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Lucky and Luckier Plant Therapy

Luckiest Clover in the Patch

Are you feeling lucky, luckier, or luckiest? We brought back our three Lucky Clover Blends, along with a special new body care set. Purchase any one of these and get a scratch card…and every card is a winner! You’ll be the luckiest clover in the patch.


Plant therapy Lucky Essential Oil Blend




Our limited-edition Lucky blend will make you feel like the luckiest person alive! Bergamot, Steam Distilled Lime and Spearmint combine to make this bright, clean, citrusy essential oil blend with a hint of mint.



Plant Therapy Luckier Essential Oil Blend






This unique Luckier blend includes the fresh citrus scents of Pink Grapefruit and Lime Steam Distilled, along with spicy Black Pepper and sweetly floral Magnolia Flower for a delightful, exclusive blend. 


Plant Therapy Luckiest Essential Oil Blend







Don’t just be lucky, be the Luckiest! This complex, unique blend combines Cedarwood, Coffee, Chamomile, Vanilla, Copaiba, Orange, Cardamom, and Lemon to evoke the scent of classic warm Irish cream coffee.



Plant Therapy Lucky Products



Lucky Sets

Score all three blends in the Lucky Clover Set: Lucky, Luckier, and Luckiest! It’s everything you need to bring yourself a little extra luck this year.  And give yourself the Luckier treatment from head to toe with our Luckier Set. It includes the Luckier blend, Luckier Liquid Hand Soap, and Luckier Body Lotion with Aloe and Shea.





Q. Got any tips?

A. Get ready to celebrate, everyone wins! Use a light touch when scratching. You’ll want to be able to read your code. Show off your winnings! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #PTLuckyClover

Q. How do I know if I won?

A. Lucky you, every card is a winner! 

Q. What kinds of prizes will there be?

A. The highest value prizes include 20%, 25%, or 30% off your Plant Therapy purchase!

Q. Can I get more than one scratch card in my order?

A. Yes. For each individual blend or set you purchase, you will get the same number of Lucky Scratch Cards.

Plant Therapy Lucky Scratch Card

Q. Is there a limit to how many cards I can get?

A. No. Just make sure to leave some luck for everyone else!

Q. Can I combine prize codes?

A. No, you can only redeem one code per purchase. It’s also not valid with any other offer.

Q. When do the prizes expire?

A. All coupon codes must be redeemed by 07:59 AM MST on May 31th, 2021. After that, you’re out of luck.

Q. Can I stack the prizes?

A. No. Each prize must be redeemed individually. Only one code per purchase.

Q. How do I get my prize?

A. You won! First, take some time to celebrate. If you’re shopping online, redeem the code by entering your unique code during the checkout process. You can also redeem your prize over the phone. If you have questions or need assistance redeeming a prize, please email our Customer Satisfaction team at [email protected]

Q. I can’t read my code, what do I do?

A. Bummer, you scratched too hard and now you can’t read your code. Reach out to our Customer Satisfaction team at [email protected] and they will be able to help you out. If you have more cards to scratch, remember to use a light touch.

Q. I’m an international customer, can I still win?

A. Yes, you can!


If you have questions or need assistance redeeming a prize, please email our Customer Satisfaction team at [email protected]. Void where prohibited. Limit 1 prize per certificate per order. No cash value. Prizes cannot be combined with any other offer. Coupon prizes do not apply to gift certificates, shipping, or sales tax. All prizes must be redeemed by 07:59 AM MST on May 31th, 2021.


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