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Happy 11th Birthday Plant Therapy!

Another trip around the sun!  Plant Therapy is celebrating its 11th Birthday this month.  Hip Hip Hooray! 

Birthdays and anniversaries mark significant events in our lives.  They can be a time to reflect on life, relationships, careers, goals, and more.  As we take the time to reflect, there is pride in how far we have come and excitement about what the future holds.  From the very beginning, Plant Therapy’s focus has been to bring our customers high-quality natural living options at an affordable price.  We set out to do just that and have since become one of the most trusted essential oil companies on the market.  Over the past 11 years, our focus has not changed – Plant Therapy is a “People First” company – and YOU are our people!  

Because “We care. Period.” here are some things you can count on from Plant Therapy: 

  • High Standards for Quality with Third Party Testing
  • Education and Safety 
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Commitment to Sustainability 
  • Giving Back

At the heart of everything we do –  Plant Therapy is dedicated to bringing you the very best.  It is our hope that you can feel our passion and desire to provide this for you.  We are proud to be celebrating 11 years with you by our side!

Birthday Trivia and Giveaways!

In honor of this milestone, we will be throwing in a few surprise giveaways this week on our social media platforms.  Be sure to follow us and keep an eye out for our PT Birthday Trivia Questions.  As our loyal blog readers, you’ll have an advantage since we are spilling the tea here first!

Q: What year did Plant Therapy first open its online doors? 

A: 2011

Q: In 2013, Plant Therapy worked with one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy to help develop our KidSafe line of oils.  What is this safety expert’s name?  

A: Robert Tisserand

Q: What is the name of our highly engaged Facebook group dedicated to all things essential oils? 

A: SEOR – Safe Essential Oil Recipes – join our group!

Q: When did Plant Therapy become a USDA Certified Organic facility? 

A: May 10, 2015 – Read more here: https://blog.planttherapy.com/blog/2016/07/25/plant-therapy-organic-certification/)

Q: What is the name of Plant Therapy’s giving back initiative?  

A: Planting Kindness

Q: As a Rewards Member, you will receive a coupon on your own birthday for a free oil with a $5 purchase.  What is the current exclusive birthday oil that Reward Members receive?

A: Tiramisu

Q: What are our executives’ favorite Plant Therapy Products?

Paul: Unscented Hand Cream

Joanne: Muscle Aloe Jelly

Retha: Rose Facial Serum

Birthday Cake Diffuser Blend

Oh, and one more thing!  No birthday would be complete without a celebratory dessert, right? 

Try out this Birthday Cake Diffuser Blend and celebrate with us!

Birthday Cake Diffuser Blend

Let us know what you think Plant Therapy can do to make this next year the best one yet in the comments below!



69 thoughts on “Happy 11th Birthday Plant Therapy!”

  • Happy belated Bday!!! Been away from my PT oil fam for awhile. Life happened. We bought a farm and have livestock to manage, anyway- glad to be back. Already placed 2 orders in 2 days. I have to rebuild my base stock. So excited to be back.

  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday. May GOD bless your company with many more wonderful accomplishments. I have been a customer for several years and have never received an inferior product. Keep up the good work!! By the way – Muscle Aloe Jelly is my favorite product.

  • I was introduced to PT by a friend for my son actually (she recommended the quiet cough blend oil and roll-on), and I was thrilled to learn about the kid safe oils! I looked into the products further and have only good things to say! This company is definitely one I trust to use myself and share with others. My experiences with ordering, shipping, returns/exchanges, and customer service have all been great and smooth also! Lots of great products and the perks/incentives/rewards are awesome too!

  • Happy Birthday! Love your product, that you adhere to Tisserand guidance, and that you offer unique options the other guys can’t touch!

  • I’ve been a loyal customer for a few years now. I would love to see more blends…….not necessarily a holiday blend or a “particular use” blend but just feel good /smell good blends. I love wood spice and chill out blends. Best mom ever is still one of my favorite blends.

    I hope you can bring back more “swag” promos. I love my PT swag I have and always get compliments on everything from my makeup bag, to my apron to my canvas shoulder bag.

    Happy birthday PT family! Yall really do feel like family!

  • Happy Birthday!!! We love your oils! They have blessed our family in so many ways. Thank you to all who are a part in making this company great!

  • Happy Birthday to Plant Therapy! I love your essential oils, E.O. products, and website. With regard to Plant Therapy, it is the only E.O. website I ever recommend. I recommend it all the time. I’ve turned a lot of people toward Plant Therapy and they love it too. Keep up the good work. I will always be back. ❤️

  • I would love to see more therapeutic recipes and uses for oils both common and exotic. Thank you for your affordable and high quality products.

  • I really enjoy your essential oils. The peppermint oil has really helped my arthritic knees and swelling. I work for Chick-fil-A and you know what a fast-paced restaurant that is without that peppermint oil on my knees front and back of my knees I don’t know how I could work such a fast paced environment without that peppermint oil. So thank you so much. Plus the scent helps with headaches and pains in my neck

  • I love your sniffle stopper for my littles and your germ destroyer oil. The prices are amazing for such great quality and I love that I can use your affordable products to care for my family.

  • Happy birthday! Have enjoyed your products for several years now and my daughter now shops here too! Keep up the great work!!

  • LOVE Plant Therapy! Happy Birthday! This company keeps me coming back for more every time. Best oils that I have purchased. I was introduced to essential oils several, ok many years ago and started out using YL. After learning about this company and the options for essential oils, I ditched YL and started using Plant Therapy as my go to. The quality, quantity, and all for the best and reasonable prices is what keeps me coming back. Right now I’m diffusing Germ Fighter in my home almost daily. Given that it is that time of year and with little ones, my home feels clean and smells wonderful!

  • Happy Birthday! So grateful I came across Plant Therapy soonafter I got into using essential oils. Have been purchasing them ever since and slowly growing a collection!:) Love the oil quality, the free shipping, and various deals and rewards! Thank you!

  • Happy Birthday Plant Therapy! My birthday is very close 16th of october <3 I feel like i am in a good place here, because of no hidden agenda like other multi level companies that I have been a part of and now have discontinued. So I did not have to give up my love for oils!
    I have to say Congratulations to you! The only difficulty is shipping to europe, taxes….
    But it is more important to me tob be with you, i wint give it up beacsuse of it, and i am excited to see up coming new products!
    Best wishes from Hungary!

  • I’m glad I saw this post and found out about the Facebook recipe group. Woo!!! I’m excited to dig in there and learn lots of new things!

  • I do miss the early excellence in Customer Service, which has waned over the years. It seems customers brought success and then were forgotten. Still, I have a lot of PT oils in my collection.

  • Happy Birthday Plant Therapy! This company has allowed my home to be a toxic free environment with no hidden agenda like other multi level companies that I have been a part of and now have discontinued. I also appreciate plant therapy for make and selling affordable non toxic products as my house hold has gone through a hard time with being living on one income. I did not have to give up my love for oils to feed my family.
    Always excited to see up coming new products.

  • Love the wool dryer balls with the lavender oil scent! Cuts down on the cost of those dryer sheets and using the dryer balls are environmentally better. Thank you Plant Therapy and Happy 11th Birthday!

  • Congratulations on 11 years of success and growth! We love Plant Therapy products. I would love to see more hair care products or pre-diluted products in the year to come.

  • Happy Birthday! Thanks for giving to us all year long: safe, high quality oils and products at a reasonable price!

  • Love plant therapy oils. I have been using them for years. I have cats and I love the passive diffuser by my bed as well as my office. I love the cleaning products as well!

  • We are putting more diffusers in our home and vehicles and using organic essential oils for happier moods, improved wellness, and healthier environments. Happy Birthday to you!! Thanks for making it happier for us!!

  • Yay, congratulations on 11 years and more to come! So pleased with Plant Therapy’s products. Will be a lifetime buyer and supporter.

  • Love that Plant Therapy is a company that I totally trust to provide me with true, safe, essential oils and other products. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday PT! Been a user of your oils since 2018 and I am still patronizing your oils and even recommending it to my friends
    Wishing for many more years of success to the company!

  • Long time customer. Best prices and selection anywhere. Absolute best in getting orders shipped out quickly and at no cost. Who does that? The birthday cake recipe sounds yummy. I don’t have some of those oils so I just have to dream. Think you should whip up some batter, put in bottles and share with us.

  • FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!! (in Spanish.) Or Happy Birthday!!!!!. I’m recommending you Plant Therapy to friends and family.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The celebration is never over.
    I appreciate you all, your products, blogs, and all the ways you support and educate us.
    Looking forward to celebrating many more!

  • Annie- have you checked out their Facebook group? I have found a lot of information about products in there. And they also do lives each week on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and I’ve been learning a lot from those.

  • I really love your company, I have been buying very close to 100% of my oils from you since I started using oils. I .have not found anyone I like better in those years. Happy, Happy birthday to a great Company and a great bunch of folks that are always so kind and helpful.

  • Plant Therapy is the BEST essential oil company I know. I was so hesitant to introduce essential oils to my home and for use with my family (of humans and animals) because of all the conflicting information that I felt was being communicated by companies. As a result of the standards by which Plant Therapy operate and educate, I will be a forever customer. I really love the rewards program (I love being an oily bestie!!!), but more importantly I love how Plant Therapy are bringing safe essential oils to my entire home. I love the newer product offerings for body care and home care (a safe deodorant option – LOVE it!). I’ve been able to completely eliminate all other cleaning supplies with the Plant Therapy offerings. I feel so confident recommending Plant Therapy because of the organic, Kid Safe, and Pup and Pony product lines. Since I love everything, I love offering sets/kids as gifts from Plant Therapy. If there is anything I would suggest for the coming year is to see more special kits/sets that would make gift giving easy and convenient. That would be fun! Thanks for being such a great company, supporting your customers and supporting our communities. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  • You need to do nothing more than continue with the excellent values you stand for an have already instilled in all of us. Thank you so much for taking me along with you on this journey to make the world a better place an expanding my knowledge. I always felt I was a member of the family from day one an have quite a few lifelong friends that I would not of known had it not been your desire to make your part of the world a better place.
    Happy Birthday to all of you
    Woohoo. *+*+*+Poof+*+* PTmagic woot woot

  • hardly ever disappoints and even when that happens PT makes it right! Keep doing what you are doing PT and you will grow and grow for many years to come

  • I really like your company. I wish I had been into essential oils when you started. I would have liked to been with you on your journey. I admit I was introduced to YL from a friend and that is how I learned the benefits from essential oils. 3 years ago I stumbled upon your website. Maybe it was because of Amazon. Anyway I have been with you since. I have even got my sister to open an account. What I really wish would happen here is more information about what you sell, recipes etc.
    Maybe bring back something from the past that no longer is sold— you know go down memory lane.
    Congradulations! and many more!

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