December Oil of the Month Reveal: Green Tea CO2 Extract

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Green Tea Extract

December Oil of the Month Reveal: Green Tea CO2 Extract

Our Oil of the Month Club is back with another exciting and soothing essential oil! Green Tea CO2 Extract has a green, crisp, and slightly sweet aroma with hints of seaweed.

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Green Tea CO2 Extract

Green Tea is grown in China from the Camellia sinensis plant and has been used for centuries for relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Green Tea CO2 Extract has a green, crisp, slightly sweet, herbal scent with light seaweed notes. Excellent for spa-like experiences, this lovely aroma instantly creates a zen atmosphere. 

Known to support healthy skin and boost appearances with age-defying effects, Green Tea CO2 Extract is an excellent addition to your skincare routine. To add to DIY body care products and use topically, dilute this extract to 2-3% in a carrier and gently massage into the skin. Enjoy the refreshing aroma and rejuvenating effects. 

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea CO2 extract is also excellent in times of stress and anxiety as it may help soothe tension and sharpen focus. To use aromatically, diffuse using 3-4 drops per 100 mL of water, use with a passive diffuser, or add to a personal inhaler – whatever you prefer! Try blending this lovely herbal and crisp extract with other essential oil staples like Lemon, Yuzu, or Jasmine. 

Green Tea CO2 Extract is one of our favorite oils. Benefit from the therapeutic qualities and aromatic scent with these wonderful self-care DIYs. They’re perfect for pampering yourself to a self-care night when stress has got you down.

Chapped Cheeks Soothing Salve DIY

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Melt Shea Butter and Beeswax over a double boiler. Add jojoba and essential oils and stir well. Pour into empty tins and allow to cool. Apply to dry or chapped skin as needed.

Green Tea Extract

Some Things to Know

For a printable version, click here.

What’s your favorite way to use Green Tea CO2 Extract? Share your go-to DIYs in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “December Oil of the Month Reveal: Green Tea CO2 Extract”

  • Hi I’ve been with PL a long time it hurt my heart when I had stop my oil the club because of more pressing money matters!! at the Time . BUT I Am back with vigor !!!I have place four orders in the two weeks!!!lie I said back with vigor. Can’t. Say enough great tings about this company . I would work for them if lived close But I live in CA keep up the great work guys and gals!!!

  • I didn’t find Plant Therapy until after the December box was done, because the first box I received was January. I would absolutely love to be able to purchase this oil!!

  • Green tea Co2 really must become a regular. I notied a difference in my skin after 3 days! My son even commented on how nice my skin looked and asked what I had been using!

  • I have been an OOTM member for quite sometime now. This is the first oil that I LOVED. Most OOTM’s are very unique and I find it difficult to find uses for them… but December’s OOTM is absolutely amazing! My husband and I diffuse it almost everyday and use it to freshen our laundry.

  • I’m excited to try this in my DIY toner with a couple other EOs. I’ve been using brewed green tea, as a base, but would like to try the oil instead.

  • I love it when the OOTM has therapeutic qualities. Even better if it is dog safe. Happy this one meets 1/2 of those criteria! This is an amazing oil! I wonder if it is from the same plant that yields Camilla Seed oil?

  • I got mine today. I love the smell outta the bottle. I’m going to make a serum for my face with Younger Glow carrier. I’m so excited.

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