January Oil of the Month Reveal: Siam Wood & Star Anise CO2

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Siam Wood & Star Anise CO2

January Oil of the Month Reveal: Siam Wood & Star Anise CO2

Our Oil of the Month Club is back with TWO exciting and exotic essential oils! Siam Wood has a rich, warm, sweet, woody, and slightly coniferous aroma that is sure to help put your mind at ease. Star Anise CO2 has an elegant, warm, and spicy aroma very similar to licorice. 

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Siam Wood

Siam Wood Essential Oil, also known as Pemou or Po Mu, is a precious oil from the evergreen Fokienia hodginsii, which can grow up to 100 feet tall. With a warm, creamy, woodsy aroma that has coniferous hints, this calming and grounding essential oil may help with fatigue, grief, stress, and also support mental clarity. Because of these benefits, Siam Wood makes an excellent addition to meditation and yoga practices. This essential oil may also be useful in alleviating sore muscles from overexertion and helping protect yourself against outdoor annoyances when you’re spending time outdoors.

The amazingly complex aroma of Siam Wood will be a great addition to all of your perfumery blends. It’s also because of this aroma and its benefits, that some consider it to be a lovely substitute for Sandalwood.

Sacred Meditation Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Fill your diffuser with water and add essential oils. Turn on and enjoy!

Star Anise CO2 & Siam Wood

Some Things to Know

*For a printable version, click here.

Star Anise CO2

Star Anise CO2 boasts an elegant, warm, and slightly spicy aroma that offers a gourmand richness and a hint of licorice to your fragrance blend DIYs. The supercritical extraction preserves the natural profile identity of the raw material giving it an aroma that is more true to the original plant.

Star Anise is believed to help ease occasional issues that affect older women, like sudden bursts of heat and sweating. It may also help support healthy digestion, ease occasional cramping, and soothe queasiness when you’ve overindulged or digestive issues strike. To help settle the tummy and help ease digestive discomfort, dilute to a maximum of 1.75% in a carrier oil and massage directly onto your abdomen.

Tummy Soother Belly Rub

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Combine essential oils and Jojoba carrier oil. Mix well and apply to the abdomen in a clockwise motion. 

Some Things to Know

*For a printable version, click here.

What are you most excited to do with your Siam Wood and Star Anise CO2? Share with us in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “January Oil of the Month Reveal: Siam Wood & Star Anise CO2”

  • I NEED more Siam Wood in my life!! I used it in a cold process soap and it smells spectacular. Like a day at the spa! I’m completely in love with it

  • Just received my oil of the month package yesterday (USPS having challenges delivering here) and the oils are fantastic!

    I have a question about the Star Anise CO2. What are the differences between this CO2 version and the regular Star Anise essential oil that Plant Therapy normally sells? I saw that the the aroma is more true to the plant but I was wondering if there were any other differences as well? It would be great to learn more about how the CO2 version is different if there is anything else aside from the aroma.


  • I got these oils about three weeks ago and I’m absolutely in love with Siam Wood but Star Anise not so much. I mean, I do like it and Star Anise smells great with Peppermint but it just gives me a headache. An aromatherapist helped with a refund of Star Anise. Just today, I called to see if I could buy a single bottle of Siam Wood so I can have on hand for when I run out of this bottle. I’m so glad I was able to. I mix a few drops of Siam Wood into Germ Fighter but I also use Siam Wood by itself to use as a pain reliever or in my diffuser for relaxation.

    Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • Will a printable version of the info sheets be added for theses oils? I am not seeing them in this post and have liked having them included in the blog posts.

  • When the oils aren’t Pup & Pony approved, and I do Aroma Therapy. I (don’t) make it real strong!!! If by chance that it’s mixed to strong, I set the time shorter on Infuser. If still to strong my cats will give dirty looks and leave room for awhile.The dog will sneeze at me, then wants outside for awhile. Had to learn how to mingle oils & animals together. Jumped into essential oils for my health. Never gave it any thought about how it affected animals. And I didn’t want to give up either of them.

    1. You can just cut it down by half (or more). We recommend following the directions that came from the manufacturer for your diffuser. 🙂

  • Enjoying the Star Anise CO2- mildly licorice scent, almost like Anisette Cookies. Very enjoyable and relaxing aroma.

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