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Plant Therapy TerraFuse Diffuser

Which Diffuser is Right for You?

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… we have brand new diffusers! The TerraFuse and Terrafuse Deluxe are stylish ways to enjoy aromatherapy in every room of your home. Furthermore, they offer multiple diffusion settings as well as an LED light and auto-shutoff. But as amazing as these diffusers are, they might have you wondering which diffuser is right for your needs. We’ll walk through each diffuser we offer, detail the benefits, and help you choose the right diffuser for you. Let’s get started!

TerraFuse Diffuser

TerraFuse Diffuser

The new TerraFuse Diffuser is a modern, stylish, and powerful essential oil diffuser that adds a natural touch to any room in your home. With five timer settings and ultrasonic technology, you can easily and quickly fill your space with the aroma of your favorite essential oils. The natural stone appearance is sure to complement any decor. Plus, it features a small water reservoir (65 mL) that covers an area of approximately 322 square feet. You can choose multiple intermittent diffuser options and an LED light.

This diffuser is right for you if…

  • You’re looking for a diffuser for your bedroom.
  • You live in a smaller space.
  • You like the modern, natural stone look.

TerraFuse Deluxe Diffuser

TerraFuse Deluxe Diffuser

The new TerraFuse Deluxe Diffuser has the same amazing options as the regular TerraFuse, only with a larger diffusion range. It boasts a large water reservoir (210 mL) that covers an area of approximately 430 square feet, making it great for larger spaces. And like the regular TerraFuse, it’s available in both cream and brown. 

This diffuser is right for you if…

  • You want to diffuse in a large room.
  • You have an open-concept space.
  • You like the modern, natural stone look.

Forest Friends Diffuser from Plant Therapy

Forest Friends Diffuser

Don’t think we’d leave the little ones out. Our Forest Friends Diffuser is a playful take on your everyday diffuser. With interchangeable ears and KidSafe settings, this diffuser will make the perfect addition to your child’s room. Plus, this diffuser has three different diffusion settings and a 145 mL tank. You can choose from 30 minutes, 15 seconds on, and 30 seconds off until out of water or 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off until out of water.

Also, to make this diffuser truly special for your little one, it is equipped with a nightlight that can be alternated between blue, candlelight, and purple. You also have the option of playing a soft natural song while the diffuser is in mist mode.

This diffuser is right for you if…

  • You want to diffuse in your child’s room.
  • You’re an adult and you enjoy a little whimsy in your life.
  • You like the extra features like the night light and lullaby.

Man driving in car with Portable diffuser

Portable Diffuser and Travel Pack

The Portable Travel Diffuser with Travel Pack is a sleek and gorgeous diffuser that allows you to take your essential oils anywhere and everywhere you go. It’s available in two beautiful color choices, Rose Gold and Wood Grain. And, it’s packed with everything you need, like our new Travel Blend and USB charger. With a generous 50 mL water reservoir, this diffuser will run for 4-5 hours continuously, or 8-10 hours using one of the intermittent diffusion settings. You can choose to diffuse continuously until the water runs out, or you can choose from diffusing for 30 minutes, 5 minutes on/5 minutes off, or for 30 seconds on/30 seconds off depending on your needs. Also, to keep your diffuser standing upright and safe in the car, it fits in most cup holders and features a locking lid. 

This diffuser is right for you if…

  • You like to diffuse while you commute.
  • You want something with a smaller footprint.
  • You want to take your diffuser from room to room.
  • You’ve been yearning for something cordless.

Passive Lotus Diffuser from Plant Therapy

Passive Lotus Diffuser

Passive diffusion offers a much gentler scent experience than traditional ultrasonic diffusers. Since nothing is actively pushing the oils into the air, they instead evaporate on their own and gently scent the air around this Passive Lotus Diffuser until the scent dissipates completely. Because it is compact and stylish, it is ideal for smaller spaces like a desk, bathroom or bedside table. 

Learn more about passive diffusion here.

This diffuser is right for you if…

  • You prefer gentler scents.
  • You like to diffuse at your desk or before bed.
  • You generally use the same oils a lot.


Which diffuser is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


19 thoughts on “Which Diffuser is Right for You?”

  • Thanks for this article. I have an older model Plant Therapy diffuser, but having read this article, it may be time for an upgrade.

  • The portable diffuser is next on my list for sure. What do I do though if I can’t ever smell the oils I am diffusing? Is the diffuser a bad one, even if it is supposed to cover enough area?

    1. There are a number of issues that result in your not smelling what you’re diffusing. If your space is too large or you’re using too few drops, it might not be as intense of an aroma as you’d like. Also, after about 30 minutes or so, you can go nose blind, which is why we recommend using intermittent diffusion. If you try using more drops on an intermittent setting and still can’t smell it, it might be your diffuser.

  • I’m changing my current diffuser and I’m torn between the TerraFuse and the Portable Travel Diffusers. I want the designs on both. Also, I gifted the Passive Lotus Diffuser to my bf and he likes it so much because the scents are milder than on my ultrasonic diffuser.

  • We will be moving into our own place in a couple months after living with our daughter and son in law for a year. The new place is being completely renovated and I am anxious to get back to regular diffusing. I’m looking at the TerraFuze for the bedroom and the TerraFuze Deluxe for the open concept living space. I have been considering the lotus flower for the guest bedroom as well.

  • I have several Plant Therapy diffusers and have used them for years. I especially like the one in my laundry room as it is fun to smell a great scent while doing chores!

  • Since I’m moving to a big house I definitely need to expand my diffuser collection. I need to have one in every room. Excited to purchase one of these!

  • Just received my rose gold travel diffuser and love it! Highly recommend for anyone looking to take their diffuser on the go like me. Love the travel blend it comes with and the fact you can go from room to room and don’t need a separate diffuser in each.

  • Hoping to get the travel diffuser for travel this summer. Hoping to score a deal since it is a bit pricey. I love the idea of using it to drive and then be portable on vacation.

  • I am in Love with diffusers. I have many different kinds and I am in the process of getting one for every place I am stationed in my daily routines. I have three at home, one in my purse – a personal diffuser that recharges off a USB port – Loving it!!! And I have one at work. I will soon by purchasing a more expensive type – the type that does not use any water. Venturing out !!! Thank You for this article.

  • I am excited to try the travel diffuser! The ones I have used in the past did not holdup well, and were cumbersome because they had to be plugged in all the time.

  • Ohhhhhh! Those stone diffusers are on my to buy list! I also love the idea of the passive diffusers for areas wr electricity isn’t available. Will you be producing any rechargeable models?

    1. Our Portable Diffuser is rechargeable! However, the TerraFuses will remain a traditional plug-in model.

  • Just got my new Terra diffuser And it is amazing I love its just right side for my bed room .Its a little powerhouses. Which I also love great job guys and gals!!!It was well worth the wait

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