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Today’s Testing is Tomorrow’s Quality

Essential oils, carrier oils, body creams, serums…no matter what product you purchase from us, we want you to feel confident in the quality. Why is quality so important to us? Because at Plant Therapy, we view our relationship with our customers as the foundation of our company. And without trust, there is no relationship. 

But let’s dig a little deeper. What does quality even mean? How do we define and validate such an ambiguous term? Why is it so important for us to maintain transparency and how does that directly affect you?

Well first, the facts. Essential oils are everywhere nowadays. From essential oil first-timers to well-practiced professionals, customers have a saturated market to choose from. In some ways, that’s great news. Lots of choices mean lots of companies doing their best to go above and beyond to get your purchases and loyalty! But it also means that there is a tremendous amount of pressure on farms to produce extraordinary amounts of oil in order to meet the demand. And with that kind of demand comes the possibility of certain places cutting corners. Mixing in synthetic additives to alter their batch, blending together low and high-quality oils of the same plant, or skipping analytical and quality tests to improve their bottom line — these are just a few wily practices that absolutely can and does occur on the market today. 

But never fear! Here at Plant Therapy, we want you to be absolutely sure that you are getting exactly what we say you are getting – each and every time. Only the highest quality, 100% pure essential oils. And not just that! Our stellar quality and testing standards go beyond our essential oils into absolutely everything we offer. Carrier oils, facial serums, cleaners, and all the goodness in between are constantly scrutinized and put under the microscope (literally!) to ensure high quality. 

Starting at the Source

Before we even obtain a sample of an oil, we find out everything we can about the farmer, distiller, or supplier. We research the background, reputation, commitment to quality, and commitment to the industry. 

Why? Because so many things can affect the quality of an essential oil. The farming practices, harvest technique and timing, material handling, distillation techniques and equipment, storage containers, and the way an essential oil is shipped all have an influence on the quality. If the unique needs of each aromatic crop are ignored at any point of the process, the quality can be compromised.

Plant Therapy has been able to build long-standing relationships with farms, distilleries, and other ingredient suppliers based on trust and consistent product quality and purity. Even so, the complexity of the global supply chain for essential oils presents the risk of product adulteration. That is why Plant Therapy always strives to better our own internal procedures from sourcing to final product – and backs it up with third-party testing.

Testing Here, Testing There

We’re proud to have made several long-term investments in instrumentation and professional staff that support our internal quality procedures. With our own in-house analytical laboratory we can determine the identity and composition of each batch of oil we even consider purchasing. Not only that, but a team of Certified Aromatherapists conducts ongoing organoleptic and visual reviews, while our Quality Control Team regularly inspects each batch of oil we purchase to ensure they remain in optimal conditions.

But of course, that’s not all. Plant Therapy has led the industry standard of conducting and publicly posting third-party testing, always making sure our customers have access to this impartial review of our products. Each essential oil you purchase from Plant Therapy has a batch code that corresponds to its third-party GC-MS analysis. This analysis identifies and quantifies the constituents within a specific oil, verifies authenticity, and detects adulterants or contaminants. 

Plant Therapy Oil Cleansers for oily skin and for normal/dry skin

Quality Beyond Essential Oils

But these rigorous standards and complete transparency aren’t exclusively for essential oils. Plant Therapy offers an expansive catalog of products, which each require its own unique quality and testing procedures. 

Carrier oils, like essential oils, come in varying degrees of purity and face similar quality concerns, such as adulteration. To make sure all of our carriers are simply the best, we conduct third-party FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) tests. This provides a breakdown of the oil’s chemical makeup, mainly made up of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Water-based formulations, like our popular Vitamin C Facial Serum, undergo regular microbial testing to ensure the integrity of each carefully sourced ingredient. 

And last but not least, we simply can’t ignore our phenomenal Customer Satisfaction Team. While it may not seem like CS contributes to the quality promise of our products, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We are so certain about the purity and quality of our products that these amazing Plant Therapy agents are on call and ready to chat. You get a real person on the other end, tackling your tough questions and escalating your concerns to the right people to get them resolved. 

We love our products, and we know you will, too! 

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31 thoughts on “Today’s Testing is Tomorrow’s Quality”

  • I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal, and read in ing these comments about the quality of these products that will help with my pain. My friend recommended a company, but I didn’t want to pay 126 for a little tiny bottle. Thank you Plant based for you caring, quality and lower price without breaking me

  • I have had several different serious illnesses and I wanted to be sure of the safety of your products. I love essential oils but need to feel safe with my purchase

  • Plant Therapy never leaves me feeling guilty after a purchase. With other essential oil companies, I feel like the price is too much. I believe those other companies cater to the wealthy and don’t think about the rest of us. I did a little reading and found that lavendar oil was very helpful to women with painful menstruation cramps. I tried it myself topically and it absolutely takes the pain away completely for a few hours. I’ve used it for this reason many times and it is consistent. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the pain to subside after applying to my abdomen. I would love to know if anyone has tried this and if it works for them. It works quicker than ibuprofen, but more than likely it may need to be applied a few times a day. I also applied diluted peppermint oil to my back and neck when I had flu symptoms. It took the body aches away and I was able to sleep. I am still shocked that the oil could work so deeply. If anyone else has tried this please let me know, and if there are any tips for me, I’d appreciate it.

  • I was just on Amazon looking for Bulgarian Rose Oil and found so many options that were $10 which made 0 sense until realizing many of these sellers were Chinese companies. Do you source any ingredients from China? Just looking for a good quality Rose Oil I can trust for myself and family. Thank you!

    1. We do source oils from their natural habitats and some of them can come from China. It does list the origin on our website. Our Rose Absolute oil is from Morocco and our Rose Otto is from Bulgaria. We hope this helps.

  • PT is the only company I trust for high quality oils. Customer service is second to none. But the dedication to quality goes beyond just selling products. The educational content is wonderful.

  • Very high quality oils, I have been so happy with my purchases so far. Fair prices and wonderful quality. About to try Germ Fighter!!

  • After being so incredibly frustrated with the poor customer service, costly oils and required subscription process at another EO company, I started reaching what other pure essential oil company with transparent and ambitious testing exists… voila, Plant Therapy. What I learned in this article is so impressive. I just placed my first order and plan to terminate my monthly subscription with the other company! This made me so happy!

  • Purity and transparency are key! Thank you for the care and consistency that you put into all that you do! I love the passive lotus diffuser and Natures Shield is my favorite!

  • We are so impressed with Plant Therapy and their customer Service and products. You guys are AMAZING in everyway!

    We will be coming back to you for our oils and We truly appreciate your true quality and cost afforability , without breaking the bank.

    Thank You from the bottom of our ❤️’s

    Nicole B

  • I appreciate the care PT takes to ensure quality. And I am amazed at how you can do all of this and keep your prices reasonable. It’s a win win situation! I always have positive results with all of the items I buy here, and I will keep coming back. Plus, I recommend whenever anyone asks me where to buy a certain oil. Thanks PT for caring not only about the quality of your products but keeping them affordable!

  • Transparency is always a huge thing for me and Pant Therapy IS just that. Transparent. It matters and it is a trust builder

  • I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you test, not only your oils, but the carrier oils etc. as well. It hadn’t occurred to me before that such a test would be necessary, and yet, now that you bring it up, makes perfect sense!

  • Purity is primary when autoimmune is a physical problem. Inflammation as the root cause and the worst enemy. My oils have to help not make things worse.

  • THANK YOU! Quality and safety are the most important factors to me and this is why I use Plant Therapy!

  • It’s such a piece of mind knowing if I’m not sure on a product I can always depend on PT customer service wonderful to talk to a real person TY PT

  • After 20 years of buying essential oils . I finally found a company that makes high quality products with affordable prices .

  • I was planning to switch to another company, tried them on couple purchases and now I would say, plant Therapy is the best. I don’t like every oil I purchase but I definitely love their customer service, they are the best!

  • Love your products and your customer service is the best!!!
    I really trust that you hold your products to the highest standards and care about the environment. Thank you

  • Plant Therapy has been recommended to us by my child’s specialist for pain relief and calming and does not dissapoint!

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