray, we do not recommend spraying these products directly on linens belonging to a child under the age of 5. Additionally, we do not recommend using Pear Blossom directly on pet linens.

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