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Mimosa Lip Balm DIY

Mimosa Lip Balm DIY for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and we’re rolling up our sleeves for our DIY Superbowl. Is that too dramatic? We don’t think so! Hardly anything beats handmade gifts with clean, natural ingredients and personalized scents. To dazzle our friends and family we’re creating something crafty and luxurious for everyone on our list. This time we’re making Mimosa Lip Balm!

The combination of Blood Orange and just a hint of Copaiba for sweetness mimics the lovely, fresh scent of orange juice and champagne. And the combination of Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, and Mango butter provides the perfect amount of moisturization without a greasy feeling. The result is an incredible balm that will leave you with soft, supple lips.

Mimosa Lip Balm DIY instructions

Mimosa Lip Balm

What you’ll need: 

What you’ll do:

Melt Beeswax Pearls and Mango Butter over a double boiler. Remove from heat and add Sunflower Oil and essential oils. Stir until completely combined. Pour into empty lip balm tubes or tins and allow to cool. Apply Mimosa Lip Balm to lips as desired.

Download a printable version here

What sweet and fruit scent combinations have you discovered while DIYing? Tell us in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “Mimosa Lip Balm DIY for the Holidays”

  • Hi! I’m making lip gloss for a bridal shower party favor as well (35). I need the gloss to be for wand applicator containers though. Is there a way to modify?

    1. Hello Elizabeth,
      If you don’t add the beeswax it should stay in liquid form. Just add more of the carrier oil instead of the beeswax. We hope this helps!

  • I was the one who posted about making this recipe for a bridal shower brunch party favor. I skipped the weight measurements and followed the recipe as directed using teaspoons. I made one batch, which didn’t quite fill 3 tubes. I also thought the flavor was a bit too mild, so after the trial batch of 2+ tubes, I made a bulk batch of 15 tubes but doubled (!!) the blood orange and the Copaiba Oleoresin and added some SPF. The result after doubling the essential oils was fabulous, and now I am working on a label design for the shower favor. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration, Plant Therapy~!!

  • So excited to make this recipe for a bridal shower brunch party favor~!
    How many tubes does this recipe make, as I want to make 15-20 tubes
    Does anyone know the amounts of the beeswax pearls and mango butter ingredients by weight?
    I’m contemplating making with candelilla wax for a vegan, but will the subtle honey flavor be missed in the final product?

    1. These would make an excellent bridal shower favor! To help answer your questions, this recipe makes between 2-3 lip balms each. And if you want to increase the recipe, you can use equal parts beeswax, mango butter, and sunflower oil and use a 1% dilution for the essential oils and you’ll be in business!

  • I absolutely love how most of your recommendations for diy ingredients are available within your website! ✨

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