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All the Holiday Seasonal Products on a table with snow and fake trees

Natural Holiday Tips for Every Room in Your Home

We’re making our way towards the holiday season and Plant Therapy is here with all the tips and new natural products to help you prepare your home for the holidays. Whether you’re doing an intimate family dinner or hosting the whole family plus friends, we have everything you need to make your house burst with holiday aromas and festive sparkles. Plus, all our suggestions are naturally based, so you can share your beautiful, natural holiday style. 

Christmas Tree and Holly Berries Cleaners

Preparing the Kitchen

The kitchen is basically the heart of the home when it comes to the holiday season. People are cooking, grabbing drinks, and stealing bites of cookies all day long. To help prepare your kitchen for the high-traffic,  you might need a little extra plant power to help keep your surfaces sparkly. To cut through grease, clean surfaces, and leave behind a lovely natural holiday scent, try our new Holly Berries or Christmas Tree Multisurface Cleaners

Once the whole kitchen is in order and sparkly, try placing something festive on your counter to make the whole room feel happy and bright. Poinsettias, nutcrackers, or even a fun Christmas cookie jar would all bring a splash of holiday spirit to the room. 

Bonus DIY! If your sink is smelling a little less-than-fresh after the holiday festivities, try this holiday DIY Gingerbread Kitchen Sink Drain Smell Remover

Preparing the Bathroom

If you’re serving delicious food and boozy cocktails all night, your bathroom is going to get a lot of traffic! It’s the perfect spot to stash some lovely scented hand soap and lotion. We might be biased, but we think our new natural holiday hand soaps are perfect for showing off the holiday spirit. Put out Sugar Plum, Gingerbread, or Candy Cane Liquid Hand Soap

Follow up with a fancy lotion or hand cream and your guest will feel like they’re visiting a five-star hotel. We also have new Age-Defying Hand Creams that coordinate with our holiday hand soaps. Mix or match your aromas with either Candy Cane, Gingerbread, or Sugar Plum Age-Defying Hand Creams. They’re the perfect size for placing on the bathroom counter next to other toiletries. Guests can take a quick swipe of smooth lotion and rejoin the party with a lovely holiday scent.

And finally, to make sure your bathroom doesn’t smell like it’s getting a lot of traffic, add some potpourri somewhere in the room. Try a Potpourri Spray DIY or this pre-potty Bathroom Odor Eliminator for an easy and natural product. 

Candy Cane holiday products on a table

Preparing the Living Room

You’ve set up your decorations, put out your most beloved ornaments and trinkets, and now you’re ready to share your cozy cottage with guests. Make room for your friends and family to lounge, catch up, sip cocoa, and enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere with our new Candy Cane Naturally Scented Candles.

If you prefer potpourri to candles, you could try these DIY Scented Pinecones instead and place them on your coffee table or side tables! All you need is a little ribbon to give it Christmas vibes.

If you’re doing a small gathering and everyone attending is comfortable with you using essential oils, you can also diffuse one of our lovely holiday blends for added ambiance. Christmas Tree is fantastic for making your fake tree smell like the real thing. Or you could use a blend of evergreen essential oils to make your home smell like fresh winter woods. For more tips on making your faux Christmas tree smell real, check out this blog post

Last but Not Least, Prepare Yourself

The holidays are stressful. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, hosting house guests, it’s a lot! Make sure in all the chaos to set aside some moments just for you. Draw yourself a hot bath and throw in one of our new luxurious bath bombs from our Holiday Bath Bomb Assortment Pack. Each oversized bath bomb is made with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that will whisk you away to a holiday-themed spa. 

If baths aren’t your forte, why not try this Candy Cane Latte Sugar Scrub for festive exfoliation? In addition to being great for your skin, this scrub recipe makes an excellent DIY gift option. Make a little for a loved one and a little for yourself (or a lot for yourself)!

Finish your pampering with some moisturizing and luxurious holiday bliss with our new Age-Defying Body Crème and Body Butter scents. Cover your body in holiday festivity with Candy Cane, Gingerbread, or Sugar Plum Age-Defying Body Crème. What could be better than falling asleep with the light aroma of holiday cheer surrounding you?

In addition to using a little self-care and pampering to help yourself get ready for the holidays, CBD makes an excellent choice to help support overall health and wellbeing as well as help ease some of the holidays’ more stressful moments. Treat yourself to our limited-edition Peppermint Bark CBD, available in three strengths.

New holiday products laying on a table with new Christmas Tree Multi-Surface Cleaner in the middle

DIY Gifts for a Natural Holiday

If you’re looking for ways to gift natural holiday products, try some of these DIYs from past blog posts! 

What other natural tips do you have for holiday preparations? Tell us in the comments below!

88 thoughts on “Natural Holiday Tips for Every Room in Your Home”

  1. I’ve been adding EO blends to my hand sanitizer! I wondering if PT has a recipe for that they would recommend! My favorite is eucalyptus and lemon!

  2. Germ fighter is my go-to for keeping everyone healthy around the holidays! Also love to diffuse various oils to make it smell cozy.

  3. I’m excited to try the scented pinecones (maybe with the holly berries or christmas tree blend). I’d like to try the holiday bath bombs, too!

  4. I love combining rosemary, lemon myrtle, lavindin, citronella, tea tree, & cedarwood with baking soda for a rug/carpet deodorizer. Via: Oil + Glass

  5. I do like the scented wrapping paper idea! Personally I like my holidays to smell woodsy and cinnamony so I diffuse frankincense or orange and a little cinnamon.

  6. We absolutely love the peppermint smell! It does help you be more aware! And it smells better than other brands I have tried! Love Plant Therapy products! The blends that help with issues really do work!

  7. Love this post! I will use many of the suggestions here. I am so ready to relax into the holidays and de-stress with Plant Therapy oils!

  8. Enjoy the moments with family and friends this holiday season. And have a couple great PT items on hand, makes a great secret Santa or last minute gift!

  9. I can’t wait for my mom to try. We have used YL for several years. This has been a game changer for me. I am so pleased with everything I have tried so far.

  10. I mix grem fighter, peppermint, and red thyme in a glass spray bottle with half water, half vinager to clean my kitchen and bathroom sinks and counters. Makes both places smell wonderful and kills the germs at the same time!

  11. I just bought the candy cane hand cream and absolutely love it. It doesn’t leave that greasy feeling on your hands. I’m excited to try other new products.

  12. I am so excited to try all these products! Particularly the bath bombs 🙂 As someone who is new to essential oils, I have to work my way up to DIY status…and making bath bombs is on my list. These are all wonderful suggestions I look forward to using my oils in a multitude of ways. So glad I found Plant Therapy!

  13. There are so many wonderful new products that are gonna make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers this year! I like to make my own DIY gifts, but sometimes it’s nice to just be able to buy already made stuff too!

  14. This year I would love to make some salt dough ornaments with my kids and add the Christmas Tree or Holly Berries blend to a few of them! Naturally scented ornaments, a huge win!

  15. I want to ue different pine oils to enhance my holidays. Our church is very small and gets musty here in the South. I’m going to make pine scented advent candles tohelpit smell more like the Christmas we remember.

  16. Make a holiday blend room spray for the gym where I work. People even comment from the hall about the great smell. (And I believe it helps disinfect as well)

  17. I always bring the holiday blend in my purse, on the go, if one of my friends needs a quick oil for their own party, I love to provide this extra fun gift for them!!

  18. I always put a few drops of lemon essential oils into my kitchen garbage to freshen the room or a few drops into my drain

  19. We use Defender Oil diffusing to keep us strong and we use the Immune Aid roller on the back of our necks each day. No sickness at our house!

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