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A Sweet Treat for Rewards Members!

Rich, indulgent chocolate. Dark, robust Coffee. Sweet Vanilla. Buttery Massoia Bark. Smooth Copaiba. An absolute treat for the senses, our newest birthday blend is Tiramisu! Perfect for diffusion, our Tiramisu blend is a delightful marriage of complementary scents that will fill your space with a lovely warm aroma. 

If you’re a Plant Therapy Rewards member, you get this blend, along with an exclusive Tiramisu sticker for free on your birthday! Did you love our previous birthday blends Lemon Cupcake and Key Lime Pie? They’re now available for purchase! This new spin on the birthday oil is as complex as the Tiramisu dessert itself; a complex, decadent blend of delicate sponge cake soaked in coffee, layered with creamy mascarpone cheese, and lightly dusted with cocoa. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Some Things to Know

Ingredients: Copaifera Officinalis (Balsam Copaiba) Resin, Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Oil, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Tincture, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Extract, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Extract, Cryptocarya Crassinervia (Massoia) Bark Oil

Shelf Life: 2-3 Years

Kidsafe/Pregnancy Safe/Nursing Safe: No

While this blend doesn’t meet our safety standards for children under the age of 10, pregnant or nursing women, that is because of the low dermal rate of the ingredient Massoia Bark. However, there are no concerns when diffusing this blend!

How to Sign up for Plant Therapy’s Rewards Program

Tiramisu Essential Oil Blend is an exclusive treat for PT Rewards members only. Not a member? Don’t worry — it’s easy and free! Simply fill out the Rewards form here, go to your profile, click on “Free Oil” and enter your birth date. Piece of cake, right?! On your birthday you will receive a unique code to use online or in-store. You’ll need to spend a minimum of $5 and enter the code at checkout to receive our gift for you.

Don’t forget to use your code! It will expire after one year. 

To learn more about our Rewards Program, visit Our Rewards Program Explained. 


24 thoughts on “A Sweet Treat for Rewards Members!”

    1. You can still diffuse and use these Oils topically, however here are some safety tips to use around your cat:
      Diffuse in a well-ventilated room blocked off from your cat.
      Never diffuse in an enclosed room with your cat trapped inside.
      Store your EOs somewhere your cat cannot reach them to prevent accidental contact and/or ingestion.
      If applying diluted oils to yourself topically, avoid your cat for at least an hour. Do not pet them or let them lick
      Wash your hands after working with oils.
      When using EOs in cleaning products, do not allow your cat to walk on those surfaces until the EOs have evaporated. Absorption through paws or ingestion during grooming will increase your cat’s chance of poisoning.
      Inhalers might just be the perfect way to enjoy your oils without putting any cats in harm’s way!☺

  • Thank you so much for my birthday Tiramisu. It smells so good I want to eat it (Just kidding) but honestly it is so wonderful and I so much appreciate all you do for us on our birthdays.

  • I recieved my tiramisu birthday present today. Thank you so much, it smells amazing! I’m sure I will diffuse it often because smells like iced coffee. I ❤ iced coffee. Can’t wait till its available to buy I would love to get a bottle for my sister.

  • Thank you Plant Therapy for my delicious birthday Tiramisu oil treat! You continue to be an amazing company and I appreciate your very kind gift! I couldn’t wait to diffuse it and it was just wonderful and fun to have dessert smells wafting around the room!
    The packaging was very nice (loved the sticker!) and I enjoyed reading about Tiramisu’s history. I look forward to buying this when it becomes available too! Thanks again!!!

  • This oil is the best thing ever!! I carry it with me everwhere and smell it right out of the bottle. Day or night, it doesn’t matter. If I close my eyes I can pretend I’m eating something yummy. Hope this one become available to purchase like the previous birthday scents. This makes turning a year older worth it.

  • Just received my birthday oil-tiramisu. Smells so good, like walking into an Italian bakery. The coffe smell is not too overpowering. I will enjoy this one. Thank you!

  • I just received my birthday tiramisu oil and it smells so good. I usually diffuse in the morning and at bedtime and not sure which time of day this one would be best for, anyone know?

    1. It would be better to diffuse in the morning as it can refresh your senses and you probably don’t want that to happen at bedtime.

  • I just got my Tiramisu birthday oil today and it smells AMAZING!!! Thank you Plant Therapy for making your customers feel special

  • I received my Tiramisu Birthday oil today and it smells EXACTLY like my favorite dessert. I was so excited to get this but now that I have it I really do not know if I would use it. I guess I prefer the citrus smells (I love the Key Lime Pie) for my home. But even though I am not sure if I will use it I would recommend it since it smells exactly like the real thing and is defiantly mouth watering.

  • Ahhhh!! It’s my favorite dessert, but why is February so far away?!?? I’m so excited– please save one for me! ❤️

  • Very interesting oil blend of sweet treats! I hope they’ll have this promo available next year so I can get it free on my birthday!

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